Brother Leo compiles his playlist of the best Swedish songs


Robyn, Tove Lo and The Cardigans: The singer-songwriter has curated his playlist of Swedish pop poetry.

“It’s pretty crazy how this little country, Sweden, can make so much great music.” A claim by Swedish singer-songwriter Brother Leo that we can certainly support.

And that’s true. Over the years, artists like ABBA, Neneh Cherry and many more hail from the illustrious Scandinavian nation, including dance-pop artist Brother Leo (aka Ola Nils Håkan Svensson).

And now, with tracks from Robyn (we stan!), Tove Lo and the iconic cardigans beyond, Brother Leo has put together a playlist featuring some of his favorite bands, artists and songs from Sweden.

Robyn – “Every Heartbeat”

One of the best pop songs ever written… I’ve been a huge Robyn fan for years! A few years ago I was working with Kleerup who wrote it with Robyn and he played me the first demo of the song and it was like going into pop history for 4 minutes.

Augustin – “Lucon”

I just found this guy and I’m blown away. For some reason his soundscape and voice put me in a place I’ve never been to before.

Peter Björn and John – “Young people”

This one will never get old for me. One of those songs that I will probably listen to forever. I worked a bit with Björn Yttling who is probably my favorite producer on the planet and who also has the most vibey studio ever. I can’t wait to release these songs.

Neiked – “Sexual”

I remember the first time I heard this song. I felt it brought something fresh to the normal pop radio vibe. The sound and the placement of the live base, I think or I know, pushed a lot of producers to change their productions after the explosion of this one.

Cardigans – “My Favorite Game”

One of the greatest Swedish bands of all time and one of my favorite voices. Whatever she sings, I believe it!

Mapei – “Don’t wait”

Engineering manufacturing! Sick voice! Deserves to be much bigger!

Miike Snow – “Animal”

One of my favorite bands and favorite songs. I love the way they mix together a lot of different vibes and sounds to create their own thing. Also check out the Mark Ronson remix on it.

Jenny Wilson – “The Future”

The first time I heard this one it just blew me away. Raw and honest! The message gives me chills. Watch the video.

Tove Lo – “Time Bomb”

Love the epic Prince vibe to this one!

Teddy bear – “Cobrastyle”

Iconic Swedish bears that have been kind of a soundtrack for much of my life.

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