20 Best TV Opening Theme Songs That Make Us Dance


The choice of music in a TV show is an important factor.

A well-conceptualized opening sequence accompanied by a great song can be more memorable than the TV show itself.

We’ve compiled 20 great opening theme songs that you can’t help but move your body to. And if they don’t, their mind does the work for them.

20. I Don’t Want To Wait By Paula Cole On Dawson’s Creek

The song fits well with the show’s theme about a group of teenagers trying to figure out life. They don’t wait for life to pass them by.

In the opening sequence, the actors are playful and carefree in locations around their town as Paula sings the lyrics.

You watch it several times and soon you feel part of the group.

It’s easily one of the most recognizable opening songs of all time.

19. Luck You Got by The HighStrung on Shameless (USA)

When the guitar chords start ripping through your audio device, you know the credits are about to roll. This song perfectly captures the chaos that occurs in Gallagher’s bathroom.

As the song gets to the instrumental part, it takes energy not to play your non-existent guitar.

The lyrics aren’t particular to the song since the Gallaghers are the unluckiest band, but who cares when it’s catchy?

18. All Things by Betty Who on Queer Eye

This song was written and sung especially for the show. The most repeated phrase is “everything is getting better and better”.

The song not only captures the whole vibe of the show, where the cast aims to make people’s lives better, but also gives us and the cast of Queer Eye something energetic to dance to.

The song is upbeat, challenging the viewer to try to outdo the cast.

17. Peter, Bjorn and John’s Second Chance on 2 Broke Girls.

This song serves not only as the opening theme song, but also as the general tune for the show.

Due to how often it appears, it gets stuck in your head.

It’s so addictive that finding the full version is the cure. The few seconds sampled are not enough.

16. Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on Peaky Blinders

You might have heard the song in a movie or two, but it works so well with Peaky Blinders that you might think it was written for it.

The song is about a mysterious man, a trait Tommy exudes on the show.

Rhythms and lyrics have a soothing effect; you can’t help but jump in if you know the song.


15. Speak Out Now by Oh Land on Rita

The first few times you hear this one, it’s nothing special.

However, the more you hear the flow of the rhythms and the voice of Swedish singer Oh Land, this could turn out to be your favorite song.

It’s part of Rita as Rita herself is on the show.

14. Express yourself by Diplo on Hit the Floor

Hit the floor is dancing. The use of this song couldn’t be more perfect.

It’s high energy with insane beats that dancers are dying for. And the lyrics? Chiefs embrace.

When you hear it long enough, you might start imagining yourself as part of the Devil Girls.

13. Down in the Valley by Jucee Froot on P-Valley

You might think that the very seductive opening credits sequence of P-Valley draws you in. And yes, of course it is possible, but the song was written specifically for the show.

As Jucee’s stream comes through the speakers with the southern drawl, you could pick up a stripper pole.

The lyrics are written specifically for the show.

12. Up All Night by Alex Clare on Class

The class was short-lived and is one of the biggest cancellation crimes. It samples Alex Clare’s song from his 2012 album.

The opening theme is nothing special, but you are hooked when you hear the sampled part of the song.

The opening sequence is a bit slower than the original version but sampled well to match the visual depictions.

11. The World Is Mine by Sam Henshaw on Alex Rider

The show samples a section of the song for its opening credits.

Its kaleidoscopic opening sequence is nothing special, but this song does something beautiful about it.

It also looks familiar as it has been used more than once and is perfect every time.

10. Nemesis by Benjamin Clémentine in The Morning Show

Adding to the basic opening sequences is The Morning Show. The small animated bubbles and the names of the actors are not impressive.

However, he cleverly uses sections of this song, which makes the difference. The song has upbeat instrumentals and the lyrics are beautiful.

It doesn’t take much to start humming.

09. Where You Belong by Kari Kimmel on The Fosters

The beauty of the song is in the message.

The show focuses on a family of two mothers, their biological, adopted, and adoptive children.

“You are surrounded by love and you are wanted. So never feel alone. You are home with me. Right where you belong.” The lyrics go.

It attracts you and you feel like part of the Fosters. Why not sing to them, then?

08. Part of the game by 50 Cent on Power Book III: Raising Kanan

The song was written and performed by 50 Cent. It might look a little dated, but it works well with the show.

With 50 Cent rapping and Rileyy Lanez vocalizing, this is the perfect song for that.

The lyrics sum up the theme of the show, and the beats aren’t bad either.

07. Along the Watchtower by Devlin on The Young Pope

One of the most memorable opening sequences of HBO shows, it uses Devlin’s instrumental version of Jimi Hendrix’s Watchtower.

The original song is iconic, but Devlin turns it into something addictive.

The opening sequences are some of the most creative, and this song goes well with them.

06. Bad Things by Jace Everett on True Blood

True Blood’s opening sequence cannot be matched.

It’s chaotic and gives you a taste of the “bad things” you can expect.

The rock rhythms and masterful lyrics of the song accompany the sequence well. There is a kind of religiosity that makes you feel possessed.

05. Skye Boat Song by Bear McCreary on Outlander

Super scorer Bear McCreary did a great job with Outlander and even better with the opening sequence.

The sequence changes each season showing the landscape of where the main characters are. Sometimes even the language of the lyrics changes.

As Raya Yarbrough’s angelic voice slices through the air and the sequence scrolls, she transports the viewer into the universe of the show, making them want to join the dancers.

Skipping it should be a crime.

04. This is the Hunt by Ruelle on Shadowhunters

Ruelle has sung a lot of music for TV, but arguably his best work is in Shadowhunters.

The show samples the song as footage of the beautiful on-screen cast transition.

The fast beats are to die for, and her voice draws the viewer in, making them feel as beautiful as the Mortal Instruments.

The lyrics make you want to join the hunt.

03. 50 Cent’s Big Rich Town on Power and Power Book II: Ghost

The song is as iconic as the Power universe. Like most in-universe songs, it sums up the show spoiler-free.

In this song, 50 Cents brings the flow and Joe the vocals, transporting the viewer to the rich big city.

It makes you invest in the struggles of those characters.

02. Good Time Girl by Sofi Tukker on The New Pope

Like its predecessor, The Young Pope, the opening sequence is also a masterpiece. The opening sequence varies by episode.

In one particular iteration of the sequence, nuns are seen dancing sexy in their nightgowns in front of a huge, glowing crucifix.

The music of EDM duo Sofi Tukker has been used in many shows, but this is the best use yet. It was the footage that prompted the Vatican to write to HBO saying, “Can you not love?” Or something like that.

As the nuns or other characters in the show dance, the viewer begins to feel sexy too! You cannot ignore it.

01. Woken this morning by Alabama 3 on The Sopranos.

Anyone who’s watched The Sopranos half expects this song to air after the HBO static. That’s how iconic it is.

It’s iconic because the song is awesome. The show samples an extended version as she accompanies Tony home.

It starts with catchy beats before the lyrics arrive. The lyrics fit well with the overall theme of the show. It is unavoidable.


And those were the songs.

Is there one that you think was unfairly left out?

Do you agree with the ranking?

Let us know in the comments.

Denis Kimathi is an editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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