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Neil Summers (left) and Michael Taylor.

Michael Taylor and Neil Summers, who present Music Therapy on Tameside Radio on Sunday evenings, close 2021 with a Christmas message and a musical reflection on the past year.

By the powers of modern technology, if you missed our Sunday night show, you have the flexibility to re-listen whenever you want.

We played a really wild mix of Christmas carols, which you wouldn’t hear during the day on Tameside Radio’s fabulous playlist.

It’s not because we look down on Fairytale of New York, Slade, Wizard and Maria Carey, but we just know we’re trying to give Sunday night listeners something different.

We’ve sourced Christmas gems from many of the artists we return to throughout the year – The Fall, Blossoms, Everything But The Girl, Sinead O’Connor, LCD Soundsystem, and Badly Drawn Boy. And of course two from Saint Etienne.

For good measure, we also unearthed Christmas Truce by Swedish power metal eccentrics Sabaton.

All of these bands, artists, collaborations, will at some point have sat down and thought that maybe they could create this breakthrough by capturing the mood of the audience at this time of year with a song that evokes the spirit of Christmas, look after each other, support your family and have a little bit of a reset.

It got me thinking about the culture of our show, what Neil and I stand for, what we project. I know it might sound a little grandiose, but you have to do something for a reason.

Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit all year round.

We started doing this show because we like to bring some therapeutic joy to Sunday night radio.

We both believe in the power of music to lift morale, make people happy or sad, even if it’s only for a moment. In doing so, we also hope that finding something new and different can help anyone listening to broaden their mind a bit. To appreciate what joy there is in the world.

We also released a few tracks that highlight some of the sad sides of Christmas; lonely people, hurt from this miserable virus, or unlucky.

It must be a lot worse in the dead of winter, when everyone is having fun. The message is there – it’s OK not to be OK. But there is help out there if you need it.

But everything about this radio station and this newspaper is rooted in the best values ​​of a community like Tameside and Glossop.

The leaders of our country were trusted to get us out of these two really dark years and there is a sense of anger everywhere I go as they let us down by setting a personal bad example.

Hopefully there will be leaders in every street, estate, corner store, and newspaper office, who can show a better example of love and kindness.

All we can do on this occasion is give you some songs and our own personal message of love.

Take care of each other and have a good Christmas.

You can listen to Michael Taylor and Neil Summers on Music Therapy on Tameside Radio 103.6FM on Sunday evenings from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Click here to subscribe and follow previous shows.

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