Ghost announced as the latest Game Band collaboration for Iron Maiden’s “Legacy Of The Beast” mobile game

IRON MAIDEN‘s Legacy of the beast Free-to-play mobile game announced its third in-game collaboration, this time with Swedish metalworkers GHOST.

After successful collaborations earlier this year with AMON AMARTH and GAP COIL, IRON MAIDEN‘s Legacy of the beast has now teamed up with frequent tour partners GHOST. Legacy of the beast created a new limited-time in-game event called Evil Masquerade featuring another limited-time character, Papa Emeritus IV. Meet Papa Emeritus IV Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 5 p.m. PT at Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast mobile game by clicking here.

The game’s Evil Masquerade event is an ode to the tradition of the two groups taking its major themes from the cover of IRON MAIDEN2003 album “Dance of death” and the video for GHOSTthe song of 2018 “Dance of Death”. In this new scenario, Eddie and Papa Emeritus IV are both invited to a mysterious party in Transylvania (from the intro at “A dance of death” and also surely a nod to the first YOUNG LADY instrumental track of the same name on their debut album!) They soon discover that things are getting out of hand, even faster than usual, as a sinister force has harnessed the power to mimic the irreducible will of the sentient powers of free will. and individuality, in an effort to tie them to its control. Together they must fight through hordes of spirit-controlled revelers to face off against the corrupt impersonator, Cardinal Immortus, an evil clone of Dad emeritus.

When asked what he thought of the initial concept pieces for the new character, GHOST brain Tobias Forge said he felt “joy that this is actually happening.” He continued, “I am happy to see that my creature is drawn into [MAIDEN‘s] world. It’s a cool thing, at the same time very humiliating and flattering. “

“It’s good that the “Legacy of the Beast” mobile games continue to innovate ”, observes YOUNG LADYthe manager Smallwood rod. “The introduction of other great images and characters from the group is a big evolution of the initial idea we had for Eddiethe world of video games more than five years ago. Have our friends GHOST to bring Papa Emeritus IV into a Dungeon is like the culmination of a relationship dating back to 2013, when the band first came with us to South America. With more slots on the “Young England” tour in ’14, then a real race with us all over North America on 2017 “The Book of Souls” tour, we learned that our fans enjoyed seeing them and that they would always be welcome with us on the road. I am on Eddie will help Dad cause serious chaos together and that’s what it is. “

In Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast, fans of metal and RPG games take on the role of the band’s iconic mascot Eddie who travels through a spectacularly diverse array of worlds as she travels through time in captivating 3D environments. Eddie appears in many forms, each part of IRON MAIDENIt’s rich in history and each with a set of special powers and abilities.

Over the years the game has grown to include 20 dungeons and six unique worlds, from the pits of hell, ancient Egypt, WWII to the far future, hundreds of characters including 90 swirls based on the classic YOUNG LADY album covers. A huge array of enemies – corrupt demons (Lucifer, Baphomet), gods (Horus, Osiris, Odin) and monsters, a bloody player-versus-player battle arena and a ruthless Gauntlet – a feature designed to satisfy new players and long-term hardcore gamers. The latest “Clans” feature allows players to join forces with their blood brothers to complete team tasks and take on monstrous raid bosses. All on an in-game soundtrack of over 30 IRON MAIDEN tracks, including “The soldier”, “Where eagles dare”, “Ace high” and more.

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