Lebanese legend Fairuz is the most listened to Egyptian singer on Spotify in 2021

Swedish media and audio streaming service provider Spotify has announced that Lebanese legend Fairuz is the most listened to singer in Egypt in 2021.

Despite the difficulties and setbacks, Arab women artists have always done their best and have inspired millions of fans across the region with their talent. From Umm Kulthum to Nancy Ajram, female artists have played a central role in shaping the music of the region.

With the launch of the Wrapped 2021 campaign and personalized user experience, Spotify celebrated the voice of Arab women by unveiling the best female artists and songs from across Egypt.

According to Spotify, the most listened to Arab singers in Egypt were Fairuz, Sherine, Ruby, Nancy Ajram and Assala.

While the most popular songs of Arab singers in Egypt were “Hetta Tanya” and “Alby Plastic” by Ruby, “Leena Ra2sa” by Carmen Soliman, “Hobbo Gana” by Sherine and “Kifak Inta” by Fairuz.

Last year, Spotify launched its emerging female artist initiative “Sawtik” to support female artists in the region, making it easier for fans to listen to these talented stars. Through education, networking, and on and off-platform marketing support, female artists will have a chance to shine like never before as fans discover the rich and diverse music they could offer.

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