Alex Varkatzas (ex-Atreyu) launches new group Dead Icarus


Which is surely no coincidence, Alex Varkatzas, former Atreyu town crier, has announced that he is launching a new band, Dead Icarus… on the same day as Atreyu’s release. Baptize, their first album without him. Between that and the fact that Varkatzas previously called the material on Baptize “Heavy fake” (although he apparently wrote part of it), I think we can safely assume that there is beef here.

In fact, we don’t know anything about the sound of Dead Icarus just yet – damn it, we don’t even know who other than Varkatzas is involved – last August, just before parting ways with Atreyu, the singer voiced. the desire to create “a super heavy band” with “some disgusting Swedish riffs” and “super heavy breakdowns”, citing Blood Has Been Shed, In Flames and Lamb of God as potential influences. So our best guess yet is that this is how Dead Icarus will sound.

You’ll know more when we do; in the meantime, Varkaztas’ announcement video is below.

The Atreyu without Varkatzas begin a tour with Crown the Empire, Tetrarch, Saul, and Defying Decay in November. The dates are here.

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