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BRATTLEBORO — Roadtrips are a way of life for many musicians, but Sofia Talvik has taken it to the next level.

In 2012, the Swedish singer and her husband toured the United States for 16 months in a motorhome, performing 250 concerts in 37 states.

“Becoming a musician wasn’t a goal from the start,” Talvik said in a phone interview with the Reformer. “When I started making music and playing live, it was just something fun to do. I didn’t really have big plans for it. But today, I’m really grateful that we can do this and live and pay our bills doing this I can do what I love and I can travel.

Talvik and her husband are back in the United States, in another RV they’ve christened “Little Chief”, and are touring the country again.

“All my stuff is in English,” she said. “I like to do one or two songs in Swedish because it’s exotic and different.”

On September 16 at 7 p.m., Talvik will be performing at Wardsboro Recallits second performance at the Wardsboro Town Hall Cafe.

Talvik was born on an island off the west coast of Sweden. She released her debut album “Blue Moon” in 2005. Since then, she has released 14 more music albums.

“Sweden is kind of a small country,” she said. “We have a lot of music from the UK and America. When I was growing up, I always listened to Janis Joplin and The Doors and Suzanne Vega.

Talvik characterizes his music as Americana with Swedish roots.

“Americana, to me, is more of an umbrella term for singer-songwriters, but maybe with a little extra twist,” she said.

Talvik, who now lives in Berlin, said during her 16-month tour that she learned a lot about the music industry.

“Where to play, where not to play. How to book shows. We just threw ourselves into it and kind of learned along the way. It’s a great way to travel because I always have my own bed at the end of the day. I can always close the door and I’m in my own space.

It was also a great way for her and her husband to really experience the country.

“I was very surprised by the amazing nature here,” Talvik said. “I had been to New York and Los Angeles…big cities. I had never had the chance to go to places like southern Utah and Yellowstone National Park. It’s really breathtaking and that’s what I love about touring here.

Just as the revelation played for the inhabitants of small towns.

“If I play in a small town in Wyoming, it’s not that often that a Swede comes to sing songs in English. I really feel that people are more curious in smaller towns and will come to see me play.

Talvik is also looking forward to seeing Wardsboro again.

“I remember when I was driving around town, and all these little white houses. I was like, what is this? But it’s so special. And we had such a great time there.

Talvik will be accompanied by her husband, who is also her sound designer.

“He enhances the show with harmony effects and delay effects and stuff like that,” she said.

Talvik began this year’s tour on August 3 in Hoover, Alabama, and progresses through the Midwest and into the Northeast.

In addition to his show in Wardsboro, she has shows in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine.

She also plans to take a few days off to visit her family.

“I was researching my heritage and I knew that my grandfather on my mother’s side had a sister who had emigrated to the United States, I didn’t know where at the time, but I managed to find my second cousin and he lives in Massachusetts, so we’re going to track them down as well.

From her home base in Berlin, Tavlik tours Europe extensively.

“Berlin is such a good central location in Europe to keep filming and also one of the cheapest capitals in Europe, so it’s very affordable to live there if you’re a starving artist. And there are people from all over the world and there are always things going on. It’s an amazing city.

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