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Polestar’s new SUV has been unveiled in all its electric glory. And, in keeping with the company’s focus on simple nicknames, it’s simply called the 3.

Details were scarce prior to launch, with a single teaser image released a few weeks ago. However, those present at the global unveiling were able to appreciate the sleek and decidedly modern vehicle in all its glory, which is sure to stand out from its boxier rivals in any SUV identity parade.

In fact, the design is an integral part of the character of the 3.

Unlike some electric cars, there’s no fake grille on the 3, with the front dominated by what Polestar aficionados call the ‘Thor’s hammer headlamp design’.

An aerodynamic wing integrated into the hood complements a similar configuration at the rear, with both elements designed to reduce drag and improve vehicle range.

At the back, there’s a full-length rear light, which looks a bit like Robocop’s visor, but luckily all the similarities between the car and the die-hard cyborg end there.

Power for the 3 comes from a 360kW or 380kW battery (the latter if you opt for what Polestar calls the Performance Pack, which kicks everything up a notch).

In terms of speed, both versions top out at 210 km/h, but the faster model usurps its standard sibling by slashing the 0-100 km/h time from 5 seconds to 4.7.

The company claims that the car has a range of up to 610 km and a charging time of just half an hour, which is a distinct plus.

It should be noted that these numbers may change a bit, as the car, while looking like a finished product, is still undergoing final testing. However, there is little chance of many changes, if past launches are to be believed.

Inside, there’s a sport-inspired seating position and a lowered dashboard. It’s an SUV, not a mover, claims Polestar, so there won’t be an option for a third row of seats.

Features include a nine-inch digital cluster, 14.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system and panoramic sunroof.

As Polestar is keen to emphasize with all of its products, it’s all about innovation. Much of the interior is made of a natural fiber composite, made from flax grown in Europe.

Even the names Polestar has given the colors of the 3 are full of dynamism, with options such as Thunder, Space, Midnight, Jupiter, Snow and Magnesium.

If hints of water are your bag, the official unveiling was more of a tsunami than a splash, with around 900 people from around the world packed into the Train Workshop in Copenhagen for the grand unveiling.

Polestar had deployed its big guns for the occasion, with chief executive Thomas Ingenlath leading the charge.

The choice of location proved a mystery to some, Polestar being a Swedish brand, but it turned out that the masterminds behind the brand considered the Danish capital’s former railway repair yard (officially known as Lokomotivværkstedet) as a fun place to show off their ultra-modern product.

The contrast was obvious, and it felt very real to be present at an event where automotive history was being made.

First deliveries of the 3 will begin in 2023, with prices starting at $85,300.

Updated: October 21, 2022, 9:25 a.m.

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