Ex-THE HAUNTED singer PETER DOLVING has ‘constantly tried’ to make peace with his former bandmates


Ex-THE HAUNTED leader Peter Dovingwho left the group more than a decade ago, says he “constantly tried” to make peace with his former bandmates without much success.

The 52-year-old singer, currently CEO of Svenska Verde ABa Swedish medical technology company specializing in cannabinoid APIs, discussed their exit from the group in a brand new interview with Pierre Gutierrez of rock talks.

When asked if he is still in contact with any of the members of THE HAUNTED, Rock said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I’ll give you a sad and honest answer: I tried with perseverance, and I even met some of them on the street. I had some nice encounters with By [Möller Jensen, drums] — all good, all love. With the other guys, they did something… They didn’t do anything; that’s a better word for it. They’ve gone completely dark and quiet, and I think it’s kind of sad and childish, but everyone has to deal with their emotions around something in their own way and everyone’s outlook is going to be different.

“I’m very expressive and super sensitive and emotional, and I discuss summaries on so many levels,” he continued. “I studied philosophy, psychology, psychiatry. I look crazy – I know that, and I try to avoid that. But I’m a bit too much, I think, for [some people]. And there is nothing wrong with that. We are different. We are only human beings. We are really different.”

When Gutierrez pointed out that Dovingshared an angry public post on Facebook in August 2012 where he “insulted” the other members of THE HAUNTED “in different ways,” Rock said, “I tried to insult them in four different ways. [Laughs] If I had been in the same room, I would have kicked them all in the fucking balls to make them fall. You can’t do that in a way where you can do it and you hit everyone in the balls at the same time where they fall at the same time. I made it as a statement to mark that these guys are assholes. End of the story. So what do I mean by “assholes”? I mean these guys don’t play straight, and that’s my statement on that. They can do whatever they want; it is their business. I was also part of this company, but I was at that time. I worked to communicate before leaving the group and I made my declaration for more than a year. I tried to find a balance in what was happening. It was based on a conflict that started even before I joined the band.

“The reason I left the band was because we were so different and our basic human needs as individuals were so different,” he continued. “And I’m not the individual to embarrass anybody or take their needs away from them, but I need my human needs met, fundamentally.”

Asked why chose to delete his Facebook publish a few weeks after sharing, Doving said, “Because the goal has been achieved. There’s no point hanging around there and a bunch of people misunderstanding what’s [contained in it]because people are not will understand. It was very, very specific to the company and the people involved. I was making a statement and pointing out that “this is the reason. Everyone knows the narrow details, but it was the main fundamentals that made me defend this reason. Again, with the word “asshole” it’s my strong emotional reactive negativity, and I really need to let it go.

“We’re so different in responsiveness to the world around us, and I didn’t know that and didn’t respect that 10 years ago,” Rock said. “After 10 years of studying psychiatry and psychology, in addition to what I already knew, I cannot justify this position. [Laughs] It’s a judgmental and negative position, so it’s an angry position, so I can’t justify it and I can’t stick to it. And the only thing I can say that it’s true that I can move on, that it’s not in the past, that’s the difference and the meaning and the whole point of why I’m doing what I’m doing now .”

In his August 2012 statement explaining his exit from THE HAUNTED, Doving said he left the band because he “fucked it with dysfunctional bullshit”. He added that he “questions deeply[ed]” if the Björler brothers, THE HAUNTED guitarist Anders Bjorler and bassist Jonas Bjorler, had “the faintest idea what even deep friendships, joy and caring mean. They think in terms of ‘me, me, me, me, mine, mine’ to the fullest and most completely.” He called Anders and Jonah “two of the most fucked up, emotionally dysfunctional shits I’ve ever worked with,” adding that “one thing they’ll never have again is my respect, trust, or attention.” He also claimed that there were “drugs involved in the group and crew members whose alcoholism/drug addiction was just overlooked and ignored because the individuals in question were cheaper than anyone else and delivered the goods” .

Formerly singer for MARIE BEAT JANE, Doving joined THE HAUNTED in 1997 and sang on their self-titled debut album. In 1998 he left the band to focus on a band called MONKEY-ZEN but returned in 2003 following the departure of Marco Aro (the singer who took over Dovingit is after Rockthe 1998 release). He has since appeared on studio albums “Revolver” (2004),“The Dead Eye” (2006),“Versus” (2008) and “Invisible” (2011).

Dovingthe latest CD with THE HAUNTED, “Invisible”was released in March 2011 via Media Records of the Century. The LP was again recorded with the longtime producer Mar. Madsen (MOON SPELL, DARK PEACE, GOREFEST, I AM FED UP WITH EVERYTHING) to his Antfarm Studio in Århus, Denmark.

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