10 Best Demi Lovato Songs To Play Now

Demi Lovato has amassed a body of work throughout her career that spans seven studio albums and countless singles, effectively chronicling the difficulties of balancing 21st century celebrities with a variety of artistic and charitable causes close at hand. and dear to their hearts. We all know that Lovato’s life hasn’t always been clear skies, but their real-life candor and likability has helped them earn millions of fans and build an impressive resume.

2020’s confessional opus Getting Down With The Devil The Art of Starting Over was a confident comeback after yet another trying time in his life, and it won over critics often more enthusiastic about his TV appearances on Will & Grace and the American version. of the X Factor. But Lovato’s first love remains music. Millions of sales and streams attest to the fact that despite everything life has thrown at them since their debut in 2008, their bond has proven the hardest to break. Demi Lovato’s best songs explain why.

Scroll down for our top 10 Demi Lovato songs:

10. Solo (Clean Bandit, featuring Demi Lovato)

The decision to work with Clean Bandit resulted in “Solo”, one of the biggest songs of 2018, with sales currently hovering around the 10 million mark, and is arguably the most successful collaboration of Clean Bandit’s career. Demi Lovato to date. “Solo”, which was released in May of that year, had a huge impact practically everywhere, especially in Europe. To this day, the radio continues to play this earworm repeatedly.

9. Skyscrapers

From Demi Lovato’s second studio album, Unbroken, the obvious choice for the lead single is “Skyscraper,” a soaring power ballad made even faster by Lovato’s frail, at times almost frantic voice. They capitalized on the song’s global lyrics, which had a resonant subject matter of inner strength, and gained approval from Estonian co-writer Kerli Koiv to push the project into the studio. Soul singer Jordin Sparks provides background vocals on this critically acclaimed and commercially successful song which peaked in the US Top 10 in 2011. X Factor UK winner Sam Bailey covered the song in December 2013, winning the coveted Christmas No 1 slot in progress.

8. Give your heart a break

Josh Alexander and famed songwriter Billy Steinberg collaborated on “Give Your Heart A Break,” another Unbroken single; the latter also wrote Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” and Heart’s “Alone”. A pop song light on its feet, it could have been used in virtually any rock era. A layer of dramatic flourish is added by the song’s choppy strings, and its creative, romantic video helped it become a respectable American hit and a staple on many Lovato’s setlists.

7. Tell me you love me

This promotional single from the album of the same name strongly suggested the maturity of Demi Lovato’s latest releases. The fiery rallying cry “Tell me you love me” hit radio and social media in November 2017 and was written by Kirby Lauren, Ajay Bhattacharya and John Hill. Working with an unusual songwriting and production team was beneficial (John Hill had written the music for the Portuguese hit “Feel It Still”). The Man) and gave this song a fiery new vitality.

6. Cool for summer

This song, which is one of Demi Lovato’s signature tracks and was a huge hit in 2015, was produced by pop icon Max Martin. The breezy synth instrumentation reinforces the pop-rock underpinnings, creating a scorching summer favorite that marked Lovato’s international breakthrough. They worked hard to promote this song, appearing on Saturday Night Live and performing with Iggy Azalea at the MTV Awards that year. Despite performing well on the dance charts and becoming their third UK Top 10 hit, “Cool For The Summer” surprisingly only reached No. 11 in the US.

5. Cold Stone

“Stone Cold” is an alternate piano ballad that Demi Lovato and Swedish singer-songwriter Laleh Pourkarim co-wrote and was chosen as the promotional single for Confident, her fifth studio album. It was a risky decision to release the song, whose echoes of Lady Gaga and Sia indicated Lovato’s growing confidence in their ability to create ambitious soundscapes. “Stone Cold” adds layers of great emotional depth to a beautiful melody, making it one of Lovato’s most-listened to songs to date, even though it’s far too sophisticated to become a huge commercial hit.

4. Sober

Demi Lovato’s struggles in her personal life have been well documented, and her introspective and beautiful ballad recalls the deep memoirs of renowned singer-songwriters like Elton John and Billy Joel. “Sober” has become a stunning spectacle in a live setting, such as the Tell Me You Love Me world tour or the Rock In Rio 2018 performance. Beyond these distinctive traits, it is a call for help and a ballad gloomy and truly special that will only grow in popularity.

3. Confident

“Confident,” a sassy R&B swinger released in 2015 for the album of the same name, is the best Max Martin production Demi Lovato has ever recorded. It provides the boldness needed on the radio. An intrigue-laden video treatment that has an all-star cast, including Lost’s David Fahey and Michelle Rodriguez, is Lovato’s most cutting-edge yet. They also gave “Confident,” one of the standout performances of the night at the 2015 American Music Awards.

2. Heart attack

Demi Lovato first hit all the buttons in contemporary pop with her electro-pop masterpiece. The song’s synthesized baselines are bolstered by an epic power-pop chorus, which was produced by Maroon 5 and Jason Derulo collaborators Jason Evigan and Mitch Allan. The cut gained worldwide popularity and was Lovato’s biggest hit in the UK until she collaborated with Clean Bandit, “Solo”. This track ranks up there among their best.

1. Sorry not sorry

“Sorry Not Sorry” is one of those songs that took on a life of its own, cementing Demi Lovato’s reputation as a reliable hitmaker. This is the song that the cast of Will & Grace chose to perform as part of a promotional campaign to mark the singer’s debut in the popular American series. This is arguably their most successful recording to date. “Sorry Not Sorry”, from Tell Me You Love Me, was a huge hit in all major markets. His cheeky tone is hard to define; it’s not overtly pop, but it’s not an urban or rock song either. It’s elusive and has a lot of personalities, much like Lovato.

Even though Demi Lovato is only 27 years old, it’s easy to overlook the fact that she’s been known for over a decade. Lovato handled the transition from teen idol to adult pop star with more elegance and candor than most, from her breakthrough performance in Disney’s TV movie Camp Rock to her 2017 album Tell Me You Love Me. She has never been associated with any particular musical fashion over the years. One thing never changes that distinctive voice, which is crisp, powerful, incredibly versatile, but not effortless as it takes a lot of talent to sing the way she does.

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