Fan Poll: Top 5 Ghost Songs

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As we lovingly dubbed them earlier this week, Ghost is one of the most polarizing bands in metal history. Swedish occultist-rockers led by the inimitable Tobias Forge, and complemented by his masked associates, have become one of the greatest heavy (or perhaps heavy-adjacent) groups in the world with their particular mix of doom metal explicitly. satanic and deliciously theatrical. , catchy pop-rock and Grammy-baiting.

Last week the gang released a new song called “Hunter’s Moon” which features in the Halloween kills movie and, naturally, he’s a total ass kicker. As their name was in the air, we asked our readers to think it over and pick their all-time favorite Ghost song. Testimony of their catalog, the first five choices come from five distinct versions. See the results below, ranked accordingly.

Ghost Video – Rats (Official Music Video)

5. “The rats”

The first single from Ghost’s latest album, 2018’s Prequel, is one of their heaviest and most epic metal songs since the beginnings of the group. Inspired by 80s Ozzy Osbourne (especially blizzard Ozzintro to “I Don’t Know”), Forge wrote “Rats” with the intention of making it his first concert of choice. With a heavy riff, beaming guitar solos, and the titular animal’s snarling recitation of the song during the hook, it definitely achieved the desired exhilaration.

Ghost Video – Square Hammer

4. “Square hammer”

“Square Hammer” is one of Ghost’s most popular and commercially successful songs, but even OG fans can’t deny how much of a banger this thing is. From their 2016 Pop star The EP, the weird keyboard line, the muted guitar breaths and the deceptive Satanic chants (“Are you ready to swear here, now / Before the devil”) are undeniably eye-catching – plus, it has a music video. unbelievable.

Ghost Video – Ritual (OFFICIAL)

3. “Ritual”

“Ritual” is a great song to play for someone who has never heard Ghost before. This star of their debut in 2010, Eponymous opus, starts off with a riff of Sabbathian doom that will make any metalhead wince deliciously, but then Forge’s power-pop harmonies come in during the hook and showcase the band’s signature frigid dynamics. Is it metal or pure hard rock? It’s both, my friend.

Year Zero Video

2. “Year zero”

From the very first song of “Beelzebub” it is immediately clear that “Year Zero” is going to be a doozy. The second single from the band’s second album in 2013, Infestissumam, is one of only two Ghost songs that Tobias Forge wasn’t the lead songwriter for, and his wavy new bassline, edgy drums, and space-age vocal layering give him a flair. unique in their catalog. However, once the words “Hail Satan, welcome year zero” are sung using great choir-like harmonies, it unmistakably becomes Ghost.

Ghost Video – Cirice (Official Music Video)

1. “Cirice”

“Cirice” is not necessarily the more obvious choice for best Ghost song, but it’s objectively one of their most beloved – and rightly so. The first taste of their 2015 LP, Meiora, hits that dark / rocky sweet-spot that Ghost hits during his best times. There’s a punchy groove and captivating vocal performance from Forge, but there’s also a handful of haunting John Carpenter-style musical embellishments that make it feel like a horror soundtrack. It is therefore appropriate that his video is a variation of the classic Stephen King, Carrie.

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