Ex-The Haunted singer Peter Dolving ‘constantly tried’ to make peace with his former bandmates


Ex-The haunted Frontman Peter Dolving, who left the band more than a decade ago, says he “constantly tried” to make peace with his former bandmates without much success.

The 52-year-old singer, who is currently CEO of Svenska Verde AB, a Swedish medical technology company specializing in cannabinoid APIs, reflected on his exit from the group in a brand new interview with Pierre Gutiérrez from rock talks.

When asked if he is still in contact with any of the members of The hauntedPeter said:

I’ll give you a sad and honest answer: I tried with perseverance, and I even met some on the street. I had some nice encounters with Per [Möller Jensen, drums] — all good, all love. With the other guys, they did something… They didn’t do anything; that’s a better word for it. They’ve gone completely dark and quiet, and I think it’s kind of sad and childish, but everyone has to deal with their emotions around something in their own way and everyone’s outlook is going to be different.

I’m very expressive and super sensitive and emotional, and I discuss summaries on so many levels, I’ve studied philosophy, psychology, psychiatry. I look crazy – I know it and try to avoid it. But I’m a bit too much, I think, for [some people]. And there is nothing wrong with that. We are different. We are only human beings. We are really different.

Ex-The haunted singer Peter Dolving

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