5 Underrated Lil Peep Songs To Blast When You Vibe


Lil Peep walked so alternative music could work.

Content Disclaimer: mention of death

In just two years, Swedish-American artist Gustav Elijah Åhr (aka Lil Peep) had completed and left behind more than a dozen projects that would continue to carry on his legacy and establish his place as a pioneer between emo, rock and rap. Formerly known as “Trap Goose” on Soundcloud, the genre artist lived only to see the release of his debut studio album titled Come When You’re Sober Pt. 1. before dying on November 15, 2017. However, Lil Peep had so marked the music scene of the late 2010s that his work has continued to reach us. The many projects he had completed before his death were released posthumously, including several singles and full albums, commercial reissues of his early mixtapes, and collaborations with artists such as Marshmello, Cold Hart, Lil Tracy, Clams Casino , Juice World. , and Wiz Khalifa.

And since it’s that time of year when the nights get colder and we can’t help but miss the ones we’ve lost along the way, just a little more than usual, The Honey POP n can’t stop thinking about our goth emo boy today. So we decided to dig into its treasure trove and give you five underrated but essential pieces to blast when you vibrate.

However, proceed with caution. Some of them might make you very, very sad.

1. ‘Kiss’

“I said I hated you because I knew you would never love me too.”

We can never stop talking about the ethereal production of this song. You know how they say the present is fleeting? It’s either in the past or in the future. The more we try to hold it back, the faster it passes. There’s just something about those in-between moments that’s terrifying yet beautiful. The conscious knowledge that what we are experiencing right now is impermanent. Knowing it won’t last but being at peace with it anyway because the inevitable separation will be worth it. If there’s one song that captures the beauty of those fleeting moments, it’s Lil Peep’s “Kiss.”

2. ‘nineteen’

“I don’t want to go to school, I don’t like it. Everyone thinks I’m cool, I don’t like that.

“Nineteen is the song when I realized that… when I decided in my head that I wanted to be his (Lil Peep) full-time producer,” said Los Angeles producer Dylan Mullen AKA Smokeasac in an interview with NME. ‘nineteen’ is the ninth track from Lil Peep’s 2016 mixtape crybaby, and the reason this song belongs here is twofold. First off, the hook is catchy even if you’re out of school and have no idea what it’s like to write poolside raps. Second, we love when artists use the most basic words to give us an existential crisis. It’s exactly the kind of music you’d like to listen to when you’re vibrating: laid-back but intense as hell if you choose to focus too much on the lyrics.

3. ‘toxic city’

“So it seems every time I die I wake up, when it’s time to meet my maker I’ll be ready for him.”

Gus was living in Los Angeles when he recorded “Toxic City”. It’s from feel, the three-song EP originally released in 2015 but only became available on streaming platforms this year. The song pretty much has a steady beat unlike “Kiss”, but it really brings out Peep’s potential as a rapper, with his kind of lo-fi rapping. The lyrics are quite rich and the voices are harsh. We do not see why there is little talk about this almost perfect song!

4. “Walk away when the door slams”

“I just wanted to help, now I’m going to hell, I’m leaving as the door slams.”

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Okay, we know “walk away as the door slams” isn’t exactly underrated, but it’s still not as popular as several other Lil Peep songs. The verses of this Lil Tracy feature alternate between pop-punk and rap, and it’s the perfect Lil Peep track to sing your heart out during nerve-wracking karaoke nights. Even Machine Gun Kelly did a short cover of this song on his Instagram! You can check it here. But pfft. Now we’re sad because this is the closest we’ll ever get to hearing these two legends sing together.

5. ‘haunt you’

“I could do whatever I want, bump Lil Peep, when I die I’ll haunt you.”

We’re going to stop at five songs before we burst into tears. Produced by his friend mysticphonk, this ballad masterpiece is taken from Peep’s 2015 mixtape Live forever. It’s short, but all beautiful things are too, aren’t they? That’s why we can play them on a loop! If you liked “27” by Machine Gun Kelly, you’ll like “haunt u” by Gus.

Our Beamer Boy claimed “I could live forever if I wanted to,and managed to immortalize in our hearts with his music; many of which have yet to be officially released! Either way, Lil Peep’s discography already contains so many gems that we couldn’t include in this list. So which one is yours?

Tell us your favorite Lil Peep song or what you love/miss about him in the comments! Better yet, contact us on our social networks! You can find us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.


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