New video provides final images of late singer Mark Lanegan


Late last year, Mark Lanegan released what would be his final recording, a collaborative effort titled Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe, reflecting the billing of his pairing with Joe Cardamom. Now, a new video has surfaced for one of the songs from that album, “Hiraeth,” which is the last video footage shot with Lanegan before he passed away earlier this year.

The clip begins as a tribute to Lanegan with video footage of the musician at various points in his career creating an on-screen collage, but eventually, as the hypnotic melody plays out, the pieces of the collage are removed in favor of a beautiful forest walk with Lanegan and Cardamom walking through the forest near his home in Killarney, Ireland.

It happened for a period shortly after a battle with COVID had temporarily put the musician in a coma. When Cardamone came to visit, it gave the musicians a chance to catch up.

“When I traveled to Killarney to visit Mark post-COVID/coma, we only had a week to work on shooting things and humble resources,” Cardamone explained to twirl. “We just got together every day and tried to pull it off. A lot of the pictures and filming while I was there with him doubled in visits. It was a chance to spend time together and for Mark to show me his new hometown.”

The musician adds: “He looked really happy there, maybe more than I’ve ever seen in LA. Surrounded by nature and peace. It’s a breathtaking corner of the world On the last day we all decided to visit a part of the lake that Mark had yet to explore. We walked and talked in the woods for several hours and broke the camera at the very end. I had always hoped to do some kind of visual for ‘Hiraeth’ but we were almost out of time at this point and just hanging out took priority.”

As the album arrived last fall, Cardamone says he thinks “Hiraeth” offers a nice reminder of Lanegan’s artistry. His lyrics and melody on that particular track really moved me and kind of became the centerpiece of the album,” the musician explained. “It’s a song that’s just filled with unfiltered love , nothing kept. No damage involved. Truly one of the most moving pieces of music I have ever participated in.”

Lanegan’s death occurred on February 22, 2022. No official cause of death has been released. His legacy includes leading the Screaming Trees and performances in Queens of the Stone Age, the Gutter Twins, with Isobel Campbell and with Duke Garwood before his last album with Cardamone.

Watch the video for Dark Mark’s “Hiraeth” vs. Skeleton Joe below.

Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe, “Hiraeth”

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