ENTOMBED AD Guitarist NICO ELGSTRAND is ‘still in mourning’ over the death of singer LG PETROV: ‘It was a terrible loss’

Ancient BURIED and ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDEN guitarist Nico Elgstrand spoke to heavy cultivation on the death last year of Lars Goran Petrov. the pioneer BURIED and ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDEN The singer died on March 7, 2021 after a battle with bile duct cancer. He was 49 years old.

Asked about the current status of ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDEN, Nico said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I have to say that, at least personally, I’m still grieving. It was a horrible blow, a terrible loss. We talk quite often, the rest of the guys in the band, but with COVID and everything, everything We so we talked about maybe doing something one day but it’s nothing…I think we’re all still suffering from the loss so the mood to keep doing anything at this point isn’t really here at the moment. I don’t know if it’s going to happen in the future. People have been asking about all kinds of reunions or tributes or whatever. And maybe in the future we’ll We’ll do some kind of tribute, but right now it’s still really, really hard.”

ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDEN was formed in 2014 when Petrov and other members of BURIED decided to change the band’s name in order to avoid a legal battle with BURIED guitarist Alex Hellid who did not want his former comrades to use the BURIED nickname. Elgstrand explained to heavy cultivation“We decided we wanted different things. After [ENTOMBED‘s last album, 2007’s] “Holy Serpents”, there was a lot of commotion and some people in the band didn’t want to keep touring and so on. So basically I was in BURIED and then all of a sudden we just changed it to ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDEN to be able to keep recording albums and touring. Four out of five parties decided to go ahead and call it something different just so they could keep doing it… Everyone but one wanted to keep doing it, so we all decided together, let’s keep going. And there was a lot of legal bullshit back and forth, and to avoid that, we just decided to continue with the same group but a little different anyway.”

ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDENthe last album of, “Bowls of the Earth”was released in August 2019 via Media of the Century.

In August 2020, Petrov Told metal hammer on how he found out about his cancer: “A few months ago. I felt a lump in my solar plexus. And I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll ignore it.’ But then it started to hurt, so I went to the doctor, and they quickly X-rayed it and said, “You have to go to the specialist. That was weird. You can’t not imagine what it feels like. Your whole body heats up.

Although Petrov revealed his cancer was ‘incurable’, he said doctors ‘hoped’ they could treat it. “Being young, the doctor said there was hopefully a way to control it so it didn’t spread, or maybe even get smaller,” he said. declared.

Hellid and Petrov had been embroiled in a legal battle over BURIED name for several years. In 2014, Petrov reportedly secured the right to use the band’s name in future recording and touring activities, a decision that Hellid appealed unsuccessfully. The guitarist then filed a trademark for the production of spirits under the name “Buried” name. This decision did not please Hellidthe former band member, who filed a protest letter against alexander‘s registration of the name, saying it could be confused with the group’s activities. He also said that Hellid acted in “bad faith” when registering his name and there was a desire to “mislead the public”. Petrovthe protest of, however, found no favor with Swedish Patent and Registration Officewho dismissed his claims on the matter in a March 2016 decision.

In an interview with Revolution-Music.dk, Petrov defended his band’s decision to release albums and tour under the name ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDEN. “It had to be done, because without an album, you can’t tour,” he explained. “I mean you box tour, but if there’s seven years between albums, that’s ridiculously long. So we did the right thing, and we did what bands should do, and still do – release an album and go on tour and headbang and have a good time with friends, and that’s this is what it is.”

He continued: “There was too much bullshit – crying and complaining about things. It’s just ridiculous.

“Some people are comfortable staying home, but then step aside and let us do our thing.

“We added two letters, but it’s still the same group – [only] without people who want to stay home, or take millions of years [coming up with] a [new] riff.”

We asked him if he thought that BURIED name was damaged following the drama surrounding the split with Hellid and the decision to continue as ANNOUNCEMENT HIDDEN, Petrov said: “No, not really. A thousand people have a thousand different opinions – good and bad. But we do what we think is right. And we’re here on tour, and that’s the most important thing [thing], I think. And leave the childishness aside and play metal, basically.”

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