In a recent conversation with RocheSverige, Freakit is Nergal got carried away in his feelings talking about his love for Metallic– something unexpected, even for Nergal, as he explained in detail to the Swedish site. He even talked about some of his favorites Metallic cut with RocheSverige.

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“Holy shit, man! I mean, I remember when I was a kid, I wasn’t the greatest Metallic fan. I was no longer one Young lady fan and Sodom, or something else. I have always followed Metallic and I listened to them, but surprisingly, quite unexpectedly, I became the greatest Metallic fan of the last 15 years”, Nergal said.

“The more I am there the more I see Metallic are doing and how well they are, I’m getting more and more fucking adoring for these guys. I’m lucky to be friends with Lars [Ulrich] and he is an amazing human being. Super sweet and an amazing guy…and every time I see MetallicI’m in the pit most of the time and it’s amazing.

“I think the last record, Wired… to self-destruct, is really solid. ‘Spit Out the Bone’ has got to be one of their best songs. I am one of those guys. Kill them all is probably one of my favorites and Puppeteerand [Hardwired]. i always say that Metallic is still there and they are in very good condition. They’re not the youngest dudes around and I think they’ll go on for at least another decade, but I always tell everyone to go watch Metallic. Go see Metallic because all these classic bands like Metallic, Young lady, Guns N’ Roses– all of these bands will only be here for a little longer. It will be the longest farewell. Be sure to catch their set and support these groups. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Enjoy them while they’re still here and roaming the world.”

Last week, Freak released a new single “The Deathless Sun” along with two new music videos. They will release Opvs Contra Natvram September 16. which was produced and mixed by Joe Barresi (Nine inch nails, Tool, Chained Alice). Pre-orders are available here.

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