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No TV show is complete without a soundtrack that enhances and nuances its scenes, and I have never seems to have nailed the art of great writing paired with tunes that make the audience feel each character’s emotions.


The show’s music sets the tone, and the juxtaposition of the modern school setting with ’80s-influenced synth-pop music is fun to listen to and watch. The show has a collection of some of the dreamiest and catchiest tunes that complement its dramatic, romantic and sometimes hilarious scenes.

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Devi has just wrapped up a chaotic but turbulent year in the recent I have never season 3, and the show’s flawless soundtrack has gotten even better with the addition of fabulous new songs. Dreamy, energetic, vibrant and even moving, I have never the music is always perfect for the scene, whether it’s Trent and Eleanor’s first kiss or Des and Devi’s maiden dance. Season 3 gave audiences some new tunes to savor.

“Dream About You” – Josha Daniel

The moment everyone’s been waiting for since the Season 2 finale turned against this euphoric song by Josha Daniel. Fans were eager to see Devi and Paxton finally step out in public as a couple, and Sherman Oaks High School was shocked and impressed when the happy couple made their debut.

The track’s synth-pop instrumental made perfect sense in this scene, and the understated lyrics are a great foil to the song’s energetic production. He conveyed the mood well.

“Pears” – Domaine Weston

“Pears” from the Weston Estate, mostly of Indian descent, begins with dreamy strums and evolves into soulful vocals, matching the butterflies at first glance Des and Devi felt when they gave each other a chance and danced together at Trent’s birthday party.

This song used in I have never is a seemingly impossible but fantastic mix of indie-pop, hip-hop and romance all rolled into one. Fans will add it to their playlists, for sure.

“Ball” – Riah

Season 3 offered a lot of gushing feelings and romance for fans, and thankfully, there were other memorable relationships to focus on this season aside from Devi’s. Trent and Eleanor’s heartwarming connection was a big surprise, but it took off, especially since it started with this atmospheric, loving song about remembering a crush.

Riah’s nostalgic lyrics and understated pop beats were just the soundtrack to Eleanor and Trent’s ultra-romantic first kiss in the halls of Sherman Oaks High.

“Ere You” – Carla Morrison

Part of Carla Morrison’s Grammy-winning album, “Eres Tú” is an understated tune with slow rock influences and sweet lyrics about love, in Spanish. This tune is an absolute sensory delight, and a bit different from the songs of I have never.

Perhaps Ben and Devi’s dynamic is so unique that one of their rare interactions this season, after coffee, must have come with this beautiful love song.

“Aubrey Plaza” – Nick Ward

Devi’s terrible grief was punctuated by this slower, more thoughtful song which described her emotions and state of mind after Paxton broke up with her. Soothing guitars, combined with raw vocals and the occasional reverb, made for a great watch as Devi healed from her grief.

Fans are bound to feel some level of catharsis watching this sequence with the music, as it was a well-chosen song for the passage of time that the show also depicts. Devi has really won hearts with her character development this season.

“Fire For You” – Cannons

A slow, heart-pounding jam, “Fire For You” was played in both seasons of I have never. Paxton and Devi’s surprise kiss in her car was punctuated by this gradually rippling track, which was perfect for the moment.

So it only made sense that in season 2 when Devi noticed she had a voicemail from the school hunk, the alternate tune started playing in her mind, as she remembered the moment where she locked lips with the gorgeous swimmer.

“Summer Love” – Hello Pongo

Inspired heavily by the 80s pop sound, this song played when Paxton and Devi danced together at the winter social dance, making their official release as a couple. Ben looked at them with jealousy and admiration, telling himself that Paxton had always been Devi’s until Eleanor told him that he had been her first choice.

The bubbly, groovy song is a big winner because it sets the mood of a school dance beautifully, but also captures Ben’s longing for Devi at the end of Season 2.

“Art School” – Frankie Cosmos

One of the best couples I have never, Fabiola and Eve have had their fair share of amazing music marking their cute romance. The two lovers shared an intimate moment to the tune of this indie-rock number by Frankie Cosmos.

The quiet number is peppered with school nostalgia, the feeling of a new crush and the swoon of a new partner, which lingers in the pretty echoes of the chorus.

“JuJu” – Summer Twins

Devi has a habit of breaking the rules, but if someone challenges her to do something, she doesn’t even care about the consequences. When she and Aneesa, Eleanor, Fabiola, Ben snuck into a tattoo and piercing parlor at night, Ben challenged Devi to get her nose pierced.

Her badass post-piercing transformation was complemented by the opening riffs of this very catchy Summer Twins song, and it made for an epic scene.

“Heat Waves” – Glass Animals

Besides being one of Netflix’s best new original comedy series, I have never gave fans some of the most unforgettable raunchy scenes between Paxton and Devi, which were two goals. It doesn’t hurt that both actors are attractive individuals, but the music also helps set up their characters’ moments.

Devi was convinced she was being played by Paxton, and at that very moment he climbed out of her rain-soaked window and kissed her to this high-energy pop anthem from Glass Animals.

“Karma” – Raja Kumari

Not all songs are streamed I have never is dreamy and ethereal, and Devi’s rage can sometimes be heard in angry rap through some of the show’s most daring music, like Raja Kumari’s “Karma.”

Looking back on Ben and Aneesa’s interactions, Devi realized, in retrospect, that Aneesa and her former flame weren’t joking, but were actually playfully flirting with each other, which sparked a demon. angry teenage girl.

“Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna” – Lata Mangeshkar & Udit Narayan

Overview of music on I have never would be remiss without some perennial Bollywood fare. Devi may be more American than Indian, but her culture plays a huge role in the show, especially in Season 1. This instantly fun tune from a classic Bollywood movie was heard during Ganesh Puja celebrations in Sherman Oaks High School gymnasium.

Usually played at weddings, this song roughly translates to a lyrical conversation between the bride and groom as they get down to the traditional art of henna before the nuptials.

“Dancing Alone” – Robyn

Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn’s hugely popular track has found its way into I have neverthe first season. The story of Devi and her mysterious loss of mobility in her legs was told, as well as her miraculous recovery when she saw Paxton and his muscles coming out of a swimming pool.

This song’s punchy intro beats usually serve well in risque scenes that involve either sex or sexual admiration, and it’s been heard on a number of other shows, like Gossip Girl. The feminist lyrics are a great bonus.

“Boys Like You” – Children at Midnight

Dreamy and melancholic, this layered synth track provided the score for Ben and Devi’s first kiss on the beach after scattering Mohan’s ashes with his mother. The tension between Ben and Devi was of a different kind, and her release to this sweet song was quite beautiful and soothing.

The melodious vocals and adorable lyrics about first loves, abandoned hearts, and the excitement of teenage steps into the world of romance make this the perfect alternative high school song.

“Beautiful Day” – U2

Devi’s father, Mohan, was a huge fan of U2’s “Beautiful Day” on the show, and the lead single from the 2000 album Everything you can’t leave behind starred in a heartwarming flashback where he openly expressed his fondness for the song.

In a sweet reminder of his memory, the soothing song made its way into the show’s Season 1 finale when Nalini and Devi scattered his ashes, putting him to rest in the process. The song is about discovering the joy of life, which was perfect for the friendliest character in I have never.

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