ROY KHAN, ex-vocalist of KAMELOT: “CONCEPTION is not a religious group in any sense of the word”

In a new interview with the “ProgRock Digital” podcast, old KAMELOT singer Roy Khanwho is a devout Christian, he was asked if his faith influenced the lyrics of his pre-revived latest album.KAMELOT bandaged DESIGN, “State of Deception”which came out in 2020. He replied (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET):”DESIGN is not a religious group in any sense of the word. But we allow… I mean, there’s a couple of these lyrics that are quite Christian in the sense that I used the Bible and I used my own story to say something. But there is no direct reference to Christianity as such. But for me personally, it would have been embarrassing not to write about everything that happened since it was a pretty big thing, for me at least, and for my fans.”

Khan announced his release from KAMELOT in April 2011 after taking several months off to recover from “burnout”.

After his departure from KAMELOT, Khan joined a church in the coastal town of Moss, Norway.

Four years ago, Khan officially reformed DESIGN and released an EP, 2018 “My Black Symphony”and a full album, the aforementioned “State of Deception”.

Khan reflected on the circumstances that led him to end his long working relationship with KAMELOT during an appearance last fall on “Breaking Absolutes with Peter Orullian” Podcast. Roywhose full name isRoy Sætre Khantatatsaid: “It was all a cocktail of several things that just came together at that point. Like all of you, KAMELOT was getting more and more popular, so I was away for months each year – at least half of the year I was gone. I had a family, and it was starting to tear me apart. And then I was living my life not very healthily – let’s put it that way – and I did a lot of stupid stuff back then that… I knew in my heart it was going down the drain.

He continued, “I remember every night I sang [the KAMELOT song] ‘Karma’, I would feel like this shit is going to hit me in the back of the head at some point. If it’s okay tomorrow [if] it’s going to be in two years, I don’t know, but the way I live my life, it won’t work – it’s not sustainable. And then it happened. I knew for so many years, in fact, that it wasn’t going to work, and then, all of a sudden, it happened. I broke down. I had a full summer where I barely slept – like six to eight weeks where I didn’t sleep many hours in those six to eight weeks, and I was really going absolutely nuts. And in connection with that, a lot of things happened.”

According to Khanleaving KAMELOT after a 13-year run weighed heavily on him at the time.

“Leaving KAMELOT was the best decision I ever made, and by that I don’t mean that… KAMELOT was a fantastic thing in my life, and Thomas [Youngblood, KAMELOT founder] and the other guys – it had nothing to do with them; it was all about me and the way I was living my life, and I couldn’t take it anymore,” he explained. “And I was also overworked – I was working all the time. Even when I was at home. The first thing I did when I got home was take off my shoes in the hallway, sit down at the computer, and start working. I really wasn’t a good husband and I wasn’t a good father. A lot of things were wrong with me at that time.

“Leaving KAMELOT at that time it was easy but it was difficult,” he explained. “It was easy because I didn’t really have a choice. I was really wrecked. And at the same time, it was hard because I had worked to get there all my life, basically—20 years, at least—and finally I was there. And then I threw in the towel and said, “Hey, guys, I’m not coming for the next tour.” ‘OK. Well, what’s wrong? “Well, actually, I’m not coming back at all.” And obviously, everybody… My mom was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Are you serious?’ Then the guys in the band thought it was going to pass. But I knew in my heart this summer [of 2010]already in August, I knew that was it.”

KAMELOT officially announced Tommy Karevik as their new lead singer in June 2012. The Florida-based band has so far recorded three albums with the Swedish singer: 2012’s “Silverthorn”2015 “Haven” and 2018 “The Shadow Theory”.

When asked if he had listened to any of KAMELOTrecent equipment with Karevik, Roy said to Italy SpazioRock in 2018: “Yes, I do. I really like some of their new stuff. It sounds classic KAMELOT in my ears, and tommy is a great singer.”

young blood had previously discussed the role of religion in Khanthe decision to leave KAMELOTstating in a 2011 interview, “I know there’s a religious aspect to it that I can’t really explain 100%. The religious aspect is something I want to let him talk about, but I know that “he had gone to religion classes for some reason. Obviously over the years of working together, sometimes being best friends and things like that, we discussed all kinds of topics about religion, so it is actually very surprising to me that this is where we are now with him. But really, I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s really something that I think he should come out of, in terms of what whether he believes or does not believe or whatever.

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