Kurdish singer Naaz lands in New York’s Times Square

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) – The photo of Dutch-Kurdish singer and songwriter Naaz Mohammad, known as Naaz, was shown on a billboard in Times Square in New York on Friday, after she was chosen by Spotify to be their ‘EQUAL’. artist’ for this month, according to Kurdistan 24.

Spotify, Sweden’s leading provider of audio and media streaming services, launched a new initiative in March 2021 showcasing women creators on a platform called EQUAL.

“Spotify approached me to become their EQUAL artist for this month. It’s a great campaign where they highlight the female artists they love and support,” Mohammad told Kurdistan 24.

“I found it incredible that they chose my Kurdish song ‘Azadî’ for this campaign. They featured a picture of me on a billboard in Times Square,” Mohammad said.

“I have just released my first Kurdish song ‘Azadî’, I have never had as much echo on a song as on this one. I really want to write one more Kurdish song for my album,” she added to Kurdistan 24.

Naaz said earlier that she had to convince her parents to let her become a musician as they wanted her to focus on school. “I didn’t have a lot of freedom to, you know, be young and a teenager and go out,” Naaz said, according to NPR.

Naaz created the songs for his debut record using his basic bedroom setup: a Yamaha keyboard, a microphone, and his laptop, NPR said.

At first, she was not allowed to go to the recording studio in Amsterdam without her brother by her side. Then she found Kurdish manager Arjan Bedawi, and that’s what really helped her parents get on board, NPR explained.

“I thought maybe someone like me, with the same cultural background, could persuade his parents to give him more privileges and let them know that as long as I’m here, nothing weird will happen,” said Bedawi. , according to NPR.

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