Fan accepts Dave Grohl challenge, forms group + documentary

Music can transcend languages ​​and can uplift and inspire. A perfect example of this can be seen in the documentary In your honor which features an Argentinian Foo Fighters fan who was so inspired by Dave Grohl’s response to the passion of a concert audience that he decided to form a band and document the process as a way to properly translate that sentiment to the musician himself.

In the documentary, we see Foo Fighters perform in front of an enthusiastic crowd during a performance at a stadium in 2018 in Argentina, the group becoming overwhelmed as the crowd sang the famous “Ole Ole Ole” soccer chant as a sign of worship. At that point, Grohl stopped and briefly built an impromptu song to share the love with the crowd, while commenting on the audience’s singing stating, “Why don’t you get a band and I’ll come to you. see ?”

The singer Juan Pablo Sanzi, who is at the heart of the documentary, took up this challenge and In your honor the documentary was born. He proceeded to form a band and write a song, feeling that Grohl had not fully grasped the meaning of the sentiment expressed when the crowd sang “Ole Ole Ole” to them in the show. It was a sign of passion, love and respect.

Sanzi teamed up with director Mauro Romero to document the process as he brought together a group that included drummer Ezequiel Gonzalez, bassist Nicolas Zanotti, lead guitarist Martin Legovich, rhythm guitarist Marton Fabbrizzi, rhythm guitarist Marco Ruberto and the project was in progress.

“This documentary is a way of rewarding him and thanking him with his work for the influence he (Dave) has had on me,” Sanzi told IndieHoy.

“I’ve seen Foo Fighters live a few times but never really saw Dave and the band so surprised with an audience. The show at Vélez was amazing because a lot of things happened, all at the right time. Argentinian audience showed their best face that night, something that doesn’t always happen, but when this mix of factors happens, the band and the audience are on fire, something unforgettable happens, ” Sanzi remembers. “And so it was, to the point where Dave improvised a song for us, ‘Argentina, I love you.’ At one point people were so excited that they said to us, “Are you coming here to sing my songs or your songs? Why don’t they make a band like that and I’ll come and see them? “And that was the Click.”

So Sanzi set out to build a group and document the process in the hopes that Grohl would come and see them play. Not knowing how it would all turn out, they submitted to some film festivals after the documentary was over. So far, they’ve won awards at the Miami Independent Film Festival, winner of Best Documentary Feature at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, and winner of the Five Continents International Film Festival in Venezuela, among other honors.

As recent social media posts show, the documentary was sent and received by Dave Grohl himself. “Hey Dave and Foo Fighters. The band you requested three years ago is ready! BOX is on your side! Now it’s up to you … are you ready? This is a call to all music fans around the world! Not just Foo fans. This is our love letter to you MUSIC LOVERS. Watch the doc! Love it and share it! We want you to make it Also part. We are now officially #CALLINGMRGROHL, “read a post dated last week.

While a second shows Grohl with the documentary box in hand. “Inside that box is a dream. My biggest project. A 45 ‘documentary for music lovers. Not just Foo fans,” Sanzi said in a December 14 post, noting that they were waiting for Grohl’s answer. Check In your honor official documentary below in its entirety.

In your honor Official documentary

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