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Looking for some motivation to get you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with stellar new pop tracks, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like Alesso, Hot Chip, PinkPantheress and more will fuel you for the week ahead. Add any of these gems to your personal playlists – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of all 10.

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Alesso feat. Zara Larsson, “Words”

“I have the words ‘I love you’ sitting on the tip of my tongue,” says Zara Larsson on Alesso’s slightly understated new dance track about reluctance to express devotion in a sex-phobic society. commitment. Larsson is an expert at club fare like this, and when the harmonies kick in for the final 45 seconds, the Swedish pop star kindly ups the ante. —Jason Lipshutz

Casey Bishop, “Bad Dream”

Congratulations to Casey Bishop, who went from finishing in the top 5 of american idol last year to land a Willow Smith co-write for her new single, the pop-rock showcase “Bad Dream.” The sound and approach suit the tenacity of the 17-year-old, who revolves around feelings of paranoia before focusing on fuzzy fear in the hook. — J. Lipshutz

Sorry, “there are so many people who want to be loved”

North London band Sorry 2020 album 925 was relentlessly interesting, the kind of ambitious debut where even missteps play out with such enthusiasm they can’t help but be admired. The new single “There Are So Many Who Want To Be Loved” is as close to singing as the band has attempted to date – but remains idiosyncratic in its production, packed with lyrical ideas and charming in the manner of a beaten dog. — J. Lipshutz

Hatchie, “The Rhythm”

give the world, Harriette Pilbeam’s latest album as Hatchie, is highlighted by this subtly beautiful single, who knows exactly when to blast her guitar, synths and drums for maximum snap. ‘The Rhythm’ seems destined to provide a live spectacle – and luckily for American fans, the Australian singer-songwriter is about to embark on a tour of the United States. — J. Lipshutz

Jesse & Joy, “Cliches”

Mexican pop duo Jesse & Joy (Brothers and Sisters from Mexico City) are preparing for the release of the next album Cliches, will be released on May 6. The title track and third single are an infectious, twangy track filled with drum fills, applause, and stellar vocals from Joy – who rightfully injects this song with as much positivity as possible. — Lyndsey Paradise

mehro, “Parasite”

The latest song from rising singer-songwriter mehro is a stunning, stripped-back song that proves the beauty of simplicity, relying primarily on the artist’s vocals and a guitar riff. Although intentionally open, the track can be read as an ode to the crippling feeling of falling in love – and yet it manages to make it entirely enchanting. — HL

Hot Chip, “Down”

Before the next Hot Chip album Freakout / Liberation on August 19, the synth-pop band released the brilliant single “Down” – which manages to encapsulate the feelings of both a freak-out and the impending release that usually (and hopefully) follows. The twisted track, which features layers of intriguing production united by the hushed, repeated phrase “Of course, I know how to smash everything,” manages to make both extremes equally appealing. — HL

Curtis Waters, “Manic Man”

Canadian Curtis Waters broke out in 2020 with “Stunnin'”, and after a brief flirtation with the label, he went fully independent again with his latest release, “Manic Man”. Beginning with a drum machine introduction that briefly recalls Michael Semblello’s “Maniac,” the song quickly does a 180 into heartbreaking ’90s-flavored alt-rock territory, with Waters declaring “I’m gonna live forever / I’m the new Jesus Christ”. on the propulsive, sneaky track, which comes with a wild, caving-centric music video. —Joe Lynch

BIBI, 88Rising, “Best Lover”

Between Coachella weekends, where BIBI performed as part of 88Rising’s flagship showcase, the South Korean singer and hybrid label/management company released “Best Lover,” a playful synth bop on the teaching someone to “the best lover for me, the best you can be. This could be a difficult task IRL, but as the cheeky video shows, it’s a lot easier when it comes to sig virtually programmed others. — J. Lynch

Pink Pantheress ft. WILLOW, “Where You Are”

Fresh off of a recent feature set — which includes Machine Gun Kelly’s “Emo Girl” and Camila Cabello’s “Psychofreak” — Willow’s newest feature is an aid to Pinkpatheress’ “Where You Are.” Although PinkPantheress’ bubbly, sugary vocals don’t seem to pair well with Willow’s full-bodied tone, the juxtaposition is exactly why it works. The garage track, which samples Paramore’s deep cut “Never Let This Go” for the instrumental, sees the vocalists take unexpected places in the song’s lush, layered harmonies between moments of anguish and loneliness, which makes it the perfect cocktail inspired by the 2000s. — Starr Bowenbank

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