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Kevin Morby recently stopped by SiriusXM Studios for a session and recorded this cover of Tierra Whack’s “Dolly” — a tribute to Dolly Parton — from his Pop? PE. Morby does a great job with it.


Badge Époque Ensemble, the jazzy Toronto band fronted by US Girls collaborator Max Turnbull, has announced a new album clouds of joy which will be released on September 9 via Telephone Explosion. The album features vocals from Dorothea Paas, guitarist Chris Bezant and James Baley who sings on this Steely Dan-esque number.


Friendship has shared a new song from their upcoming debut with Merge love the strangerand this one combines Dan Wriggins’ outspoken delivery with something a little more synthetic and glitchy compared to the folk vibes of previous singles.


Philadelphia hardcore band Fixation (members of Chemical Fix, Drowse and Wild Red) release their debut album The secrets we keep on July 22 via WAR Records, and the first single/opener “Lachrymose” is out now. Vocalist/producer Wyatt Oberholzer cites bands like American Nightmare and Blacklisted as influences, and fans of those bands’ dark/heavy but melodic/emotional hardcore shouldn’t sleep on Fixation. Wyatt tells No Echo that the song is about “living with depression, which most of the record is about. Being the record’s opening track, it serves to introduce this theme as a specific moment in time – lying awake at the middle of the night and trying to remember an earlier time in my life, when I wasn’t living with that ugly thing hanging over me, and wondering if there’s ever going to be a day when it’s gone, or if I’ll live the rest of my life with this.” Listen now.


Sacramento hardcore band Kind Eyes will release their debut album Cruel world later this year via Upstate Records, and lead single “Cruel World” is as gritty as it is groovy. Singer Murphy Katana tells No Echo that the song is “my way of expressing the turmoil of being a target as a minority, treated as a threat, acknowledging those we’ve lost to the irrational fear that our oppressors have about dark skin, sympathizing and identifying with those who know how to understand the thin line we walk, understand a lost soul in a cruel world.”


Ontario punks Among Legends release their debut album take good care on July 8 via Little Rocket/Rad Girlfriend/Sounds Of Subterrannia, and new single “Monochrome” is a catchy ripper that sounds a bit like the middle ground between The Menzingers and Alkaline Trio. Cool stuff!


Lancaster, Californian punks SHIIVA formed in 2020 with members of Life for a Life, The Downsides, Captain Smooth Talk & All Eyez and self-released their debut EP that year, and now they’re set to release. release their new EP Cyclone this summer via Wiretap. The first single is “TTG”, which mixes punk energy with classic pop sugar.


Lemuria members Sheena Ozzell and Alex Kerns released two songs under the name Tender Slit. They’re a little quieter and more stripped down than Lemuria, but still scratch a similar itch.


The Queens Consequence rapper has worked with Kanye many times over the years, and they’ve reunited for this new song, which finds Cons spitting out classic bars over the kind of beat Ye might have done in the 2000s.


After opening Summer Walker’s tour, rising Atlanta rapper Rubi Rose samples NERD’s “Lapdance” on her infectious new single “Wifey.”


Gogol Bordello has released a new song in support of Ukrainian aid, as well as a video made in collaboration with the Ukrainian YouTube channel Kinodopomogaand here is what they say about it: “”Teroborona” is a civil defense unit made up of civilians who rose up to protect Ukraine. Many of our artist and musician friends had to take up arms and join Teroborona. is a dedication to their courage and of course to the courage of every defender.The song is rooted in the well-known traditional Ukrainian dance “Arkan”, one of the true Ukrainian Hutzul spirits.


If you love punky power pop of the Weezer variety, Jimmy Eat World, etc., check out this eye-catching new Coupons.


London’s skronky Moreish Idols have announced their debut EP, titled Float and is slated for release on August 12 via Speedy Wunderground. The disc includes the recent single “Speedboat” and you can discover another track, the jazzy/punky “Hanger”, now.


Like many songs from Young Guv’s upcoming album GUV II“Nervous Around U” is reminiscent of early ’80s new wave pop, and it doubles down on that vibe with the song’s music video.


Philadelphia artist Jude Flannery to release new album Calm by your side September 20. It was produced by Matt Barrick of The Walkmen and the album also features Quentin Stoltzfus (Light Heat) and Robbie Bennett (The War on Drugs). “I wanted to write a song about what it means to be comfortable,” Jude said of the album’s title track. “For me, it’s the ability to calm my mind. The more I thought about this song, the more I thought about my relationship with the music – it’s always nearby, it moves me and lulls me into a listening state. It’s funny but I think that ended up happening when we were recording the song as well – we immediately felt what the song needed and just played it I started with the acoustic guitar and vocals and Quentin laid down the bassline from the control room while I recorded it Matt added drums on top of that in what seemed like a single take and Robbie’s keys filled in the rest rapidly.


Bartees Strange’s new album and first for 4AD, From farm to table, was released this Friday, and ahead of its release, he shared the fourth single, “Wretched.” “This song is about the people who always supported me, even when I was miserable,” Bartees says. “When I was trying to be something other than myself – they saw me even through that and held me back. People from past lives and people who will be a big part of my future – I follow them grateful and the love they poured into me. This song is for them and about them.


Mystic AM, aka the duo of Rod Modell and Astral Industries label founder Ario Farahani, will release a new album Cardamom & Laudanum the 15th of July. Conceived as the soundtrack to a film that does not exist, the album “tells the story of a traveler centuries ago and the rather intense metaphysical experience into which he unexpectedly stumbles takes refuge on a hot desert night at the Caravanserai of Zein-o-Din, near Yazd in Persia.” Get a taste via the hum and found sound “Entering the Sublime”.


New Zealanders The Beths will release their third album, Expert in a disappearing field, which will be released on September 16 via Carpark Records. The album’s first single is “Silence is Golden”, a typically hyperactive Beths powerpop earworm that bandleader and songwriter Liz Stokes says is about “stress and anxiety manifesting as intolerance. to noise, where every new sound makes you more and more stressed.”


Naima Bock, former member of Goat Girl, will release her first album, giant palm treeon July 1 via Sub Pop/Memorials of Distinction and she just shared this spellbinding track from it.


Swedish melodeath veterans In Flames have re-signed with Nuclear Blast, who they were with in the 90s and 2000s, and released a new single “State of Slow Decay”. Learn more here.

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