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DIETHthe new band with old ones MEGADETH bass player David EllefsonSwedish guitarist/singer Guilherme Miranda (formerly from ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDEN) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-BEHEADED), signed an agreement with Napalm discs.

The members of DIETH pushed beyond the stereotypes of their genres to create a charismatic new sound, rich with inventive guitar riffs, tight drum grooves, technical prowess, guttural vocals and catchy melodies. Looking for new musical projects, the band members reunited in early 2022 after being introduced by mutual friends in the music industry, and immediately started sharing creative ideas – kicking into high gear. this year with the release of their first track, “In the Hall of Hanging Serpents”and a stunning music video.

Following her praise and fan response, DIETH knew the only way to move was to go up and now plans to release his debut album in 2023 via Napalm. The album is currently in progress with the producer Kristian Kohle at Kohlekeller Studio in Frankfurt, Germany, and will include “In the Hall of Hanging Serpents”.

DIETH said of the signing, “We are thrilled to announce that we have signed a multi-album international recording contract with Napalm discswhich will release our first album in 2023. Their approach to music and their devotion to metal have made Napalm the perfect and most suitable place for us and our music. Finally, we would like to thank each of you who give us this massive support. More information and details about the album will follow soon. Stay tuned!”

Sebastian MunchA rat Napalmadds: “The term ‘supergroup’ seems overused these days, but with the formation of DIETH, he correctly and rightly describes the meeting of these three extremely talented musicians. The first single, “In the Hall of Hanging Serpents”points out that the debut album could become a death-thrash metal masterpiece. Napalm discs is happy and proud to be associated with DIETH, to establish the group and make the new album a success. Personally, throughout life MEGADETH fan, this signing is a dream come true.”

Guilherme already mentioned about the formation of DIETH: “So much has happened lately (in life), feeling the need to express ourselves accordingly. To create something new, to start fresh. Personally, it was a matter of life or dead to come back and play music. Do something really meaningful and finally deal with anger and grief. Sometimes you have to die inside to be reborn. That’s what DIETH represents, a new sonic driving force that leaves the past behind.”

Ellefson added: “The three of us have all been recognized in our respective groups and careers, but at some point we had to close the door on those achievements to let something new begin and now we have found it in DIETH. In fact, the name itself speaks of dying to one’s past so that something new can arise to create the next chapter in life. And it’s a bond that the three of us have in common.”

Lysejko said: “For me, DIETH wakes up from creative lethargy, with the feeling that the time has come. The lightness with which DIETHThe music flowing from us, combining our inspirations and experiences into one whole, is proof of that. The fact that the band was formed in the Tri-City where I come from has symbolic meaning for me.”

The video for “In the Hall of Hanging Serpents” was filmed in Gdańsk and directed by Maciej Pieloch of MP Productions.

Ellefson was fired from MEGADETH in May 2021, just days after sexually tinged posts and explicit video footage involving the bassist were posted on Twitter. At the time, Ellefson issued a statement on instagram denying any chatter on social media that he “groomed” an underage fan. He also filed a report with the Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department alleging unlawful distribution of sexually explicit images of him by unknown offenders. MEGADETH chief Dave Mustaine ended up hiring WILLit is Steve DiGiorgio re-record Ellefsonbass on the band’s latest album, “The sick, the dying… and the dead! »before inviting MEGADETH former student James Lo Menzo to join the band as a permanent bassist.

In 2004, Ellefson filed an $18.5 million lawsuit against Mustainealleging the leader cheated him out of profits and backed out of a deal to transform Megadeth inc. to him when the band broke up in 2002. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed and Ellefson joined MEGADETH in 2010.

Ellefson was in MEGADETH from the creation of the group in 1983 to 2002, then from 2010 until its last release.

Photo credit: Maciej Pieloch


David Ellefson, Guilherme Miranda, Michał Łysejko

Photography: Maciej Pieloch Photography

Posted by DIETH on Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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Hurricane Dave and the Storm Chasers, Blues/Jazz Band Based in Teller County, Release CD | Mail from Pikes Peak https://triakel.com/hurricane-dave-and-the-storm-chasers-blues-jazz-band-based-in-teller-county-release-cd-mail-from-pikes-peak/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 06:00:00 +0000 https://triakel.com/hurricane-dave-and-the-storm-chasers-blues-jazz-band-based-in-teller-county-release-cd-mail-from-pikes-peak/

David “Hurricane Dave” Biondo and his band, Hurricane Dave and the Storm Chasers, have announced the release of their latest CD, “Blooze Blowdown”.

“Blooze Blowdown” is the culmination of a six-year project with Jason Hickman, engineer and producer at Prodigal Production Studios in Parke. The songs cover musical genres such as blues, jazz, rock, rockabilly, reggae and funk.

Biondo wrote many songs from his own experiences, dreams and thoughts. Some of the songs were co-written with Hickman. There are even two locally inspired songs: “Rat Mobile,” about Guffey’s Rat Rods; and “Down at the Thunderbird”, on Florissant’s famous bar-grill.

Biondo, a Florissant resident, plays a variety of instruments on the album, including acoustic guitar, diatonic and chromatic harmonicas, lap-steel guitar and melodica, and also provides vocals.

His musical career began with his move to Colorado in 1994, after spending 19 years in the closet playing diatonic harmonicas in New Jersey, Biondo said. Shortly after relocating to Colorado, he was brought up on stage performing for Tres Hombres at Woodland Park. Biondo said that after playing a few songs with the band Thunder Mountain, the lead singer came up to him and said, “I don’t know who you are, but you’re in this band.”

Biondo eventually learned 300 of the band’s songs, as Thunder Mountain was the house band for the Cowboys night club for five years at its previous location at Academy & LaSalle in Colorado Springs.

After that, Biondo became a hardcore rock/blues harmonica player for Chaz DePaolo, recording on Biondo’s label, Smoke Tone Records LLC, for 11 years. He was also a part-time member of the High Trail Riders group at Woodland Park.

“We’ve released quite a few acclaimed recordings, including winning a Global Music Award for ‘Resolution Blues’, engineered by Grammy Award winner Ben Elliott, and we’ve toured all over the United States, in the UK and Ireland,” Biondo said.

The Storm Chasers feature Wayne Hammerstadt on electric guitar; Dewey Steele on drums and percussion; Dwight Thompson on bass; and Bryant Jones on keyboards.

Hammerstadt is an artist in his own right, he just released his own Rock Fusion CD, “Patternicitin”. He has a background in classical lute performance. Hammerstadt is known for playing unique classics for diners at the Cliff House in Manitou Springs. He was also a fixture in many classic rock bands in the Pikes Peak area and played with the Inman Brothers for many years.

Steele is sponsored by Yamaha Drums, London Drum Sticks and Soultone Cymbals, and has his own unique twist on drumming. He teaches drums in high schools and colleges in the region. Additionally, Steele has helped coach the drummers of the Woodland Park High School Marching Band in recent years.

Thompson, a Denver native, plays both double bass and electric bass. A former resident of the Caribbean island of Tobago, he knows the music of Tobago, a unique dialect of reggae music.

“It’s amazing – once you hear it, you just can’t sit still…but you can try,” Biondo said. “In fact, when Dewey (Steele) and Dwight (Thompson) first played together, it was like two thoroughbreds out the door. Bam! Booted up and running.”

Keyboardist Jones, from Manitou Springs, is known as “The Piano Man” and has played with many bands over the years. When Jones walked into the studio to record with the Storm Chasers, producer Hickman “almost gave a standing ovation in his chair,” Biondo said.

“Blooze Blowdown” was sent to 165 radio stations across the United States and Canada, Biondo said.

“A guy contacted me on the website saying he loves it, and he’s playing it on rotation in Sweden,” said “Hurricane Dave”.

The CD was played on Jazz 93.5 FM radio station in Colorado Springs during the noon “Blues Show”. He can also be heard on KCOS Digital Media and KRCC 91.5 FM’s “Blue Plate Special”.

A video for the song “Claire Starbright” and 30-second song samples are available on the band’s website, hurricanedaveandthestormchasers.com. The CD and individual songs can be purchased from the website and are streamed on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Music and Deezer.

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Local ABBA Tribute Band Goes Swinging (7 photos) https://triakel.com/local-abba-tribute-band-goes-swinging-7-photos/ Mon, 19 Sep 2022 16:09:43 +0000 https://triakel.com/local-abba-tribute-band-goes-swinging-7-photos/ Since their first performance on Canada Day, ‘ABBA Soo’ members Mark Allemang, Kerry Beacock, Janet Brown and David Repath have been raising sold-out audiences

They’ve got the look, they’ve got the sound, and most importantly, they’ve got the fun.

The four members of a burgeoning ABBA tribute band are quickly making a name for themselves in the city since their first performance at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion on Canada Day.

Called “ABBA Soo”, singers Janet Brown and Kerry Beacock, along with keyboardist Mark Allemang and guitarist David Repath, have come together to recreate the musical styles of the popular Swedish supergroup.

The tribute band was formed almost three years ago by literally putting two and two together.

Beacock and Allemang have played together in “Touch of Class” for more than 30 years, while Brown and Repath hail from “Encore,” a local party rock cover band.

Allemang first considered the idea of ​​an ABBA tribute in the summer of 2019, but it didn’t come without hesitation.

“We thought about doing ABBA songs before, but it was too complicated,” he says. “I started listening to their songs and playing keyboards. I then talked to Kerry about the possibility of forming an ABBA tribute band.

“I texted him, ‘you caught my eye,'” Beacock says.

A friend of Allemang contacted Brown to see if she would be interested in being one of the singers in the group. She then contacted Encore member Repath and hired him to be the band’s guitarist.

Once the group was formed, its members began to channel their inner ABBA.

“Some of the songs they had never heard before,” Allemang says. “I’m really passionate about harmonies, so I would give them their harmonies and then figure out who’s going to sing what. I even sent them ABBA documentaries so they could learn more about the band.

“With ABBA, there are so many different harmonies,” Beacock adds. “We are only four. You have to choose some parts to make it fit together, and there are still parts missing. But the parts we managed to put together make it complete. It’s a fun challenge.

Allemang says it was the harmonies and keyboards that first got him interested in ABBA’s music.

In the early months of 2020, the band was ready to start practicing when COVID disrupted their momentum. Although they’ve been apart for months, that hasn’t stopped them from finding creative ways to work out.

“We did a lot of things remotely during COVID,” says Allemang. “I would do the track and the keyboard parts and send it to the band, and they would take the track, play it through headphones, sing into their phones, and send their vocal recordings back to me. Dave would do the same on guitar. Then I would put it all together.

The quartet began meeting in the fall of 2021, holding in-person practices weekly.

“We really enjoy the band’s rehearsals,” Repath says. “We accomplish a lot of things.”

After learning 23 songs and building a lighting system with Bluetooth interface, ABBA Soo made his debut at the Pavilion on Canada Day.

Performing classic hits like ‘Waterloo’, ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Mamma Mia’, the tribute band had audience members – young and old – dancing and singing throughout the evening.

“The audience moves from the second bar of the first song,” Repath says. “It’s almost emotional.”

Towards the end of their first live performance as a group, ABBA Soo received a standing ovation and the hundreds of people in attendance demanded that they play an encore song.

The bandmates were amazed.

“We were blown away,” says Brown. “What we got from the audience – the standing ovation – it was just amazing.”

“We’ve played together for a long time and we’ve never had this before,” adds Allemang. “When you watch ABBA tributes on YouTube, they don’t have as much fun as we do.”

The band have received a similar reception at some of their most recent shows like the Summer Concert Series, as well as two back-to-back sold-out nights at the Water Tower Pub last weekend.

The band members credit their teamwork skills and genuine love for one another as the catalyst for their early success.

“These three are amazing, everyone contributes so much,” Beacock says. “Our families have been so supportive of everything we do. We’re so lucky, it’s just a fantastic hobby.

“Music can be a gift for life whether you can sing or not,” adds Repath. “It can take you to different places in your own life. I have the impression that with these three people, I create new moments of life all the time.

ABBA Soo hopes to perform on New Years Eve at the casino, and they have had discussions about expanding their network by attending summer festivals in Northern Ontario in the future.

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Organizers gear up for international band competition in Upshur County | News, Sports, Jobs https://triakel.com/organizers-gear-up-for-international-band-competition-in-upshur-county-news-sports-jobs/ Mon, 19 Sep 2022 07:30:28 +0000 https://triakel.com/organizers-gear-up-for-international-band-competition-in-upshur-county-news-sports-jobs/

BUCKHANNON – One of the biggest international entertainment events the state has ever hosted will take place in our area next summer when the 2023 World Marching Band Association World Championships come to Buckhannon.

Even though the event, to be held at Cebe Ross Field on the campus of West Virginia Wesleyan College, is 10 months away, competition officials have been working hard to prepare.

“We actually found out that we were going to be hosting this event in January 2021, so we’ve been working hard to put everything in place since then,” Randy Sanders, chair of the WAMSB 2023 organizing committee, told The Inter-Mountain. “It was a good thing to start so early because it allowed us to build infrastructure slowly and start raising funds. But we’re really hitting our stride now and things are going really well.

Sanders said the committee has partnered with several entities throughout the region for support, including the Randolph County Commission, which provided $7,500 for the event. A total of $150,000 was raised for the event.

“We would like to once again thank Randolph County Commissioners Chris See, David Kesling and Cris Siler for their support,” Sanders said. “We would also like to thank the Harrison County Commission, Dutch Miller Auto Group, Jenkins Ford, We-R-Farmers, Mike Ross, Ike Morris and Create Buckhannon, the National Endowment of the Arts and, of course, the city. of Buckhannon for all their financial support.

The World Championship competition will feature groups from around the world, including several from across the United States and West Virginia. There are currently 68 groups from 27 countries registered for the event.

In October, the committee will organize a virtual contest organized in collaboration with the organization WAMSB International. The purpose of the competition is to obtain an updated ranking of bands after the two-year hiatus in competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow more groups to advance in their quest for next year’s event.

Angola, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela and Vietnam are among the countries that have registered for the event.

In May, the committee welcomed representatives from El Salvador, Honduras and the Bahamas. The three groups toured the parade route, the West Virginia Wesleyan campus, and some of the many local attractions, including spending time in Elkins with Commissioner Siler.

“All four groups were delighted with the opportunity, location and hospitality they found here at Buckhannon and Elkins,” Sanders said. “They loved the area and all four plan to attend the competition next year.”

The week-long festivities will begin on July 17 and continue until July 23, when the official closing ceremonies take place. Throughout the week there will be parades, shows, competitions, displays and carnival rides in downtown Buckhannon.

For more information on the event, visit https://wamsb2023.com.

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MESHUGGAH Releases “I Am That Thirst” Video; The band will release limited vinyl anniversary editions of Nothing, Koloss Full-Lengths in November https://triakel.com/meshuggah-releases-i-am-that-thirst-video-the-band-will-release-limited-vinyl-anniversary-editions-of-nothing-koloss-full-lengths-in-november/ Fri, 16 Sep 2022 18:41:25 +0000 https://triakel.com/meshuggah-releases-i-am-that-thirst-video-the-band-will-release-limited-vinyl-anniversary-editions-of-nothing-koloss-full-lengths-in-november/

Swedish metal titans Meshuggah kick off their long-awaited tour of the United States tonight, September 16, with a sold-out show at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts. To celebrate the kick off of the tour, the band is releasing their new music video for “I Am That Thirst”. The track is from their album Immutable, released earlier this year via Atomic Fire.

Meshuggah’s month-long trek includes a stop at this year’s Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky and Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California. Support will be provided by Torche for the duration of the tour as well as special guests Converge from September 16 to September 30 and In Flames from October 2 until the end of the tour. Tickets are on sale now at meshuggah.net/tour. See all confirmed dates below.

September (with Converge, Torch):
16 – Palladium – Worcester, MA
17 – Franklin Music Hall – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
18 – Hammerstein Ballroom – New York, NY
20 – The Fillmore – Silver Springs, MD
21 – The NorVa -Norfolk, Virginia
23 – Louder Than Life 2022 – Louisville, KY
24 – Agora Theater and Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
25 – Kemba live! – Columbus, Ohio
27 – Internship AE – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
28 – Royal Oak Theater – Royal Oak, Michigan
29 – Radius – Chicago, IL
30 – Myth Live – Minneapolis, MN

October (with In Flames, Torch):
2 – Fillmore Auditorium – Denver, CO
4 – The Warfield Theater – San Francisco, CA
7 – 2022 Replica – Sacramento, CA
8 – Riverside Municipal Auditorium – Riverside, CA
9 – Hollywood Palladium – Los Angeles, CA
10 – Marquee Theater – Tempe, AZ
12 – The Deep Ellum Factory – Dallas, TX
13 – Live Warehouse – Houston, TX
15 – Hard Rock Live – Orlando, Florida
16 – Tabernacle – Atlanta, Georgia

As an added treat, the longtime metal icons will be releasing new vinyl limited editions of their feature films Nothing and Koloss on November 25 via Atomic Fire.

Since forming in 1987, the Swedish sound architects have evolved into one of the most technically complex and virtuosic bands of players the metal world has ever encountered, their distinctly unique brand of progressive, groove-infused extreme metal throwing inadvertently a whole new subgenre.

Nothing, the band’s fourth studio album, was originally released in 2002 and celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year! Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the band’s monumental Koloss album, released in 2012, once again showcased Meshuggah at its peak.

Each version is available in two color variants and each variant is limited to 500 copies worldwide. Find Nothing pre-orders here and Koloss pre-orders here.

Immutable is available on CD, exclusive super deluxe liquid vinyl, nine limited vinyl colors and cassette formats. Find ordering options and merchandise here.

Immutable Tracklisting:

“Broken Sprocket”
“The Abyssal Eye”
“Turn on the shortening fuse”
“Ligature Marks”
“God he sees in mirrors”
“They Move Below”
“Black Cathedral”
“I am that thirst”
“The Irreproachable”
“Armies of the Absurd”

Video “Croken Cog”:

Video “The Abyssal Eye”:

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Tobias Forge reveals the secrets of how Ghost became an arena band https://triakel.com/tobias-forge-reveals-the-secrets-of-how-ghost-became-an-arena-band/ Fri, 16 Sep 2022 17:01:03 +0000 https://triakel.com/tobias-forge-reveals-the-secrets-of-how-ghost-became-an-arena-band/

Ghost has come a long way – from its very underground debut show in New York in 2011, to now headlining arenas around the world with a massive, pyrotechnical live production. In a wide-ranging article that crosses genres, the the wall street journal saw the Swedish occult rock troupe as one of the select young bands following in the footsteps of older statesmen like the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen by filling large concert halls. Interviewed in the play, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge shared some of the keys to his band’s rise from unlikely arena rock status.

On the one hand, Forge reveals that he consciously took lessons from his heroes, including Metallica and Iron Maiden, who made the leap from clubs to arenas. “I sat down with a map and just plotted how they moved,” he explained. “So for me, it’s always been, if you want to make it big, if you want to be a musician, you have to tour all the time. And you have to do, like, five shows in Wisconsin.”

He also credited Ghost’s strong merchandising game. “If it wasn’t for the fact that we had a very strong merchandising situation, I don’t think we would ever be able to shoot the way we have for the past 12 years,” he said. -He underlines.

Believing that “there is something timeless in the desire to attend major events”, in the The Wall Street Journal’s words, “where many thousands of people are intensely going through the same thing”, Forge concluded on a positive note: “I wouldn’t be too worried about the death of arena rock or stadium rock.”

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Simon McBride joins Deep Purple full-time, band say they’re ‘up there with the greats’ https://triakel.com/simon-mcbride-joins-deep-purple-full-time-band-say-theyre-up-there-with-the-greats/ Fri, 16 Sep 2022 13:00:13 +0000 https://triakel.com/simon-mcbride-joins-deep-purple-full-time-band-say-theyre-up-there-with-the-greats/

Deep Purple have announced that guitarist Simon McBride, who took over from Steve Morse when he announced his departure from the band in July, will join them permanently.

Morse originally announced he would be taking a break from Deep Purple in April to care for his wife Janine, who is battling cancer.