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Looking for some motivation to get you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with stellar new pop tracks, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists such as Khalid, 5 Seconds of Summer, Shania Twain and JP Saxe will give you energy to face the week. Add any of these gems to your personal playlists – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of all 10.

Khalid, “Satellite”

Khalid has released a slew of singles in the three-plus years since his second album Free spiritand his latest, “Satellite,” are perhaps the most impressive of the bunch: Built around shimmering guitar strumming and a resonant whistle, the track challenges the R&B-pop star to operate at a different tempo and displaying his falsetto in new ways, and Khalid amicably passes the test. –Jason Lipshutz

FLO, “Not my job”

In the same week that Blackpink scored the first No. 1 album for a girl group in more than a decade thanks to a futuristic take on global pop, London’s FLO released a winning track reminiscent of the haunting beats from the turn of the century. girl group hits. Kelly Rowland actually stopped by the trio’s studio as they finished “Not My Job” — another stroke of luck, considering how the grow-or-hang-out anthem feels like a witty sequel to the masterful “Bills , Bills, Invoices.” – J. Lipshutz

JP Saxe, “When you think of me”

JP Saxe’s musical ideas resonate most clearly in the intimacy of his pun – the way he uses the phrase “disrespectful oversimplification” in the first line of new single “Quand tu penses à moi” to describe a reason breaking – but the ballad also benefits from the production’s sense of space, with Saxe’s vocal fragility leaving ample room above the dark keys for maximum emotional effect. – J. Lipshutz

Kito feat. Banks, “Sad Girl Music”

The track “Sad Girl Music” may be a nod to the alt-R&B style that Banks has thrived in for nearly a decade, but her team with Aussie producer Kito works thanks to a surprisingly fast pace: whispery buzzes that open the song eventually give way to fast, tropical beats, and Banks strikes a delicate balance between lethargic confessions and bright, sing-ready controls. – J. Lipshutz

5 Seconds of Summer, “Bad Omens”

As they have fully embraced their identity as a synth-fueled power-pop band, 5 Seconds of Summer have composed some of the best arena-ready songs of the past three years, and “Bad Omens”, from the album just released 5SOS5, is among them. With gargantuan drumming, dizzying harmonies but pockets of quiet grace in its first half, “Bad Omens” showcases the quartet’s ability to aim for the masses without sacrificing any detail. – J. Lipshutz

Yaeger, “I can’t get the best out of me”

Summer may have just ended, but Yaeger’s new single has the kind of sunny guitar lick and bouncy melody to make you think beach season has just begun. “Can’t Get the Best of Me” finds Yaeger ignoring melodrama (“I fell for your tears, but now I know what I believe,” she sings) and heading for a bright future, which will hopefully include a bigger American fanbase for the Swedish star. – J. Lipshutz

Saleka, “Echo”

Saleka wrote the breathtaking vocal showcase “Echo” about Greek mythology – specifically an imaginary exchange about not being able to speak your truth between the wood nymph Syrinx and the mountain Echo – but even if this context doesn’t show up in a casual listen, “Echo” sounds like a breakthrough for Saleka, director M. Night Shyamalan’s daughter who displays excellent range control here. – J. Lipshutz

Alvvays, “Belinda says”

Canadian indie-pop troupe Alvvays took five years to complete their third album, the next blue rev, but if the project sounds half as captivating as the spectacular “Belinda Says”, it will be well worth the prolonged wait. A tribute to Belinda Carlisle expanding her ambitions in her last minute to match the radio appeal of her subject matter, “Belinda Says” captures a dependable band reaching new heights. – J. Lipshutz

Tom the Postman, “You’re the One I Love Now”

Genre-blurring Atlanta creative force, Tom the Mail Man has been keeping busy in 2022, after his new album Sunset Visionary, Vol. 2 with a series of singles. The latest, “You’re the One I Love Now,” is a coy ode to rushing in love (or in this case, “like”) boosted by a wall of punk-pop sound on the irresistible chorus . –Joe Lynch

Shania Twain, “Waking up Dreaming”

On a jubilant beat we imagine the cast of The breakfast club by the way, country legend Shania Twain — sounding more Katy Perry than Nashville here — delivers the “Waking Up Dreaming” anthem about achieving your wildest goals: “We won’t stop at the ceiling / keep waking up dreaming.” – J. Lynch

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