A pop-punk band stops a concert to help Fallen Crowd Surfer

You can add Australian pop-punk outfit Stand Atlantic to the list of artists actively seeking their fan base, with singer Bonnie Fraser recently stopping a show to make sure a fallen surfer was okay.

The band were playing in a smaller venue at Mahall’s Locker Room in Lakewood, Ohio on Friday night (June 17) and as reporter Jesea Lee revealed in her recap of the show (see below), this n It’s not a place where you often see crowd surfing. But, as seen in the video below, one crowd surfer fell, likely losing support before falling to the ground.

Fraser was quick to notice the fall, asking the band to stop the show to check out the crowd surfer before telling the audience, “We’re gonna do this shit again, but be careful. It’s hot as hell. shit here and slippery and shit.”

Although crowd surfing can be a lot of fun, it also comes with risks. We’ve seen a number of examples lately with bands focusing on the safety of their audience members, with My Chemical Romance, Tool, Slipknot, Trivium and others coming to the aid of those in a state of potential danger within their audience.

The band are currently completing a US tour in support of their recently released third studio album, TO FEAR After dates in St. Paul, Minnesota and Lubbock, Texas this week, Stand Atlantic will return to Australia for another leg of dates in late June and early July. Follow their tour here.

Stand Atlantic Stop a show to help a fallen surfer

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