“I feel like we have to save heavy metal”

Singer Johannes Eckerstrom Swedish metal Avatar said recently TotalRock the band’s next album is being recorded and mixed, and the band is eyeing a 2023 release. As for the vibe of the LP, Eckerstrom cut to the chase: “The short version is we’ll make you see the devil and we’ll make you dance. You’ve heard all the bands say this is their best album yet. This is our best album yet. day.”

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“My best thing to compare him to is [Judas Priest‘s] British steel in the sense that… they were one great heavy metal band, a great rock and roll group, a great prog band, sometimes, and rather eclectic…. [Then with] British steel, I think they really focused on the laser, cut the fat. And we’re focusing on what we think metal needs right now – it’s very pompous, but yet – honestly, I think we need to save heavy metal. Because both people are lost in the past… They did it better than we will ever do what they do. Do not do that. And after? What’s next for us? And do that without completely disappearing into your own butt.

“When people end up making metal that’s best enjoyed by sitting back and being quiet, you’re missing the point.” Johannes continued. “Metal is the music you move to – in the pit, banging your head, dancing, whatever, lifting weights, drinking too much, getting pregnant, impregnating, doing stuff. It’s music You have drums in the band why would you have drums if you don’t move? We watch the masters a lot… but then just… yeah, that, but this. They did it. Were now and what’s next with that. Where can we try to help bring it? And this is this album.”

Of course we are super happy Avatar is super happy with his new album. But does heavy metal really need saving? I guess it depends on who you ask. However, we like to see a group that is always hungry! Avatar recorded his new album earlier this year with Jay Ruston (Amon Amarth, Kataklysm).

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