London-based Swedish singer-songwriter Yajna talks about her love for her craft, her upcoming projects and more.


How did you find your stage name?

yajna is my real name, and it comes from India and in Hinduism it means worship, devotion, sacrifice. My parents were hippies at the time, and they named me Yajna after finding out my name in a way that I can’t really say because it was like a miracle. I find my name very unique and the meaning of my name goes so well with what I do!

When did you discover your love for your profession and what made you realize that you wanted to make a career out of it?

I grew up in a family of musicians, my mother is a composer, she worked as an organist in the church, and my father was a guitarist. As far as I can remember, as a child, I always dreamed of being an artist and making music.

I started singing in the church choir at a young age and had my first solo performance in the church when I was 7 years old. I wrote my first song when I was 10 and had my younger sister as a backing vocalist, I still remember that song very well!

Music has always been a big power in my life, and I started a gospel choir with my mom when I was 15. But for many years, I didn’t have the courage to take the plunge to become an artist. After my divorce three years ago, I finally decided to give my all to music.

I realized that music was my path to happiness and my way of expressing myself and I felt it was meant to be. I have a message to the world with my music and it’s about self-love, empowerment and acceptance of who you are. I want to inspire others to follow their dreams!

“Think about it. Believe it. Receive it. -Law of attraction.”

What or who do you attribute your sense of style to?

I am inspired by strong female artists such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna and Alicia’s Keys. They follow their own rules and style and are music and fashion icons. And also my mom inspires me because she always does things her way, and she’s a cool and very loving mom.

On your upcoming project, how did you come up with the concept?

It was after a very traumatic divorce that everything happened. I divorced three years ago and it was a very chaotic time in my life. I went into deep depression shortly after my divorce, couldn’t sleep or eat for six months and was in a very bad state of mind. I had forgotten everything about myself and had lost my self-esteem.

I lost my will to live and was almost dying at one point. Thanks to the love for my children and thanks to music, I am alive today! I was also seeking professional help to heal, and when I came back to life I told myself never to let anyone or anything put me down again, I felt I was reborn and had been given a new chance in life.

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself, you are the Rising Phoenix, you rose from the ashes into the fire, and I began to feel free and stronger than ever. I was now being reborn into my alter ego, the Rising Phoenix.

The story of the Phoenix resembles my life and it has become my life project. The music started coming to me, and it became a movement with a record label, an entertainment company doing music videos and movies and so much more. I bring the message of self-love, hope and empowerment. I’m living my dream life!

What are some of your biggest challenges and what is your greatest quality when it comes to your work ethic?

My greatest challenge and my greatest love in life is to be the best mother possible for my children and to protect them as a mother while giving them the freedom that everyone needs. It is always both a blessing and a challenge to be a parent.

What I challenged a lot before was feeling different and trying to fit in, but now I allow myself to be just me, and I’m proud of myself and give myself love and respect.

And also being a single mother of two with a house, a job, living away from the big cities in the middle of nowhere, it’s a fair challenge to be able to record my music, and a big challenge is to make sure that my children and I have everything we need for our daily life.

I feel like a big challenge in the life of an artist is that you come across a lot of different feelings towards your art and some of course might not support you or your work, it’s just to remind that your mission is not to please people, your mission is to reach out to those who will take your work to their hearts and you will reach out to those who need your message.

Another challenge for me is that I’m also a vegan and it hasn’t always been easy, so many people are questioning your choice instead of asking you how to live your best life as a vegan. It’s a way of doing what I can for the animals and for this planet. I often find myself different or thinking outside the box, challenging myself all the time, doing my best in life to make a difference and have an impact that benefits this planet and the reason we are here on this Earth.

My greatest quality, I must say, is my always positive state of mind, I am a fighter and I don’t know how to give up! I always keep pushing myself and always try to see things from a positive point of view.

I have so much energy and am very curious about life, life is a blessing and a gift, I try to make every day as beautiful as possible! And also I am a forgiving and very loving person, which gives me a lot of energy and a lot of good vibes.

My music and my work are inspired by everyday life and my experiences, being curious about life gives me so much inspiration! I am also very motivated and goal oriented, I never stop pushing myself because I know all the hard work I put in will pay off. Everything happens for a reason.

Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?

I would say I do everything with passion and love, and I’m just me, and yes I’m absolutely the best at being me! I think everything happens for a reason.

I make my music with the aim of helping and inspiring others, and that’s what I do very well! I feel like I have my own genre, and I named it atmospheric/cinematic/RnB soul, so on that one I’d say I’m the best at what I do! You have to give yourself some love!

London-based Swedish singer-songwriter Yajna talks about her love for her craft, her upcoming projects and more.

What are your plans for the near future?

I’m releasing the final installment of the Rising Phoenix trilogy soon, called ‘Rising Phoenix’, along with a dancefloor remix, and it’s part of my EP. I’m launching a jewelry line soon with Giantto, I’m about to write a book about my life, and I soon have a documentary about my life as well.

I also plan to launch a clothing line for all the superheroes! I’m planning to release my first album this spring, and it’s called “The Rising Phoenix”. I’m going to shoot some music videos for my singles, and I have a very nice surprise for one of the music videos, so join the movement of joy and power!

Is there anyone you would like to thank, thanks?

First of all, I would like to thank my children, they are my everything, without them, I wouldn’t be here today! And also my beloved mother and my beloved father for always being there for me, loving and supporting me, my brothers and sisters for all the love and support and my closest friends for loving me for who I am.

And a big thank you to all my fans, you are a blessing and for you, I continue to be creative! My team for sharing my vision, Theiproducer, Jimmy Burney, MAP studio and Duncan Thornley, Jatin Vats, Quite Great PR, Music Promo Today and SAADVY. Amen, bless you all.

How can fans find you?

I would like my fans to visit my social @

YouTube: Yajna

Instagram @Yajnamusic

Facebook: Yajna

Spotify: Yajna

What suggestions do you have for other artists like you?

Always be true to yourself and do what you love. Do everything with love and passion. Never stop dreaming and nothing is too big or too crazy to come true.

Hard work pays off, patience is the key. Find people to work with who share your vision and who you can trust. Always keep pushing yourself, the sky is just the beginning, stay limitless.

Network! Sharing is caring, as soon as you start sharing things will come your way.

Think about it. Believe it. Receive it. Law of attraction.

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