Masked Singer Surprise: the jewel bets on the queen of hearts


Sister speaks

Led by Canadian-born Sherri Anne, Sister Speak combines alternative rock and world music. “The idea was a collaboration of musicians supporting the expression of a woman’s voice through music,” says spokesperson for local Taylor Guitars, which has been supported by the same players for about five years. “Drummer Stephen Haaker is based in LA and has been playing with the band since 2017. My bassist Jacob Miranda Jr. has been with the band for eight years and is based in San Diego. Sarven Manguiat [has supplied] guitar and vocal harmonies for five years and is based in Long Beach. Percussionist Kimo Shim plays with us for larger productions. With two studio albums and one live recording under their belt, they have performed at various festivals and venues across North America and Germany with the Doobie Brothers, Xavier Rudd, Air Supply and others. Their music has been shown on CBC, BBC, 91X Loudspeaker, NPR and, recently, 105.3 FM in Vancouver and 88.5FM Los Angeles. Their next album Love for all stars guest musicians Bonnie Brooksbank (Marina), Jon Deas (Gary Cark Jr), Aaron Durr and The Burns Brothers. “The new single that will be released at the end of February literally contains the word San Diego,” says Anne. “The full album will be released in April.”

Death Ride Pony

“We moved to Burlington Vermont, in case you haven’t heard,” says rock comedy duo Pony Death Ride. “While we still won’t be able to do our official Christmas Show Tour this year, we still have some Christmas stuff in the works. Namely, the release of our Christmas record on sexy pearl red vinyl. That’s right, we listened to people with turntables and released our vinyl record. Bulkier and more expensive, just like kids like. Leon’s first Christmas album features songs such as “All I Want For Christmas Is a Divorce” and “Your Baby’s Ruining Our Christmas”. Their song “Ugly Sweater Christmas Party” was featured on a compilation by the Spanish group SNAP !! Recordings, Power chords, harmonies and mistletoe II. The group has also scheduled live concerts, as well as a recent appearance on a local VT radio show. Additionally, “We will be hosting a viral show on New Years Eve with Highlight NYE Burlington. Half songs, half cat, anything goes. One ticket gets you access to the best music, comedy and general cool in Burlington. A new album titled Without theme is slated for 2022, and a video recently debuted online for their track “Cuddle Party”.


Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, occasional poet and mental health advocate, Jewel was the winning nominee for season six of The masked singer. Disguised as the Queen of Hearts, she has performed several covers of the series that come out as Queen of hearts EP, including “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf, “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga and “Bird Set Free” by Sia. Additionally, Jewel has a new remix of her song “Standing Still” recorded with Swedish pop duo Pure Shores, who have worked with Giorgio Moroder, Don Diablo, KSHMR, Girls Generation and others. “Standing Still (Pure Shores Remix)” is part of the 20th anniversary celebration of Jewel’s platinum album This way. While not a huge hit on its original release, “Standing Still” broke the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and reached the top 40 in Australia, the Netherlands and New Zealand. “I wrote [the song] about the supposed irony of how much I move and travel and how I’m in constant motion and how that constant motion can stop your love life, and also really your emotional life, ”she said Rolling stone. Jewel bet she Queen of hearts persona and EP will help spark a comeback in 2022. Its past year featured Pride Month remixes of two songs, “Intuition” and “Stand,” created with Initial Talk and Bright Light Bright Light. “My LGBTQ friends and family have enriched my life in countless ways,” Jewel posted online. “Humor, love and fierceness of spirit inspire me every day.” Earlier this year, she featured in a Today all day special broadcast, “Tomorrow’s Voices”, aimed at creating a platform for deserving teens across the country. She is also reportedly working on new music to be released next year.

Berkley hart

As the folk rock duo Berkley Hart, Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart have been making music together for nearly a quarter of a century. Berkley (“I’m one of the few natives of San Diegans”) and Hart (“I moved here from Utah in the early 80s”) are also known for their recurring show called O Berkley, where are you? in which they perform the music from the soundtrack of the film O brother, where are you? and similar classic American songs. “We love this music and, as soon as we thought of the name, we couldn’t resist,” says Hart. A CD and related video were produced with a live concert featuring local guests, 7th Day Buskers, Eve Selis, Gregory Page and others. The duo have a new video for “Dear John John Deere” from their album While the night is still young, with a cameo appearance by Mentals frontman Joey Harris.

They will perform on January 8 for the Java Joe’s Reunion Show at the Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, where the cafe operator whose local stages have hosted so many future stars will be celebrated. Brought to you by San Diego Folk Heritage, this bill features former baseball star Tim Flannery, as well as Billy Galewood, Gregory Page, Lisa Sanders and Brown Sugar.


Founded in 2009, the Schizophonics play psychedelic and blurry rock mixed with funk. Singer-guitarist Pat Beers is known for playing a custom dinosaur-headed Strat. Beers was later joined by his future wife Lety Mora (the Rosalyns), who attended high school with him in Arizona. Winners of the Best Hard Rock Trophy at the 2013 San Diego Music Awards often perform with Zero Robert Lopez, aka El Vez: The Mexican Elvis, serving as the backing band for his Punk Rock Review, and Pat Beers is frequently the touring guitarist for El Vez.

Side projects include Bowiephonics, which is Schizophonics plus Diana Death (Chinese Rocks) getting glamorous for a fully costumed homage to David Bowie. The Little Richards sport a line of star polka-dot players like Robert Lopez (El Vez, The Zeros), Diana Death, Joshua Kmak (Nformals) making an all-Little Richard ensemble. Schizophonics will perform a New Years Eve show at ReBru Spirit Co in National City, for a night of merriment that will also include Band of Gringos, Sonido De La Frontera, Dani Bell & the Tarantist, Drug Hunt, Josexxx, Moans, MoonSugar and Tormenta Rey , with visuals courtesy of Liquid Liquid Lightshow.

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