Israeli singer Noga Erez rocks Boston’s new venue


On Monday, June 13, Noga Ereza 31-year-old singer-songwriter from Caesarea, Israel, took the stage at Roadrunner, Boston’s newest concert hall. With a dreamy voice quality and jazzy electro-pop vibes, Erez is a fitting introduction to accompany the Swedish singer. Tove Lo on his current American run.

Erez has something very Billie Eilish about him, but without the nightmares and openness to insecurities; instead, Erez sings with a degree of self-assurance that only Israelis seem to have. She does not tell stories of lost lovers, but of “the need to wake up because crazy things are happening everywhere today.” Although she grew up around conflict, her lyrics are not at all political.

Erez started his set with the bubbly “End of the Road”, a single from his second album “KIDS”. She also performed a new song, “NAILS,” which was released just two weeks ago.

Known for her artistic music videos, her live vibe is very understated and unassuming. She doesn’t need anything crazy, just her two-person band behind her: Ori Rousso (sampler, synthesizer) and Ran Jacobvitz (electronic drums, percussion).

Bouncing around the stage, Erez embodied the words printed on his lime green oversized costume – “GROWNUP KID”. His movements were like this – a grown child jumping around a playground, but if the playground was basically a 60 foot empty stage. Roadrunner’s vastness had no hold; it could have been a show in the basement, not a crowded room.

Noga Erez (Photo: Ashley Jacobs)

Roadrunner, which opened in March 2022, is Boston’s New Music Hall: a capacity of 3,500 The Bowery Presents (Royale, The Sinclair) in Brighton near Boston Landing. Twenty-five cents from each ticket goes to The Cree Syndicatea fund started by music industry veterans to raise money for youth arts projects in Greater Boston.

As people took in Erez’s performance, they started dancing, dancing and clapping, drinks swaying in their hands.

“I come from afar,” she said as she closed the set. “As we all do. We are all aliens.

Cheers erupted at that sentiment, and I wondered if they would still cheer if she said where she really came from.

Tove Lo fans, dressed in sequins and short shorts, continued to pour in after Erez left the stage, with no idea what pregame they missed.

Find Noga Erez on Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.

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