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When in 2019 the Society for Correct Performance of Music, the UK’s response to the STEM copyright organization, conducted a major survey on Christmas music, it turned out that among the 20 Britain’s most beloved Christmas songs, only one was produced in the 2000s (Cliff Richards). Millennium Prayer 2000). Since this particular song hardly has the same obvious place in Swedish Christmas music canon, the flashback is probably more noticeable here at home. This year, Adolfson and Falk’s “More Christmas” turns 40 – with a new audio release – and has been aired 37 million times just to confirm it.

Over the speakers when looking in supermarkets and shopping malls, it is highly unlikely that anything particularly new will be played. The fact that Christmas kneels under its traditions also applies in a very high degree to Christmas music. Ideally, everything should look the way it always has been. Which means the last Christmas song to capture the souls of Swedes – and supermarket playlists – is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. It happened in 1994.

This year’s Christmas music edition also doesn’t have many new additions with The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl’s “Last Christmas” or “Fairytale of New York” challenge.

A Christmas album or Christmas single rarely means the same investment as a more regular release, it’s not surprising or particularly boring, that’s exactly what it is, but far too many artists flaunt their shoes. bell shaped and think enough is enough.

Björn Skifs Super Professional Collection It’s really like cutting and drying it for a Christmas album, but in “It’s Christmas” he plays so confidently that the album doesn’t add much more than its title. Ditto with Kelly Clarkson’s “When Christmas Comes Around”, the mix of good but sweet interpretations of traditional songs and new tracks that characterize much of the Christmas album release.

However, the cute nickname “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Only You)” is a rather sweet attempt to challenge Mariah’s song, even though it’s not a tough deal with the stupid American law “Christmas Gradually” Guy’s might have. Sin of Hope based on the title.

Photo 1 from 2
Omslaget to Tusses rara “This is our Christmas song.”
Photo 2 from 2
Björn Skifs.

Image: click on the image

But Christmas music is also and above all a means of keeping the peace of Christmas. So there are also the more polished, well-intentioned and punchy Christmas songs of famous Swedes – from the rare “This Is Our Christmas Song” by Tusse and slightly celebratory country songs by Dolly Styles to “My True Christmas” by Sanna Nielsen. – of the herring species. on the Christmas table.

The fun is not unexpected for artists who want something more than just flash. Icelandic Eurovisioner Daði Freyr quickly loses “something magical” among all methane levels, but the road is fun and unpredictable to say the least. Countrytrion Pistol Annie “Vacation Hell” is also a fun heel kick.

Most obvious are the artists who understood the inherent gloominess of the holidays and how glossy gift wrap can actually mask some obscurity.

Photo 1 from 2
At the table with the Bo Casper Orchestra. Like Weeping Willows, the group offers an audio track in the form of a Christmas album.

Image: click on the image

Photo 2 from 2
Weeping willow.

Photo: Naina Helen Jåma / TT

best christmas music 2021, And every year add a little salt and acid to all the fat and sweetness. And this year you should be leaning on the veterans. Bo Kasper’s “In This Dark Winter” and Weeping Willow’s Songs of Winter both contain the right mix of warmth, a knit sweater and a dose of black to perfectly fit the holidays.

Saint-Étienne, on the other hand, ends a year with the release of one of their best albums following the very dreary Christmas single “Her Winter Coat”, in which Sarah Cracknell reads a short story about the dream of leaving in a place where no one knows. The accompanying video signed by band member Alasdair McLellan is also excellent.

His “winter coat” might not be heard in every department store from late November to the end of the next midday sale or next Christmas, but some of us would definitely give it a place between the version. by Jacob Miller from “Silver Bells” and Lost The song “Goin” Off for Christmas from Under Heaven “On this sparse playlist of fir trees, we flesh it out with a few more tracks every year.

Listen to the best Christmas music. DN’s Mattias Dahlström chose his favorite songs to decorate the Christmas tree, from Beach Boys to Willie Nelson to Ghostface Killah.

Learn more about music and other lyrics by Matthias Dahlström.

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Saturday’s Eesti Laul Quarter-Finals Heat Presents Foreign Language Songs | Culture https://triakel.com/saturdays-eesti-laul-quarter-finals-heat-presents-foreign-language-songs-culture/ Sat, 04 Dec 2021 13:17:00 +0000 https://triakel.com/saturdays-eesti-laul-quarter-finals-heat-presents-foreign-language-songs-culture/

Singers Ott Lepland and Laura Põldvere, who have both represented Estonia at Eurovision Song Contest in recent years (Põldvere on two occasions) present the Heat, which begins on Saturday at 9:35 pm.

As with the other quarter-finals, there are 10 competitors, five of whom will advance to the semi-finals.

Saturday entries are, in alphabetical order, with songwriters in parentheses:

  • Alabama “Move On” watchdog (Ken Einberg, Taaniel Pogga and Sven Seinpere).
  • Anna Sahlene “Champion” (Anna Sahlene, Nicklas Eklund, Dagmar Oja and Kaire Vilgats).
  • DeLulu “Music saved my soul”: (Written by Taavi Paomets, Mairo Marjamaa, Inga Tislar.
  • Elina Nechayeva “Remedy” (Sven Lõhmus and Elina Nechayeva).
  • Goodreason “Three days ago” (Hele-Mai Mängel).
  • Lauri Pihlap “Take me home” (Lauri Pihlap).
  • Levvis “Let’s Talk” (Aleksei Baruzdin).
  • Merilin Mälk “Little Girl” (Karl-Ander Reismann).
  • Shira “Underwater” (Marika Rodionova, Kristi Raias and Johannes Laas).
  • Stefan “Hope” (Stefan Airapetjan and Karl-Ander Reismann).

Two on the list have represented Estonia in the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest in the past. Elina Nechayeva placed eighth with her song “La Forza” in 2018, while Anna Sahlene, a Swedish national, finished third for Estonia in 2002 with the song “Runaway”.

The fourth and final quarter-final will take place on the following Saturday, December 11, and the participants will be announced next Monday.

The two semi-finals, followed by Eesti Laul’s grand final at Saku Suurhall, take place in February.

Coverage of the third quarter-final begins at 9:35 p.m. on Saturday EST and can be viewed on ETV (in Estonian) and ETV + (in Russian), as well as on ERR’s Jupiter streaming channel – which also broadcasts shows. television in English and other foreign languages. shows, films and documentaries, etc. – and the Eesti Laul website.

The two quarter-finals that have already taken place can be watched on the Jupiter channel here.

Viewers wishing to vote for the song of their choice can find the corresponding phone number here (link in Estonian).

This article has been updated to include the link to the Menu article with details of the voting phone number.

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6 best new songs right now: 12/03/21 https://triakel.com/6-best-new-songs-right-now-12-03-21/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 18:42:00 +0000 https://triakel.com/6-best-new-songs-right-now-12-03-21/

Here has Revolver, we’re always on the lookout for new songs to bang our heads on – indeed, that’s a big part of our job. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in metalcore, shoegaze, death metal and more that have been in strong rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we’ve also compiled the songs into an ever-growing Spotify playlist.

Cult of Luna Video – Cold Burn (Official Video & Gameplay)

Cult of Luna – “Cold Burn”
Cult of Luna’s “Cold Burn” builds on the painful suspense of a disaster movie soundtrack. Swedish post-metal veterans unleash rumbling guitar sustains and robust growls that sound like they’re spouting out from under the earth, and there are several awe-inspiring highlights that keep you engaged for a full 10-minute ride. It’s not easy to pull off, but Cult of Luna makes it seem like a cinch.

Video of HERIOT – Near vision / Enter the flesh [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Heriot – “Near Vision / Enter the Flesh”
Without a hint of hyperbole, Heriot’s music sounds like it’s literally on fire. The new double single from the British heirs to the metalcore throne features guitar sounds that sound like a fire hose spraying gasoline in a burning building, drums that sound like wood shattering and shattering as a result from the heat, and the voice of Debbie Gough that sounds like the trapped victims crying for help inside. Yes, it is literally so intense.

Video of CLOAKROOM – A Force At Play (Official Music Video)

Cloakroom – “A force at stake”
Almost five years after their last LP, Cloakroom finally returns next year with a fresh dose of shoegaze doomy, and “A Force at Play” is a promising taste of what’s to come. With its sparkling keyboard line, fast tempo and graceful vocal melody, “A Force at Play” is possibly their lightest and most melodious song to date. In fact, it sounds like a witty brother to Nothing’s unusually catchy bop “Catch a Fade” – a song that Cloakroom’s Doyle Martin sang and co-wrote with Nothing’s Domenic Palermo. Go figure it out.


Venom Prison – “The Pain of Oizys”
Venom Prison doesn’t just go through the motions on Erebos. The first song we heard from the British death metal band’s fourth LP introduced a bold touch of clear vocals, but “Pain of Oizys” completely flips the script over to their rough, harsh sound. Larissa Stupar uses a wispy croon atop ethereal, clean electronic drums for a placid and eerie sound rather than hammering. There are still a few death metal eruptions and a smoky guitar solo, but Venom Prison sounds pretty darn safe on this one.

Video of Comeback Kid – Crossed feat. Joe Duplantier de Gojira (OFFICIAL MUSICAL VIDEO)

Comeback Kid – “Crossed” (Feat. Joe Duplantier)
For at least the first decade of their careers, Comeback Kid has been doing hardcore with a screaming melodic punk feel, but they’ve spent the last 10 years getting heavier and heavier. Now the Canadian band are at a point where they can invite Gojira’s Joe Duplantier inside for a groovy, clumsy banger, and his stadium-sized metal roar sounds like home among the hammering blackouts and surly voices.

Vatican Video – Decemeta [Official Music Video]

Vatican – “Decemeta”
Vatican is a band that started doing heavy hardcore with a metalcore influence in the early 2000s, much like peers like Knocked Loose and Jesus Piece. However, the Georgia troupe recently got closer to the sound they nailed to “Decemeta” – a two-minute blast of chaotic metalcore leads, glitchy edits, beastly metallic hardcore barks and drum patterns. imposing which are really only a step from the right. until deathcore. It doesn’t seem fair to tag it on any particular subgenre. It just feels heavy.

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How to view your top songs, artists, stats, and share your playlist https://triakel.com/how-to-view-your-top-songs-artists-stats-and-share-your-playlist/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 18:08:00 +0000 https://triakel.com/how-to-view-your-top-songs-artists-stats-and-share-your-playlist/

Spotify has finally released its highly anticipated list of songs and artists loved by music lovers around the world in 2021. The Spotify Wrapped 2021 has unveiled the names of artists and songs from all genres, countries and languages ​​that have been successful. total among listeners on the Swedish audio streaming platform. To check your personalized playlist, here are the steps you need to follow.

How to watch your Spotify Wrapped 2021

  • Open your Spotify app.

  • Tap the “Your 2021 Wrapped” banner that appears on the screen to access the playlist. The playlist can also be viewed by simply searching for “Wrapped” in the search bar.

  • By clicking on the banner, listeners can view their playlist and personalized statistics.

  • The app also allowed listeners to share their playlist with their friends or subscribers by sharing the same on social media by clicking the “Share this story” button.

  • Spotify has also added a feature to share Wrapped Cards on many social media platforms.

Learn more about Spotify Wrapped 2021

This year marks the third edition of Spotify’s wrap as they release users’ listening habits in the year 2021. The feature also allows the listener to get a glimpse of how many artists they have he listened, his most played song of the year. , and others throughout the year. This allows users to experience most artists and music in all genres, countries and languages.

Some of the listings published by Spotify Wrapped 2021 were Most Streamed Artist, Most Streamed Song, Top 10 Most Streamed Albums in India and more. Popular artists like BTS, Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, BTS and many more have reigned over the international charts.

Here is a list of the new features introduced by Spotify:

  • Data stories – Users will be able to see their lists encapsulated in the stories format. They will also see new data stories and be able to see their best artists, albums, songs and podcasts in a systematic way.
  • Audio aura – Based on the two main musical moods of users, the music streaming platform will visualize their “audio aura”.
  • 2021: The Movie – Users will be able to watch a movie of their best songs and artists with the new feature.
  • Playing Cards – Spotify has also introduced a game in its new feature, which will display statements about a user’s listening choices in 2021, and they have to guess which are right and wrong.
  • Exclusive Creators Video – Top fans will be able to enjoy some exclusive experiences as they will now receive a message from their top artist thanking them.

Image: Spotify

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BTS | BTS tops Apple Music’s best streaming songs list https://triakel.com/bts-bts-tops-apple-musics-best-streaming-songs-list/ Tue, 30 Nov 2021 21:19:18 +0000 https://triakel.com/bts-bts-tops-apple-musics-best-streaming-songs-list/

BTS’s “Dynamite” topped Apple Music’s best streaming songs list of last year.

The global success of the South Korean boy band tops the annual Top 100 ranking, which focuses on music listening trends between October 16, 2020 and October 15, 2021.

“Dynamite” is followed on the list by Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” and Ariana Grande’s “Positions”.

The top five are completed by “For The Night” by Pop Smoke and “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd.

Apple Music has also revealed the list of the most shazamed songs of 2021, which shows Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut In The Ocean” leading the way.

The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears” and Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” appear at number two and three, respectively.

Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driving License” also appears in the ranking of the most shazamed songs, in fourth place.

Elsewhere, Joel Corry’s “Head & Heart” has been confirmed as the most widely released workout song of 2021.

The record is followed in the charts by “Post Malone” by Sam Feldt and “Levitating” by Dua Lipa in second and third places respectively.

Meanwhile, Olivia tops the UK 20 best songs list.

The 18-year-old singer – who released her acclaimed debut album, “Sour” earlier this year – saw her tracks “Good 4 U” and “Drivers License” topped the charts.

Olivia’s hit singles were followed on the roster by Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits”, which appears on her recently released album “=”.

Other famous stars in the top ten include Ariana Grande in fourth (‘Positions’), The Weeknd in seventh (‘ Blinding Lights’), Dua Lipa in eighth (‘Levitating’) and Doja Cat in tenth (‘Embrasse- me more”).

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Islanders News: Talk about dogs, goal songs, outlook, Salo’s future https://triakel.com/islanders-news-talk-about-dogs-goal-songs-outlook-salos-future/ Tue, 30 Nov 2021 14:58:54 +0000 https://triakel.com/islanders-news-talk-about-dogs-goal-songs-outlook-salos-future/

Today is the date of the second postponed game, against the Flyers. Right now, the Islanders are still expected to resume games on Thursday with the Sharks visiting. But that will depend on the test results and the tarot cards used by the NHL.

As we await news of the COVID outbreak which has (finally) postponed (at least) two Islanders games this week, now is the right time for completely random topics that affect us all, like …:

The outlook pipeline

  • Ryan Pulock’s injury created an opening for Robin Salo’s NHL debut, where he impressed. But will Adam Pelech and Andy Greene’s return from the COVID protocol push him back? [Newsday]
  • The calendar break is a chance to check the outlook: 7th round 2020 Henrik Tikkanen is grooving with MoDo, setting a 6-2 record so far. 3rd round 2020 Alex Ljungkrantz was loaned to Vita Hasten in the second tier of the Swedish leagues. William Dufour continues to tear up with the QMJHL Saint John. [Isles]
  • Oh, and congratulations to Pamela Ruiz, Teacher of the Month in the Future Goals Program. [Isles]

Disrespecting our dog

  • Either way, ESPN’s Paw-er ranking of top dogs only has Monte, the Islanders’ current woofer, ranked 8th. Tsk. [ESPN]
  • Speaking of which, order your Islanders Pucks & Paws calendar here. [Isles Formstack]

Long Lasting Nightmare: The Song of Goals

Have we discussed this for a while? I have the impression that it has not been discussed for a while. But it is a timeless thorn. (Where are you now, Zenon Konopka?)

They rang the bell


Somewhere else

The NHL scores last night had minimal impact on Metro, but the Penguins lost to the Flames in a seven-round shootout. The Miserable Canucks beat the Miserable Canadians in Montreal’s first game after clearing house.

  • Also: Old Jets (Coyotes) shut out old Thrashers (Jets) thanks to a 46-save effort from Karel Vejmelka. [NHL]
  • Blake Wheeler says this Jets slippage (a win in seven games) will only help them in the playoffs. {puzzled chin emoji} [TSN]
  • Notorious weasel Brad Marchand is suspended three games for kicking. Remember his redemption stories from last year, about finally growing up at 32? This is only the seventh suspension in a 13-year career! Keep doing what you’re doing, boy! [NHL video explanation | ESPN]
  • The Flyers beatwriter says it’s time for the team to trade Claude Giroux and rebuild their lives. [Inquirer]
  • Evander Kane has a new agent who is trying to facilitate a trade with the Sharks, who want nothing to do with him and are willing to keep their paycheck to get rid of him. [ESPN]
  • Geoff Molson: The leader that Canadiens fans dreamed of. (?) [Sportsnet]
  • The Senators thought they were getting a good low buy deal on young Cup winner Matt Murray, but it didn’t work, not at all. Getting back to his decline in Pittsburgh, should they have seen it coming? [TSN]
  • Waiving Murray is just an act in a multi-track circus for the Senators. [Sportsnet]
  • Five thoughts as the schedule reaches quarterback: the offense is back, the teams are what they are and what are the Canucks waiting for? [Sportsnet]
  • One of the deals made during the sale of the Penguins is that Mario Lemieux retains a partial share of ownership while still having influence over the management of the team, such as writing angry press releases after his team was trampled. [ESPN]
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Give your Christmas playlist a makeover with the best new holiday songs of 2021 https://triakel.com/give-your-christmas-playlist-a-makeover-with-the-best-new-holiday-songs-of-2021/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000 https://triakel.com/give-your-christmas-playlist-a-makeover-with-the-best-new-holiday-songs-of-2021/

It’s time to update your seasonal playlist as new holiday songs have arrived, starting with a brand new track from the Christmas Queen herself, Mariah Carey.

His latest album, “Fall in Love at Christmas” stars Khalid and Kirk Franklin:

If Carey is the reigning Christmas Queen of pop, the King is almost certainly Michel Bublé. Her latest seasonal effort, “The Christmas Sweater,” is complemented by a video from the sweater point of view:

One of the most unusual songs of the season is “Come Some Christmas Eve (Or Halloween)” by Large poppy syndrome, a group made up of Bee Gees guitarist Vince Melouney and Blondie drummer Clem Burke. The group also includes guitarist Jonathan Lea, bassist Alec Palao and Paul Kopf on vocals.

“The song is an obscure number written by former band member Vince Robin Gibb and reimagined here in a ‘The Who as The Zombies’ ‘Odessey And Oracle’ style,” reads a description on the group’s YouTube page.

Artist Bryson Tiller told USA Today he just wanted to make someone’s vacation playlist with his new EP, “A Different Christmas.” It includes the track “Lonely Christmas” with Justin Bieber and Poo Bear.

“The thing with music, when you do a song, it becomes the soundtrack of someone’s life,” Tiller said.

Norah jones released their first Christmas album, bringing their instantly recognizable vocals to a mix of holiday standards and original tracks, including the new song “You’re Not Alone”.

“Last year I found myself listening to ‘Funky Christmas’ by James Brown and ‘Elvis’s Christmas Album’ on Sundays during lockdown for a sense of comfort,” she said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “In January 2021, I started to think about making my own Christmas album. It gave me something fun to work on and look forward to.

Want to celebrate something a little different this season?

Hawaiian punk rockers El Sancho used Christmas to pay homage to Joey Ramone, with the aptly titled song “Merry Christmas Joey Ramone”.

The track was spotted by the Christmas A Go Go blog, a leading source for offbeat Christmas music. It also highlighted Ramones’ catchy-tinted new track, “Cocktails and Candy Canes” by Geoff palmer:

ABBAThe 40-year-old debut album of new studio material also features the iconic Swedish band’s very first Christmas tune:

British independent group The Lathums released a dark version of the holidays titled “Krampus,” with catchy music accompanying some pretty ominous lyrics:

Taylor Swift has released a new version of their 2019 holiday hit “Christmas Tree Farm”. The new, “Christmas Tree Farm (Old Timey Version)”, was recorded with an orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London for Amazon Music.

“This new version is amazing because it feels like it’s that kind of more laid back Christmas feeling to do all your shopping and relax by the fire,” Swift said in a promotional video. “You know, it’s definitely a little more that old-fashioned Christmas song feeling.”

british singer Leona lewis got help from Ne-Yo for his new track “Kiss Me It’s Christmas”. It’s one of two new songs from the reissue of her 2013 holiday album, “Christmas, with Love” – ​​now titled “Christmas, with Love Always”.

Christian rocker Zach williamsThe new album “I Don’t Want Christmas to End” is a collection of holiday favorites reimagined with the moving original title track.

Williams said in a press release that he wanted to give the album a touch of southern rock by recording it at iconic FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

“We went down there and all the original equipment is still there from the ’60s,” he said. “The original parts, the original console. Recording there really made the songs even more alive than I thought. “

Goo Goo dolls updated last year’s holiday album by adding two new tracks, including the original song “One Last Song About Christmas”:

Kelly clarkson kicked off the holiday season early with the release of the breakup anthem “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)” in September.

The title was chosen “to make sense of the reality that we’re probably all in very different places emotionally” when Christmas comes, “” she said in a press release, according to Billboard.

The track is featured on her new holiday album, “When Christmas Comes Around …”, and it’s not the only seasonal break song.

Amanda shires – who is part of Supergroup Highwaywomen, as well as her husband Jason Isbell’s Unit 400 has a direct message in “Gone For Christmas” starring the McCrary Sisters. The song is on her holiday album, “For Christmas”.

And finally, Annies pistol – aka Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley – put their perfect harmonies at the service of the season with their new album, “Hell of a Holiday”, featuring the title track: