Christmas songs from Eurovision Song Contest and Australia Decides artists


Last year, Aussievision shared the gift of 12 Christmas songs. This year, we’re sharing 12 latest song releases of festive delight to feast your eyes and ears! We hope these new songs from the artists of Eurovision Song Contest and Australia Decides will help get you in the holiday spirit.

ABBA – “Small things”

2021 has been a huge year for ABBA and its fans! The Swedish Eurovision winners released their new album in 40 years, returned to the charts and unveiled their Christmas debut single, ‘Little Things’ from their album ‘Voyage’. The song is a sweet reflection on the joy of Christmas morning and family time at this special time of year.

Daði Freyr – “Something Magical”

Daði Freyr’s “Something Magical” explores the comfort of repeating routines and the magic of Christmas. While it’s more upbeat and synth heavy than last year’s slow vocals, the lyric video is no less eccentric. It features a sleigh guided by unusual Daði yak-like creatures with plush coats and toes for their legs!

Ott Lepland – ‘Jõulud rõõmsaks’

2022 ‘Eesti Laul’ participant and Estonian Eurovision 2012 artist Ott Lepland released a romantic holiday tune about what makes him happy at Christmas.

Spoiler alert: it’s a Christmas romantic comedy in song form! For those who enjoy traditional Christmas carols over cold snow, warm fireplaces, and spending time with loved ones, look no further than this heartwarming ode to the holiday season. Ott told Estonian broadcaster ERR that he hopes the Estonian people will welcome the song about the holiday into their hearts because, according to him, “original Estonian-themed Christmas music is rather rare in recent years”.

Duncan Laurence – ‘Wishes Come True’

Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence has had a huge year. Her Eurovision-winning song “Arcade” went viral on TikTok and earlier this year became the most-streamed Eurovision song on Spotify. It eventually made it to the United States, peaking at No. 30 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Duncan ended another successful year with the release of a Christmas single “Wishes Come True” which he wrote with Judy Bank and Jordan Garfield. On Duncan’s social media, he explained the meaning of the song: “It’s about the times we spend with the people we love the most. It’s hard to wish for more when everyone I love is right. next to me.”

Alexander Rybak – “Hold Me”

The winner of Eurovision 2009, Alexander Rybak released this year a very nostalgic and melancholy Christmas song. It’s a bit sad, about the difficulties of being away from home.

Lordi – ‘Merry Blah Blah Blah’

Eurovision 2006 winners Lordi deliver a Christmas hymn that dares to ask – what if the underdog got their Christmas vengeance wishes from Santa Claus? So think twice before eating that turkey, decorating that Christmas tree, or biting the heads of those tasty gingerbread people because they might just treat you like you treated them! Lordi has made sure revenge is on the agenda this festive season, and fans can enjoy every minute of metal. the Official video clip is bloody, horrible, and not for the faint of heart!

‘Merry Blah Blah Blah’ is part of the band’s new seven-album release ‘Lordiversity’, the comeback catalog for their 2020 studio album ‘Killection’, which reinvents Lordi as an active band since the 1970s despite being founded in 1992 in real life. With “Lordiversity” with over 70 songs, that’s a lot of music for Lordi lovers to listen to! Happy Holidays from Hell!

Paulini – ‘Feliz Navidad’ (Euro Remix)

Australia decides 2022 contestant Paulini has remixed her 2016 rendition of ‘Feliz Navidad’ as a Christmas present for Eurovision fans. The Euro Remix would not be moved to the Euroclub and fans of EDM Christmas carols are asking – where can we sign the petition to host the Euroclub in December ?!

Paul Kelly (feat. Kate Miller-Heidke and others) – ‘Coventry Carol’

‘Coventry Carol’ is an old English Christmas carol that dates back to the 16th century. This year, the song is featured on ‘Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train’. Paul Kelly is a legendary Australian singer and this year he made his 28th studio album his first Christmas album. The album features 22 songs from a Latin hymn to a well-known Christmas carol sung in Te reo Maori.

‘Coventry Carol’ is featured on the Paul Kelly cover album featuring Eurovision 2019 artist Kate Miller-Heidke, Jess Hitchcock, Alice Keath and Marlon Williams.

Anna Bergendahl – ‘Christmas’

Eurovision 2010 artist Anna Bergendahl is giving us a slow country Christmas ballad this year to celebrate one of the happy days of the year “Christmas Day”. “Christmas Day” focuses on the positives, giving us all hope that everything will be okay. Anna wrote the song with David Lindgren Zacharias who also produced the song.

Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – ‘Rena rama julsång’ (Pop Mix)

Eva and Ewa remade their Melodifestivalen 2021 hit “Rena rama ding dong” just in time for Christmas! With new lyrics featuring celebrating the family vacation, making and eating delicious Christmas treats, and dancing around the Christmas tree, “Rena rama julsang” is as festive and heartwarming as it is iconic. . For dance music lovers, the “Lyft mix” will liven up your end of year celebrations.

Verka Serduchka – ‘Wild Christmas’

Think about the craziest Christmas party you’ve ever had. Chances are it’s not as wild as Eurovision 2007 finalist Verka Serduchka’s “Wild Christmas” starring elf DJs, backyard penguins, alcoholic Santa Claus. and Verka’s mom making an appearance full of wacky hijinks. Verka’s Instagram page noted that the song was recorded in Stockholm, as the singer released “Wild Christmas” with the words: “for all who celebrate.”

Victor Crone – ‘Christmas Time’

Eurovision 2019 artist Victor Crone represented Estonia with ‘Storm’ in Tel Aviv. This Christmas, he released “Christmas Time,” a song about looking forward to one of the most festive days of the year. Victor gives it a country pop touch.

From all of us at Aussievision we wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a happy new year!

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