Ericsson raises the bar for sustainability with 3-Sector Tri-Band 5G Radio

Swedish telecommunications major Ericsson has unveiled an all-new tri-sector, tri-band radio that can replace nine radios and once again defines sustainable networks. The 6646 radio is 40% more energy efficient than tri-band single sector radios. Due to the use of aluminum, its design is also 60% lighter, reducing site clutter.

By merging the 700, 800 and 900 MHz frequency bands into one small 2G to 5G capable radio, the new radio expands the multi-band functionality of Ericsson tri-sector devices.

Radio 6646’s low-band spectrum capabilities will dramatically improve midband (3.5 GHz) and 5G coverage performance in an energy-efficient way in response to the ever-increasing need for more sustainable solutions from providers. communication services (CSP).

A 40% reduction in energy consumption can result in annual savings at each location equivalent to charging an electric car 40 times. Additionally, the 60% reduced weight of the product will help CSPs reduce deployment costs, tower rent, and carbon footprint.

According to David Hammarwall of Ericsson, product network manager, the new energy-efficient radio combines spectrum capabilities that are simple to deploy. With an initial focus on Europe, this will streamline installations and increase 5G coverage.

Service providers can expand standalone 5G installations with new applications for consumers, businesses and critical communications with the latest innovation, he added.

Radio 6646’s outdoor-indoor coverage will extend from rooftops and towers to indoor spaces, including offices, basements, stores and homes. In particular, when combined with mid-band TDD through Carrier Aggregation and 5G Standalone, it will increase the capacity of 5G networks.

The three-sector dual-band Radio 6626, which was launched in 2021 and is now offered for sale in several international countries, will now be replaced by the Radio 6646. In addition, earlier this year, Ericsson unveiled seven 5G solutions innovative RANs that deliver significant power reductions and up to 10x capacity gains with little or no additional footprint.

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