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Nûdem Durak, a young Kurdish singer who has been under arrest since 2016 on bogus terrorism charges, is grateful that Pink Floyd co-founder and rock legend Roger Waters has become an active supporter of the campaign for his release and Told a London-based news outlet New Arab that she would love to share a stage with him one day.

“Let me tell you about one of my childhood dreams: to do a concert with one of the fantastic singers like Roger Waters and his friends,” said Durak. “It would be amazing to share a concert with them and do a duet. It would make me so happy and proud.

Roger Waters made the decision to send his original guitar he used on his 2017 Us + Them tour to the singer, who is serving a 19-year sentence in a Turkish prison, when Durak’s family went public in 2018 that the prison guards had broken Nûdem’s own acoustic guitar during a cell search.

“Although we sing in different languages, just them thinking of me, showing solidarity and building a bridge between us, it’s great. The music brings people together! said Durak, answering questions in writing.

The guitar, signed by Waters himself as well as other very famous musicians including Pete Townsend, Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel, Brian May, Marianne Faithfull, Mark Knopfler, Noel Gallagher and Nick Mason, has been through several stops over the course of his journey from New York. in Turkey and finally reached the prison in the province of Bayburt, in the northeast of Turkey.

The prison administration refused to hand over the guitar to Durak, saying that electric instruments were not allowed.

In an earlier message, Waters called on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to release Durak, and in another he spoke again about his freedom and the freedom of all political prisoners.

“I smile because it’s really important that I think of you. Because it shows how important love is. And we will continue until you and all other political prisoners in Turkey and hopefully the, in the rest of the world, be set free,” Waters said.

Durak is one of thousands of Kurds arrested for his alleged links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). In her case, she was accused of having contacted a member of the PKK.

At least 3,524 Kurds have been arrested in Turkey since 2015, when a so-called peace process between the Turkish state and the PKK collapsed, while 14,792 Kurds have been detained, the pro-Kurdish lawmaker said. People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Necdet İpekyüz. .

The HDP itself is currently threatened with closure, accused of having become a “hotbed of terrorist activity”. A total of 451 party politicians, including former co-chairs, MPs and mayors, face prison terms and bans from doing politics. The party, as the second largest opposition bloc in the country, rejects all charges.

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