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If you are an ABBA music fan then you must see Mama Mia! on the scene. There are more than 20 ABBA songs in the musical, including “I Have a Dream”, “Waterloo”, “Voulez-Vous” and “The Winner Takes It All”.

Mama Mia! follows Sophie and Donna Sheridan as they navigate their complicated family relationships. As Sophie prepares to marry Sky, she invites her three potential fathers to her home to discover her paternal family once and for all. When the three men meet Sophie’s mother, Donna, sparks are ignited: love is in the air.

Generations of West End viewers continue to fall in love with Mama Mia! in London. Learn more about the songs of Mama Mia! and get ready to be a dancing queen.

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“Honey Honey”

After ABBA won Eurovision in 1974 with “Waterloo”, the Swedish group released their second album, including “Honey, Honey”. “Honey, Honey” is the opening song for Mama Mia! and is sung by Sophie and her friends who recount her mother’s childhood.

“Money, Money, Money”

ABBA’s original song “Money, Money, Money” is about a woman who works hard but struggles to keep her finances in order. A similar feeling is shared during the song in the Mama Mia! Musical as Donna sings this while struggling to renovate her hotel. In the original show and on stage, the woman is looking for a man – no one could have expected the three fathers to all arrive on the island at the same time.

“Thanks for the music”

Without this ABBA song, what are we? “Thank You for the Music” was featured on ABBA’s fifth album, coincidentally titled “The Album”. In Mama Mia!Sophie and her three fathers – Sam, Bill and Harry – reflect on how they got back together.

“Mamma Mia””

Sure, ABBA is a Swedish band, but they’re probably best known for the “Mamma Mia!” song, which translates to “my mother” from Italian. “Mom Mia!” was later recorded by Swedish teen pop band A-Teens and stayed at number one for eight weeks. Maybe we can’t resist “Mamma Mia!” after all.


In Mama Mia!, Rosie and Tanya sing “Chiquitita” to Donna in hopes of getting her back. After all, the Dynamos are back together, so it’s a time to celebrate. “Chiquitita” translates to “small” from Spanish, but most people will know it as an ABBA term. “Chiquitita” was released in 1979 as part of their sixth album, Want You.

“Dancing Queen”

Without ABBA, we would not be able to dance, dance and have unforgettable moments. “Dancing Queen” is a European-inspired take on the American disco movement, and Europeans loved it. When Dancing Queen was released in 1976, the song reached number one in 16 countries, including the UK and the US. In the musical, Tanya and Rosie try to convince Donna that she can still be the woman she once was.

“Put all your love on me”

Mama Mia! is a romantic musical, and in “Lay All Your Love on Me”, Sophie and Sky share their feelings for each other. Sophie worries that Sky will treat her differently now that her fathers are with her, but Sky makes her feelings clear and clear to Sophie. ABBA released “Lay All Your Love on Me” in 1980, and was not originally intended to be a single. But thanks to its popularity in nightclubs, the track became one of ABBA’s best-selling songs of all time.

“Super Trouper”

What better way to remember times past than with a reunion of Donna and the Dynamos? The trio perform “Super Trouper” in their old costumes, heels and all. The ABBA song “Super Trouper” is named after a large spotlight used in concerts. The song was originally called “Blinka Lilla Stjärna” – Swedish for twinkling twinkling little star.

“Give Me! Give Me! Give Me! (A Man After Midnight)”

The Mama Mia! The bachelorette party did not remain a male-free zone for long. When Sophie’s trio of fathers accidentally stumble upon the party, they are drawn to the women and fires are lit. “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” was originally released to promote the band worldwide for their world tour. Cher performed the song ABBA for the 2018 film, Mama Mia! Here we go again.

“The Name of the Game”

Sophie asks her father Bill to walk her down the aisle. Bill wants to check with Donna. Sophie tells Bill to shut up and Bill agrees. That’s the name of the game! The Stevie Wonder-inspired track was released in 1977 as the lead single from their fifth album, ABBA: The Album.

“Do you want to”

There is a lot of family confusion in Mama Mia! Who should Sophie talk to? What should she do? Act one of Mama Mia! ends with Sophie fleeing the party in “Voulez-Vous”. “Voulez-Vous” translates from French to “Do you want?”, and we definitely want ABBA. There are different versions of the song: an original four-minute version and an extended six-minute version.


“Under Attack” opens the second act of Mama Mia! The song recounts a dream sequence: Sophie worries that her three dads are walking her down the aisle at the same time. Get ready for the “Under Attack” costumes. “Under Attack” features in the Mama Mia! Musical but is omitted from the Mama Mia! film.

“One of Us”

Sophie and Donna are like a normal mother and daughter, because they don’t always agree. Sam tries to comfort Donna in response, but Donna doesn’t listen, and it’s accompanied by “One of Us”. ABBA released “One of Us” in 1981, and was written as male ABBA members Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson let their divorces take over their songwriting.


Sam and Donna wish they could go back in time and go back to the beginning – they won’t get along though. The upbeat song “SOS” was released in 1975, a year after “Waterloo” won Eurovision.

“Does Your Mother Know”

Donna’s friend Tanya attracts attention, including Donna’s staff member Pepper. Pepper tries to flirt with Tanya, but the apparent age gap would complicate matters, so Tanya sings “Does Your Mother Know”. The 1979 ABBA song marks a change from most ABBA songs as a man leads the song.

“Knowing Me, Knowing You”

When Sky realizes the three fathers are coming to the wedding, he is inconsolable and thinks Sophie is planning the wedding for the wrong reason. Once again, Sam is there to pick up the pieces and helps Sophie by singing “Knowing Me, Knowing You” to try to win Sophie over. ABBA released “Knowing Me, Knowing You” in 1977 and it was previously titled “Ring It In” and “Number 1, Number 1”.

“Our Last Summer”

Harry and Donna sing “Our Last Summer” to each other as they reflect on their hedonistic teenage years. ABBA member Bjorn Ulvaeus drew inspiration from his teenage romance in Paris to write this 1980 hit. If you listen closely to “Our Last Summer,” you can hear the chess song “Anthem.”

“Slip Through My Fingers”

Donna can’t believe her daughter Sophie is getting married. Soon Donna will be walking down the aisle. As Donna reflects on raising her child, she sings “Slipping Through My Fingers”. The original song is about a mother’s regret for not spending time with her daughter – the musical moment shares a similar sentiment.

“Winner Takes All”

Donna doesn’t take it lightly that her daughter has three potential fathers. Donna still loves Sam, so she’s heartbroken thinking about what could have been. Donna sings “The Winner Takes It All” to help her through. “The Winner Takes It All” reached number one in six countries and is often considered the greatest breakup song of all time.

“Give me a chance”

It’s not just Donna who’s in love. The Dynamos form relationships with Donna’s former lovers. Rosie urges Bill to be her life partner, singing “Take a Chance on Me”. The 1978 song repeats the title in a “tck-a-ch” beat, created after Bjorn Ulvaeus’ running beat.

“I do, I do, I do, I do, I do”

Mama Mia! weddings are happening, but it’s not who you might expect. Sam and Donna walk down the aisle to this wedding song.

“I have a dream”

Sophie and Sky set off together to travel the world and pursue their wildest fantasies until “I Have a Dream” at the end of Mama Mia!. When “I Have a Dream” was released in 1979, the track featured vocals from a Stockholm children’s choir.


The ABBA Eurovision song “Waterloo” completes Mamma Mia! On the scene. Watch out for the fathers of Dynamos and Sophie in ABBA costume and get ready to sing, clap and have an unforgettable time!

How many ABBA songs are there in the Mama Mia! musical?

There are 23 ABBA songs in Mama Mia!. If you see Mama Mia! on stage, then you’ll probably know most of the songs from the show. Hear your favorite ABBA songs on stage today.

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