10 Sci-Fi Movie-Themed Songs That Will Get Stuck In Your Head


A great theme song can do wonders for a sci-fi movie. As is the case with fantasy movies and TV shows like game of thronesa recognizable theme helps distinguish great sci-fi releases from others.

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The sci-fi genre has no shortage of iconic shows and movies, many of which have achieved classic status thanks to their catchy and adventurous themes. From epic space operas to time-jumping tales, sci-fi releases sure know how to write unforgettable tunes.


“Main Title” by John Williams (“Star Wars: A New Hope”)


First introduced in 1977 in what is now Star Wars: A New Hopethe star wars score now underpins one of the most influential franchises of all time. Director george lucas tells the heroic story of spirited Jedi Knights and peacekeepers who, in search of balance in the Force, fight eternally against the order of the Sith.

While also responsible for some of the sci-fi genre’s most iconic weapons, the star wars saga proudly brandishes an opera John Williams score. While some versions like The Mandalorian stand out from Williams’ themes, there’s no denying that Williams’ scores helped make the saga what it is today.

“Terminator 2 Main Title Theme” by Brad Fiedel (“Terminator 2: Judgment Day”)

The T-800 donning sunglasses in

While it debuted as the main theme song of The Terminator (1984), Brad Fidelthe theme of Terminator 2: Judgment Day served as a (rightly) grander take on the iconic sci-fi melody. Combining tense, apocalyptic stakes with surprisingly intimate family drama, the second installment of this sci-fi series was an unexpected hit.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day depicts a world ruled by Skynet, the malevolent artificial intelligence that nearly wiped out the human race. When Skynet sends a high-tech Terminator back in time to kill the future leader of the human resistance, humanity sends its own Protector to ensure their leader’s survival.

“Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. (“Ghostbusters”)

Ghostbusters using proton packs in

supernatural comedy ghost hunters recounts the beginnings of a team of ghost hunters. Serving as the basis for a beloved franchise, this nostalgic ’80s classic is a staple of the sci-fi genre.

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The creepy yet charming tone of the movie is perfectly captured in its main theme. “Ghostbusters” was written by Ray Parker Jr. as the film’s dance-pop theme. A playful tune worthy of the classic 80s comedy that bears its name, it was nominated for the 57th Academy Awards for Best Original Song.

Daft Punk’s “The Grid” (“Tron Legacy”)

Sam Flynn and Quorra holding ID discs of

tron the legacy is an underrated classic that no true sci-fi fan should miss. A sequel to 1982 tronit follows the carefree Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) who, after receiving a message from his long-lost programmer father, finds himself trapped in a hostile virtual reality world called “the Grid”.

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The film boasts an Oscar-worthy score from French electronic duo Daft Punk. Among the many great songs in the film’s stunning and dreamy score, the opening theme is as out of this world as the film’s distinct and imaginative world.

“The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News (“Back to the Future”)

Poster showing Marty and Doc checking their watches in

No other film quite like the nostalgic adventure Back to the future. Realized by Robert Zemeckis (The Polar Express), the sci-fi adventure film and its sequels chronicle the time travel adventures of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doctor Emmet “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

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The trilogy’s pop rock anthem, “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News, was a highlight of the film. Upon the film’s release, the song topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and the US Mainstream Rock chart, as well as being placed in the top ten songs on the UK Singles Chart.

“I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme)” by John Rzeznik (‘Treasure Planet’)

Jim and John Silver on the bow of a spaceship in 'Treasure Planet'

A Disney adaptation of Robert Louis Stevensonit is treasure island, treasure planet is an incredible sci-fi retelling of the classic adventure novel. The most expensive traditional animated film to date, the film tells the story of Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a boy enchanted by the legends of space marauder Captain Flint. After finding a map believed to house the location of Flint’s treasure, Jim sets out to claim the treasure for himself.

treasure planet is a criminally underrated coming-of-age film with an incredibly distinct setting and an explosive, heartfelt score. Although largely grand and orchestral in nature, the film features two iconic pop rock tracks from John Rzeznik and BBMak. Jim’s personal theme, “I’m Still Here”, embodies the rebellious spirit of adventure that underlies the 2002 film.

“Jurassic Park Theme” by John Williams (‘Jurassic Park’)

The attack of the T. Rex in

Even though the original jurassic park spawned a successful multimedia franchise, no sequel or spin-off has been as inspiring as Steven Spielbergthe original 1993 film. Set on the fictional island of Isla Nublar, the film depicts the beginnings of a dinosaur wildlife park, which was revived by eccentric businessman John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and his team of geneticists.

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With John Williams leading the film’s fantastic score, jurassic park boasts one of the most iconic soundtracks in movie history. Its main theme conveys the excitement and fascination of seeing dinosaurs on screen, awakening the feeling of childlike admiration that resides in the heart of every audience member.

“Time” by Hans Zimmer (‘Inception’)

'Inception' cast poster

Released in 2010, Creation remains one of the acclaimed director’s finest cinematic experiences Christopher Nolan (The black Knight). movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, a professional thief who specializes in stealing information by infiltrating his targets’ subconscious.

Despite its status as a mind-blowing masterpiece, Nolan’s film wouldn’t be quite the same without Hans Zimmeris the brilliant score. As unforgettable as they are grandiloquent, Zimmer’s masterful themes of Creation are among the best of his career.

“Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede (“Guardians of the Galaxy”)

The Guardians in their red uniform from 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

“Hooked on a Feeling” was originally written in 1968 by Mark James. It has since been recorded by other artists, including Swedish rock band Blue Swede, whose version topped the US charts in 1974. The song enjoyed a resurgence in popularity when it was used as one many nostalgic themes from 2014. guardians of the galaxy.

Along with being one of the most influential blockbuster franchises of its time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has many needle drops under its belt. guardians of the galaxy is no different from its fellow films in this respect; it follows a group of charming alien criminals who find themselves banding together to save the galaxy from certain doom.

“Main Track” by Jerry Goldsmith (“Alien”)

Close-up of the Xenomorph of

Released in 1979, Ridley Scottit is Extraterrestrial remains one of the greatest horror films of its time. Serving as the first entry in an influential multimedia franchise, this seminal sci-fi horror is as terrifying as it is awesome.

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Just as scary as the movie itself, Jerry Goldsmithit’s haunting Extraterrestrial the theme instills real dread with its first note. The understated sci-fi score is beautiful and eerie at the same time, and has since served later films as well as the horror franchise’s recurring theme.

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