Former GHOST bassist went to therapy after being fired from the band

Phantom certainly has its fair share of former members. A notable departure was the major separation between the singer Tobie Forge and the rest of the band in 2016, which resulted in a years-long lawsuit over allegedly unpaid royalties. The lawsuit was decided in favor of Forge in 2018, and an appeal by former bandmates was dismissed by a Swedish appeals court in 2019. Prior to this departure, there was the split between Phantom and bassist Linton Rubino in 2015, a year before Linton’s father (and Phantom keyboardist) Mauro Rubino part of the group’s mass exodus.

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“I was fired in 2015 from Phantom, so I was not part of that process. But I have a family member and a close friend who was in this process, in the trial,” said Linton in an interview with Dr Music. “So, yeah, I was emotionally involved, you can tell. But otherwise, I wasn’t part of that process.”

Linton went on to detail the impact of the dismissal on him, saying he had to undergo therapy for six months to deal with the fallout. Linton said he eventually recovered and has since started a new band called Priest who will release a new record Body Machine the 15th of July.

“I actually went to therapy for six months after that because I felt like I was nobody. We were up there playing with Metallic and Iron Maiden and everything, and they know who we are, everyone behind the scenes knows who we are, but no one else [does]. So it was like standing [at the top] and then you’re basically [at the bottom once you are out of the band]. I didn’t have a job or anything… [But] then you’re back on track in a few months. And you roll up your sleeves and start over. I didn’t have much choice.”

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