Meet the 15-year-old Swedish singer who is making a name for herself around the world

Presentation by Ella Tiritiello.

A year after being selected by the Tim Bergling Foundation to sing, perform and reissue Avicii’s hit in 2015 For a better day alongside the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, this 15-year-old is making waves around the world.

The Tim Bergling Foundation was founded by Anki Lidén and Klas Bergling, Avicii’s parents, after the musician committed suicide in 2018.

Tiritiello, who suffers from stage fright, sang the song in front of 16,000 people in his first-ever live performance at the Avicii Arena renaming ceremony in Stockholm in 2021. Later that year, at a tribute concert to Avicii, she performed the song live for the second time, in duet with Swedish singer Zara Larsson.

With both performances reaching millions worldwide, the stage was set for the singer from a small town in southern Sweden with a big voice and artistic dreams.

Following the release of his first single, Say something, Channel24 caught up with the Swedish song sensation to get to know her better.

From revealing her musical icons to what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a singer and how she overcame stage fright, check out Ella Tiritiello in the Q&A below:

Tell us how you were chosen to sing For A Better Day by the Tim Bergling Foundation?

I did an internship in a studio in Stockholm for a week. They asked me to sing and record For a better day without knowing why. A few weeks later they called me and told me that I had been chosen by the Tim Bergling Foundation to do the song for them. Since I didn’t even know why I recorded the song, I was shocked when they told me. Apparently Avicii’s father really loved my version.

What was it like playing with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra?

It was very cool. They are so talented. I think they played a huge role in the song, and their support on stage made me feel very safe.

You mentioned that you have stage fright. What were some things you did to overcome your fear before your performance?

I think I barely understood what happened when I played at Avicii Arena, so that helped me. Before that, I worked a lot with an excellent vocal coach who helped me feel more secure in my performance. I also had my family and my closest friend with me backstage, which calmed me down.

Your new single, Say Something, is doing so well. Tell us about the song?

Say something was made with very talented writers and producers, Ruth, Olle and Jonathan, with whom I worked a lot. I really want people to feel something with my music, and I hope they do with it. Say something.

Who are your musical icons and why?

Billie Eilish. I’ve been listening to her since the beginning, and she’s a real inspiration to me. Especially since she too started at such a young age. And Taylor Swift. She is a great composer and musician.

What made you want to become a musician?

I have always loved to sing! I grew up in a family that loves music, so music has always been a big part of my life. Being able to work with what you love is so cool and something that I really appreciate.

You grew up in a family of musicians, but is there anything else you would be doing if you weren’t pursuing a career in music?

Probably cheerleading. I competed at a young age.

What are your strengths that, in your opinion, make you a great musician?

I always try to push myself and do what’s necessary, like I did playing at the Avicii Arena even though I was nervous – or filming on the Arena roof even though I am dizzy. I will always put my love for music first.

If you could open an exhibition for any artist, who would it be?

Taylor Swift. I’ve listened to her all my life, so it would be a life goal to be able to open her show.

What impact do you think social media (TikTok/Instagram) has had on the music industry?

Since I just started, it’s hard for me to compare with the social networks before. But it’s definitely easier to go viral now with social media. My managers are always trying to get me to do more TikToks, so it’s really becoming more and more important to be there.

What’s next for you?

I’ll be releasing my first EP this fall which I’m super excited about. I hope I can play it for my fans in different places.

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