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This Week in Dance Music: Global dance music industry valuation increased 71% from 2021, electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze died at 74, Swedish debut album house mafia Heaven again #1 hit on dance/electronic albums and bass producer Riot Ten spoke with Billboard about raising an autistic son and what he does to support the cause.

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It’s also a big week for new releases. Let’s dig.

Aluna and Jayda G, “Mine O’ Mine”

Nothing in this life is guaranteed. Everyone works, nothing is free, and everyone starts from the bottom. That being said, when something comes your way, you need to make sure you get that thing. Right now that thing is the dance floor, and Aluna has teamed up with Jayda G to make sure you get the most out of it. “It’s not often that two women of color come together to make music, let alone dance or electronic music,” says Jayda G. “We got together in my home studio and it just clicked. “

“This track was pure inspiration of the moment,” says Aluna. “Myself and Jayda started with nothing and built the production, melody and lyrics from scratch, just following our thoughts and feelings about getting through 2021 and looking forward to 2022. It’s really more of a memory, a snapshot of the start of a beautiful new friendship. I just remember laughing and enjoying realizing that neither of us were the cool, calm, and tough badass. collected that we were on stage.When we are in the studio, we are just a few idiots who love to have fun on beats and puns.

“Mine O’ Mine” is a cool, repetitive house track with lots of funk, and it’s sure to kick in when the two collaborators take the stage at Aluna’s first Noir Fever festival in New Orleans in late May. – KAT BEIN

JODA, “We meet again”

Long-time friends and collaborators Darren Tate and Jono Grant (who make up exactly one-third of Above & Beyond) bonded last year to work on the score for the recently released climate change documentary The last glacier. (It was A&B’s first-ever film score.) Out of this project emerged Tate and Grant’s latest joint venture, the duo they call JODA. The couple are heading out of doors today (April 29) with their debut single ‘We Find Ourselves’, which was forged in London at the start of the pandemic – when the duo entered their own creative bubble, finding solace and s escaping by exploring the sounds of vintage equipment populating their respective studios. With him, they created this immersive track that oscillates between 80s synth-pop and modern freshness. Fingers crossed for more to come. — KATIE BATH

Kelly Lee Owens, LP.8

When did Kelly Lee Owens world tour for her second album Inside edge was cancelled, instead of waiting she made another album. LP.8, as the name suggests, was recorded in Oslo alongside noise/experimental artist Lasse Marhaug, with the idea of ​​”making music somewhere between Throbbing Gristle and Enya”. Across nine tracks, Owens hits the mark, pairing a fear-of-the-dark vibe and jarring industrial sounds with his floaty ethereal vocals, which shine through like a flashlight in the dark. The latest single “One” in particular is a seductive call to the void: over the cold, minimal rhythm of a thick bass drum, bottomless drones and subtle oscillating synths, Owens’ voice loops and multiplies through different layers of soft croons and whispers like a siren song, strobing and enveloping until they fade away, leaving only the bass drum to lodge in your chest. LP.8 is now available on Smalltown Supersound. — KRISTAL RODRIGUEZ

Madeon, “I love you back”

Even dance music stars languish in the shadow of unrequited love – except in the case of Grammy-nominated Madeon, that shadow is made of blinding rainbows, and he’s the one who can’t love enough back.

“’Love You Back’ is a song about being on the other side of unrequited love,” the producer says, “being with someone who loves you more than you ever could. . I started working on it a while ago, it was originally supposed to be one of the singles but I couldn’t figure it out at the time. I played versions of it in my gigs for years, and the fans started to develop a real connection with it. It motivated me to finally share it with everyone, this summer felt like a particularly fitting time. I’m so happy to see it because I still feel the rush from my two performances at Coachella. It’s a happy and nostalgic song, almost like a daytime counterpoint to my last album “The Prince”. I hope you can make beautiful memories of it this summer. – K.Bein

Jamie Jones, “My Paradise”

For many clubbers around the world, summer isn’t summer without a trip to Ibiza. Few people have probably felt its absence quite like Jamie Jones, whose long-running heavenly events have become synonymous with Party Island. As the clubs kick off the summer for the first time since 2019, Jones delivered a welcome anthem in the form of “My Paradise”, for Defected. (The single marks his solo debut for the label, though he collaborated with Darius Syrossian on “Rushing” in 2019.)

Using disco – a genre for which refuge from hardship is in its DNA – as a medium, Jones with a single vocal loop sums up why we’ve missed the dance floors so much after a long absence: “You made my lonely life a paradise. With its elegant keys, wailing trumpets and easy groove, “My Paradise” is both euphoric and melancholy, the equivalent of a sunset with hopes of paradise ahead.

Jones says: “I remember my first seasons in Ibiza around 2000. There were these big anthems that used pumping 909 hats, heavy bass drum, looping disco groove. Producers like Armand Van Helden and Full Intention have done it so well. I wanted to recreate that for the 2022 dance floor and ‘My Paradise’ is what came out. — KR

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