Reality star survives but singer returns home at Michael Bublé party


It’s another Let’s promote Michael Bublé the night Dancing with the stars. Watch the sultry singer open the show with a group of sequin-clad ladies shaking their ankle boots around the boffo buble! It’s a repeat visit for the Canadian crooner: he’s starred in seasons 9 and 16 while couples have danced to his songbook numerous times over the years. Why not do it again, but on Disney+?

And since you are here, Mr. Bublé, can you also help the judges? The show would be happy to talk about your latest album Upper!

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Vinny Guadagnino and Koko Iwasaki. The jerseyshore star knows he is at the bottom of the rankings (Joseph Baena really need to get home before him?) He tried to regain his confidence by calling his mother, who regaled him with stories about visiting Home Depot and asking all the controllers to say how much he was doing well. DWTS. It’s big with the home improvement crowd! That’s good, because his cha cha needs serious repairs. “Timing, my darling,” said Bruno Tonioli. “Half was on the west coast and the other half on the east coast.” Score: 36 out of 50

Jessie James Decker and Alan Bersten. The country singer doesn’t seem to own the crowd the way her fellow contestants do. But her tango and precious little costume changed all that during her sassy salsa. “My sexy, fearless little bundle of fun. Did you put some samba in there too?” Tonioli said. “Well done and your legs are better.” Score: 41 out of 50

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater. The actor admits he thought about quitting because of “all the ups and downs,” but not only does his partner believe in him, he seems to really like him. The duo began their sexy foxtrot by staring into each other’s eyes before showing off their tremendous chemistry under the disco ball. Chemistry alert! “I definitely see the leading man,” Derek Hough said. “I thought it was a fantastic performance.” Score: 42 out of 50

Jordan Sparks and Brandon Armstrong. The platinum singer is definitely improving; she got her best scores on prom night. The goal now? Shoot 10s with his formidable foxtrot. Better luck next week, girl. While she may not be a real favorite, her charm keeps her in the running for the Mirror Ball trophy. “You perform music so superbly,” said Carrie Ann Inaba. “You are a harmony that sings to the melody. It’s so beautiful. I haven’t seen a dancer like you in so long. Score: 43 out of 50

Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart. The CODA Cutie told her partner that he couldn’t be expected to perform a song he couldn’t hear, so she broke down the lyrics and emotion so he could inject more feelings in his foxtrot. How difficult it must be to help him shine, but luckily he figured out how to do it on his own. “Last week I talked about you not having enough energy in your arms,” Goodman said. “Tonight I saw a lot of expression through your arms… The foxtrot is a notoriously difficult dance. You did brilliantly well.” Score: 43 out of 50

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson. The new AMA host missed rehearsals last week because he was sick. It wasn’t the big C; he was just exhausted. So he didn’t start learning the quick step until three days before the performance night. He did very well, however. “I’m glad you’re feeling better,” Inaba said. “There were mistakes. Being in sync with each other, you sometimes make faster moves than Witney. Score: 44 out of 50

Shangela and Gleb Savchenko. The drag queen lost some time walking a red carpet ahead of the number, but her platinum wig and boa-lined dress were just divine, as was her tango. Shangela even brought a chicken drumstick into the ballroom that was meant for Goodman — but then Tyra Banks ate it. Shangela later explained that Goodman was asking for “crispy legs”, so she brought him one. As a reward, he thought his tango was “finger-licking good”. The end. Score: 45 out of 50

Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovsky. Val’s pregnant wife Jenna Johnson came to their rehearsal at Windey School to find out how to get her nose done thisclose to his partner during their sultry rumba. The bachelor definitely got the memo. “Some of the shapes you made, even the greatest artist couldn’t have drawn them more beautifully,” Tonioli said. “It was subtle…it was always elegant. For me it was perfect. » Score: 46 out of 50

Heidi D’Amelio and Artem Chigvintsev. Poor mum D’Amelio had to follow her daughter’s perfect performance with a samba. She’s already feeling depressed after being in the bottom two last week, and now she has to show… emotion? And sell it with his face? She didn’t look very confident during rehearsal, but her body said otherwise on the ballroom floor. And how’s that for a pledge: Goodman has vowed to show off her “supermarket ass” if she ends up in the bottom two. We’ll leave it to you, old man! “The tree does not fall from the apple. Does that make sense?” Bublé said. “You make it look easy. You’re a beautiful dancer. You look like you’re having a blast.” Score: 46 out of 50

Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas. The pack leader enjoys Goodman’s “good vibe”; she wants to show how she has improved her frame since week 2 by dancing the foxtrot. But when you’re elegant “50/50” (as she said in rehearsal), it’s not so easy. The judges disagree. Hough wanted to give it a 12! “I just want to talk about one element of this dance, which I rarely talk about because I rarely see it…the beautiful swing and sway throughout the dance,” Goodman said. “Honestly, it was just fantastic.” Tonioli even said she sent him into “dancing ecstasy.” Score: A perfect 50

The last two were Decker/Bersten and Donovan/Slater. Tonioli, Inaba and Goodman voted to save Donovan, so Decker is history. (Hough tried to save her!)

It’s Halloween night next week in the ballroom.

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