Concert review: The group CAMINO captivates the crowd

The Band CAMINO members Garrison Burgess, Jeffery Jordan and Spencer Stewart performed on April 8 at Novo. The group debuted in 2015 as a self-proclaimed “Children of Memphis” group. Photo courtesy of Elektra Music Group

“It’s the best night of my life!” rang out in a crowd of 2,500 from a fan of The Band CAMINO.

It has been 914 days since The Band CAMINO headlined a concert in Los Angeles. On Friday April 8, the band gave a standout performance at The Novo for their self-titled album tour. The evening began with opening acts for Hastings and Flor.

“It’s crazy to come and play when you haven’t played in 900 days and people are singing all your new songs – it’s just crazy,” singer Jeffery Jordan told the crowd.


The evening began at 7 p.m., when alternative pop band Hastings took the stage as the opening act.

Hastings played five songs from his self-titled EP and performed an unreleased song called “Hurt My Feelings”. He wore a black sweater paired with black flared jeans and a chunky silver chain necklace.

To be an up-and-coming performer, it was clear that Hastings’ stage presence impressed audiences. He was confident and overall he put on a very engaging show. Hastings definitely has a bright future ahead of him.

Set list:

  • Chapstick
  • hearts not in it
  • ask a friend
  • take mine
  • Hurt My Feelings (Unreleased)
  • empty me


Following Hastings’ energetic performance, alternative indie band Flor came out at 7:45 p.m. Lead singer Zach Grace wore a silver jacket, gray jeans and white triangle sunglasses.

The group performed 10 songs in total, including “Big Shot,” “Play Along” and “Skate” from their new album “Future Shine” which will be released on May 6.

Flor’s vibe was more independent than Hastings’, which made their performance a bit chillier. His voice is unique in that he can sing a very wide range of notes – especially high notes, which was impressive.

Set list:

  • Play at the same time
  • dance around
  • rely
  • big hat
  • back
  • lmho
  • skate
  • restless soul
  • wait
  • hot blood

The CAMINO group

After Flor’s groovy and entertaining performance, the moment the crowd had been waiting for arrived — The Band CAMINO took the stage.

Ahead of the gig, Tess Reynolds of Glendale said she started listening to The Band CAMINO a year and a half ago and has been looking forward to seeing them perform live ever since.

“I think pleasure is how I would describe it [The Band CAMINO’s music]”, said Reynolds. “I listen to it when I want to have fun and when I’m in a good mood.

Infographic by Lydia duPerier

Group CAMINO kicked off their sold-out show at 9 p.m. with the song “Know It All” from their self-titled album released on September 10.

The moment they took the stage the audience was overflowing with enthusiasm and energy. The ground was literally shaking from the crowd jumping to the beat of the band.

Jordan wore a vintage Budweiser t-shirt with an eagle graphic on the front. To complete his outfit, he wore checked blue jeans, a delicate pearl necklace and white Doc Martens.

After “Know It All”, the group performed the catchy song “Roses” and the single “Less Than I Do”.

Starting the concert with these upbeat songs was a great way to immediately get the crowd excited for the rest of the show.

Returning to their debut EP, The Band CAMINO then performed their 2016 hit song, “2/14.” The crowd proudly sang, making it clear that it was a fan favorite.

As they played “2/14”, a wave of nostalgia wafted through the crowd and the band – it was clear that everyone was enjoying the band playing their older music as well.

After Jordan thanked the crowd and the opening bands, singer and guitarist Spencer Stewart sang the upbeat pop song “I Think I Like You”.

Jordan then changed the mood and sang “Who Do You Think You Are?”, which he says is a personal song about the journey of growing up.

“Everyone grows and everyone changes,” Jordan told the crowd. “It’s about changing and wondering if the person you were would even recognize you now.”

This song was the most emotional of the whole night – the crowd raised their hands and their voices nearly overpowered the band. It added a very personal touch to the concert.

Next, the band performed “Know Me” which featured a guitar solo by Jordan, followed by performances of “Song About You” and “Underneath My Skin”.

The guitar solos really brought the crowd to life. He showcased the true talent of The Band CAMINO.

The band then played their new single “Never A Good Time” which they released with Swedish band NOTD.

The driving beats of “Hush Hush” and “Just A Phase” prepared the audience for “California” which many fans expressed as a highlight, considering the location of the concert.

Seeing “California” live in California added a special sentimental touch to the performance.

Next, The Band CAMINO played “Damage” followed by a piano performance by Jordan of “Help Me Get Over You” as deep blue lights illuminated the stage to match the mood of the song.

The band did a great job balancing the upbeat and slow songs throughout the night.

Singer Jeffery Gordon exclaims "Haunted" while the crowd sings.  The performance was emotional, matching the lyrics of the breakup song.  Photo by Lydia duPerier
Singer Jeffery Jordan sings “Haunted” as the crowd sings along. The performance was emotional, matching the lyrics of the breakup song. Photo by Lydia duPerier

The next three songs, “What I Want”, “Haunted” and “See Through” were taken from their 2019 album “try hard”. For the performance of “See Through,” Jordan donned a pair of red heart-shaped sunglasses.

The addition of the heart-shaped sunglasses gave a little insight into Jordan’s goofy personality, which made it even more fun to watch him play.

With just two more songs, the band played “1 Last Cigarette” before ending the night with one last showstopper.

It seemed like Jordan knew the crowd was waiting for “Daphne Blue” to play.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, do you really want it?” Jordan shouted into the crowd.

The way Jordan addressed the crowd between songs made it more enjoyable and overall more enjoyable.

Embracing his Tennessee roots, Jordan placed a cowboy hat on his head and closed the night with a captivating performance of “Daphne Blue.”

The evening ended with the group reuniting and bowing to the crowd.

All in all, the venue, the opening acts and The Band CAMINO’s performance combined to make for an unforgettable evening. The size of the room complimented all the performers and created a very personal and enjoyable evening.


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