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With influences ranging from 90s Swedish melodic death metal to 90s North Shore metalcore and classic shouto, Crowfeeder was originally formed by Derek Paul and Adam Norton in 2010 as a two-piece (guitar and drums), spending most of the decade writing and performing. shows. They released their first album, no flowersin 2017, earning an Editor’s Choice nod from Invisible Oranges that year.

Five years later, Crowfeeder’s sound was expanded with the addition of SkyTigers’ Brian Linehan on bass and Sean Cahalin (who recorded no flowers) on the guitar.

A perfect showcase of the Boston band’s sound can be heard on Dirt, their first release since their debut album. It’s a journey that veers into everything from mud and crushed metal to epic programmed excursions into space and the atmosphere.

No Echo has the EP premiere streaming for you below:

“Much of the content on this EP is inspired by the writings of Carl Panzram, a turn-of-the-century serial killer and vagabond whose childhood abuse and treatment in youth prisons turned him into an unrepentant monster. In fact, his handwriting only exists because a single empathetic guard gave him a voice by smuggling pencil and paper into him during his night shifts,” Derek Paul told No Echo in an email.

“We had planned to write a concept EP about his life and writings, but over time this shifted to focus on how a person’s past can shape or break them. Panzram was someone who might have been a bastard, but the world molded him into someone whose final message to the world was, “Hurry up and turn on your electric chair. I want to get out of here and dive into the other world just to see if this one is as ugly as that ball of mud and I’m only sorry for two things. Those two things are: I’m sorry that I mistreated a few animals in my life and I’m sorry that I couldn’t murder the whole human race. “

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Adam Norton added: “Panzram sought a demented form of revenge on the world throughout his life. He was such a malevolent force of utter hate and rage to the bitter end. Some of the EP’s lyrics are taken from of quotes from his letters written in prison (e.g., “Today I’m dirty, tomorrow I’ll be dirt / My only regret is [that] I was not born dead’).

“His malevolent perspective as he reflects on a life of aimless crime and revenge served as thematic starting points for each song. Seeking revenge on those who wronged you. Firmly awaiting a welcome death. We abstracted that perspective for more directly applicable and also personal past experiences, like cutting ties with toxicity to live on your own terms.”

Dirt will be released for streaming on August 19 (Bandcam Pre-Order / Spotify Pre-Record).

Upcoming Crowfeeder shows:
August 27 – Everett, MA @ Bone Up Brewing (6th Anniversary Show)
September 4 – Montague, MA @ RPM Fest

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