Netwrix SbPAM 3.5 Now Covers Azure AD, Cisco Network Devices, and Web Interfaces; offers improved support for Linux; and includes other useful features

Netwrix, a cybersecurity provider that facilitates data security, today announced the release of Netwrix SbPAM 3.5. This solution simplifies the way customers secure, control, manage, and monitor privilege usage by eliminating permanent privileged accounts. The latest version offers support for more platforms as well as a host of additional features.

With key new features in Netwrix SbPAM 3.5, businesses can:

  • Protect their cloud environment by eliminating permanent privileged accounts in Azure AD, improving control over administrative activity and reducing administrative burden.
  • Reduce the network attack surface with on-demand privileged accounts for Cisco devices, which minimize the risk of privilege abuse and allow easier privilege management.
  • Secure critical data that resides in AD-integrated web applications and take control of shared access to web resources.

Minimize security and business risk by removing superusers and instead providing temporary, task-based privileged access for Linux.

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Other improvements allow organizations to:

  • Disable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) after each administration session to block ransomware and other cyber attacks and prevent unauthorized RDP connections.
  • Detect security threats resulting from changes to critical files during privileged sessions to enhance threat detection and investigation and minimize the risk of business disruption.
  • Detect threats, streamline investigations, and prove compliance by sending privileged activity logs to SIEM solutions.

“Netwrix SbPAM is so easy to install and operate that we could not have solved our problem with managing privileged accounts without it. With Netwrix SbPAM, we have implemented privileged access management for our critical systems in days instead of months and it has seamlessly integrated with our current security systems and controls, ”said Craig Larsen, administrator of information systems in schools in Eastern Carver County.

“Compromise or misuse of administrator accounts remains one of the leading causes of data breaches and business disruptions today. Businesses, regardless of their vertical or size, need to improve privileged access management to minimize these risks, but they are often concerned about the high cost and complexity of deployment, ”said Steve dickson, CEO of Netwrix. “Netwrix SbPAM solves this dilemma. Its simple and efficient design helps organizations dramatically improve security, but it’s easy to implement and delivers a remarkably fast time to value. “

Netwrix SbPAM enables organizations to minimize their attack surface by eliminating permanent privileged accounts. By granting administrators just enough privileges to perform a given task and removing that privilege immediately after, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches, business disruption, and non-compliance. Plus, easy deployment and implementation means a faster time to value than traditional solutions. Customers can even continue to use their current tools, such as Remote Desktop Connection Manager or a password vault, but make them more secure by integrating them with Netwrix SbPAM.

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