Irish songs you need to hear this week

Chocolate isn’t the only thing on the agenda this weekend, we wish our photographer Aaron Corr well as he gets married this weekend after a stressful few years of postponements. There’s loads of new Irish music too. This week’s big releases are in EP format with St. Bishop’s self-titled debut album and Melt’s Signal EP, which you can listen to below the main playlist.

Ireland’s heaviest acoustic band The Scratch have teamed up with the RTE Concert Orchestra to cover System of A Down’s Antennas – all other acts should now cease to cover Antennas. Just Mustard previewed their upcoming album with another post-punk-tinged shoegaze blast Mirrors.

NOAH followed up last year’s Echoes of The Night EP with new single The Way We Are Told, also providing Hudson Taylor’s radio pop rock vibes with Hold Out Hope. London-based Matt Taylor returns with Humberstone-esque Holly on April 13.

There is a most welcome surprise in the form of Trying the first track from Driven Snow the new collaboration between Kieran (Delorentos) and Emily (Republic of Loose)

And if that wasn’t enough for you, there are also tracks from Katie Phelan, David Keenan, Sive, Ghostking Is Dead, Jack Joyce, Smallmint, Chris Kabs, Lea Heart, Corner Boy, St. Francis, Bullet Girl, VLLNS, Nixer Lewwab and Jessica Hammond, plus remixes from Wild Youth, Meljoann and new dance tracks from Kyrstal Klear and the Swedish Railway Orchestra and relaxing vibes from Cooks But We’re Chefs and Warriors of the Dystotheque.

As always, if you would like us to complete your music, please complete the form here. Until next time enjoy your chocolate irresponsibly.

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