Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball: the singer launches “1000 Doves”, “Fun Tonight” during the 2nd show

Lady Gaga’s first show in Dusseldorf, Germany was one of her biggest shows, as it was attended by 54,000 fans. However, many fans were left disappointed as she left out a few songs from her album “Chromatica.” Recently, Mother Monster surprised fans on their second show by releasing two piano versions of the tracks.

Lady Gaga’s second show for her Chromatica Ball was at Stockholm’s Friends Arena, Syndrome, which had a bigger attendance compared to her first concert.

In a Tweeterthe Grammy Award-winning singer confirmed that the stadium show was sold out and reported that 65,000 fans attended the ball.

Hours before taking the stage, Gaga said she was thrilled to perform and that fans should expect “surprises.”

The singer did not disappoint when she finally performed “1000 Doves” and “Fun Tonight”, two of the songs that were previously excluded from the first show’s setlist.

The “House of Gucci” actress donned a piano version for both songs except “fun tonightwhich transitioned to its studio dance version.

Following this, many fans took to Twitter to express their happiness over Gaga performing the songs.

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“Lady Gaga performed 1000 Doves and Fun Tonight, I’ve never been happier”, wrote.

An user bliss Gaga for singing the song despite its dark background, writing, “to think lady gaga found the strength to have fun tonight when lyrically it’s one of her darkest songs.. I love this woman unconditionally.”

Her collaboration song with Elton John, “Sine From Above,” is the only song from “Chromatica” that she has yet to perform. Gaga has not confirmed whether she will perform it in future shows.

The latest performance comes days after Gaga returned to touring after nearly four years.

Gaga took to the stage at the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Germany where she made her live debut with songs from her 2020 album.

Last Sunday’s show made history by dethroning Bon Jovi for having the biggest single-show crowd at the Merkur Spiel-Arena.

The rock band previously held the record when they performed on location for their “Have A Nice Day Tour” in 2006, which was attended by 43,625 fans.

Gaga also shocked fans with her brutalist architecture-inspired set design, which fans say is meant to showcase “vulnerability and find beauty in rawness after enduring a truama.”

chromatic ballThe next show will be at the Stade De France in Paris, France on July 24.

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