Sabaton singer promises “surprises” on next tour


SABATON leader Joakim Brodén spoken to germany Radio Bob! about the stage production of the upcoming tour in support of the Swedish metallurgists’ tenth studio album, “The war to end all wars”. Due March 4, 2022 via Nuclear explosion records, the concept LP of 11 unreleased songs was written and recorded during the global COVID-19 pandemic and once again delves deep into the atrocities, miracles and events of WWI at the turn of the 20th century.

Brodén said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Well, I can give some clues [about the live show]. I don’t want to be a secret, but at the same time, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, because this should be something that viewers should find out in some way, so they get that “wow” effect. But yes, we are developing what we already had with [2019’s] ‘The Great War’ [album] since we are evolving at the same time and at the same time. There are, in fact, a whole bunch of people in Sweden right now as we talk about building new parts of the stage. And I saw pictures and clues of what’s to come. So much for the Swedish tour, we have some special stuff being built, but most of all, of course, the European tour. Yeah, I think there are things that are going to be very familiar but there are also things that are going to be – a few places where it’s going to be, ‘What the…?’ “

In a recent interview with Canada The metal voice, Brodén said about the musical direction of SABATON‘s new material: “This is really a SABATON album that way. We have always been an evolutionary group and not a revolutionary group. There are always surprises on a SABATON album, but we’re never going to turn the piece around and do something totally different on every song on a new album. There will be surprises on every album.

“It’s always subjective,” he continued. “I think it’s pathetic when an artist says, ‘This is the best album we’ve ever made’ and keeps promoting the same tired line. I say it’s up to the listener to decide , but I know for a fact that everyone in the group, without even sitting in the same room together, because I kind of sent the premixes to everyone, and everyone – that’s the only one times in our history that has happened – everyone has come back with, “Damn. That’s great. ‘ Everyone is super happy with the production. We were always happy before, but it was like “Maybe this, maybe that”. Now it was more like, “Okay, yeah, I have some suggestions and ideas, but wow”. We are really happy with the sound. “

SABATON is considered one of the most important groups to emerge from the modern Swedish metal scene, having been honored with five Metal Hammer Gold Gods Award (including “Best Live Band” three different years) and nominated several times for the Swedish equivalent of Grammy Awards, the Grammis. In 2016, SABATON‘s “The last Stand” the album debuted at No. 1 in three different European countries and reached the Top 3 in four others. Joakim Brodén (voice), Par Sundström (low), Chris Rörland (guitar), Hannes Van Dahl (battery) and Tommy johansson (guitar) organizes its own festival, Outdoor sabaton, which started in 2008, as well as their own vision Sabaton Cruise which has been taking place since 2009.

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