Metalcore band Northlane releases ‘full-fledged EDM and techno’ album –


Now newly independent, Sydney-based metalcore band Northlane turned to EDM when they needed inspiration the most.

In a long, candid statement announcing their upcoming sixth studio album Obsidian, the band have reflected on their careers so far, noting that they’ve never shied away from reinventing themselves.

Despite multiple battles on the brink of disaster, the group found the strength to persevere. Concrete example: the preparation of the group’s 2019 album, Extraterrestrial, was characterized in their comments by financial instability and declining ticket sales. Ironically, the band found strength in creating their most vulnerable record yet, in which singer Marcus Bridge recounted some of the most disturbing anecdotes of his past.

Going from this period of emotional catharsis to the extended period of containment brought on by the pandemic has been a challenge. In the end, it left the uninspired band on the other side of it all. In the statement, the group said they found a way out of a creative rut through their appreciation of dance music.

Northlane described the release of Obsidian as a realization of sound, the group has strived throughout their career. “Northlane’s deep, heavy groove coexists with full-fledged EDM and techno, drums and bass, booming guitar work and nostalgic atmospheres,” they said.

Northlane Obsidian is sure to be watched with keen interest by the metal community as the band prepares to release the album on March 22, 2022.

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