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Beginning last season, the Buffalo Sabers allowed their players to choose their own individual goal songs, which is a unique touch to allow players to express themselves. It’s very similar to the MLB drop-in songs or songs you’d hear at a Bisons game in the summer. Some opted for traditional goal songs while others opted for a different style. Let’s dive in and see what each player picked for this year, because trust me; there are pearls.

Rasmus Asplund – Maria (I love her very much) by Scooter: We start with. a more traditional goal song, but good at it. This song is high paced, engages the crowd and keeps the energy high throughout the arena. Grade: B+

Anders Bjork – Hypnotize by the Notorious BIG: For a complete change of flavor, Bjork picks Biggie up with a ’90s classic. Although he’s currently in Rochester, if he returns, he’s sure to have fans wanting to hear this one. Category B-

Jacob Bryson – Narco by Basterjaxx & Timmy Trumpet: I really like this song. However, points have to be taken off as it was made famous as the entrance song for New York Mets pitcher Edwin Diaz. As for its use as a goal song; Bryson could have looked elsewhere. Rating: C

Dylan Cozens – Strong by Tim Hicks: This comes back to the unique category. I’ll admit that before reading the list I hadn’t heard the song, but after listening to it, it suits Cozens for a T:Country, Gritty and high energy to allow country music fans to celebrate his many goals this season. Class B+

Rasmus Dahlin – That’s how we do by Montell Jordan: Dahlin goes deeper than you would expect for a goal song, and it’s a good song. Another ’90s classic that’s sure to have the crowd singing, a great choice for the alternate captain. Rating: A

Casey Fitzgerald – It’s delicate by Run DMC: Very similar answer to Dahlin’s choice. Although statistically speaking there is less chance of hearing this song, it is still a good thing to involve the crowd. Rating: A-

Zemgus Girgensons – Party till we die by MAKJ & Timmy Trumpet: Timmy Trumpet again! Another high energy song to rock the building, Girgensons go for one that features a bit more EDM, so if that’s your style then this one’s for you. Category B

Vinnie Hinostroza – Be flexible by Post Malone: ​​This one is ironically sort of the opposite of Hinostroza’s play – slowed down, similar to Drake’s pick of Thompson’s Trophies last year. Personally, while it suits the rap crowd, it’s just not exactly the best choice after the goal. Rating: D+

Henri Jokiharju – Rekindle my heart by Motley Crue: For the past few years I’ve been to games where this song was playing before the game and it always got me excited and ready for hockey, so my stance remains the same for this one. Exceptional choice. Rating: A

Peyton Krebs – I’m not worried by OneRepublic: Krebs is one to lean into modern music, choosing a song recently featured in the new movie Top Gun: Maverick. It’s a catchy song that will stick in your head and is one that Sabers fans hope to hear often this season. Category B-

Ilya Lyubushkin – I am a gummy bear by Gummibar: Let me paint a picture for you. It’s a freezing January night, but the Sabers are in the heat of a hotly contested Leafs game. Less than a minute to go with the tied game and Lyubushkin absolutely fires a top corner. The arena explodes and this song plays next. I’ll leave my opinion out of this one, but by the rating, you’ll just have to decide for yourself. Class A+/F

Casey Mittelstadt – jukebox hero by Foreigner: Mittelstadt goes old school with a Foreigner hit, and it’s one that many fans young and old will know. A good rock song that fits the bill of what a post-goal song should be. Category B

Kyle Okposo Until I collapse by Eminem & Nate Dogg: Another big rap hit, this time from the captain. I will say it’s a great choice for keeping energy high throughout the arena, because come on, who doesn’t love a little Eminem? Rating: A

Victor Olofsson – Give me ! Give me ! Give me ! By ABBA A surprising twist; A Swede choosing a Swedish band! It’s the one we heard twice in the home opener and it’s about as good as expected. Olofsson understood the mission. Rating: A

JJ Peterka- Samba de Janeiro de Bellini: One whose name I didn’t know but who I recognized once I listened. The first goal song we’ve heard this season and a club classic that’s sure to get people moving during the celebration. Rating: A-

Owen Power – #that power by ft. Justin Bieber: I was sure it was a surefire excuse to hear The power! by Snap, but alas, not to be. He had to use a powerful song and he did, opting for a hit from the 2000s that will appeal to younger people. Category B

Jack QuinnWow. by Post Malone: ​​Another newer song (which isn’t surprising considering Quinn’s age) and one that kinda pisses me off. It’s not horrible, but it’s slower and it doesn’t really make the noise of the crowd. Rating: C

Mattias Samuelsson – Dripping too hard by Lil Baby and Gunna: Here’s an example of modern rap that can be seductive. The newly signed big man chooses a song that keeps the energy going and gets the younger side fans into the action with a song they know for sure. Grade: B+

Riley Sheahan – I feel good by 2 Chainz: Sheahan opting for 2Chainz means it’s going to be hard and heavy and it delivers with a solid choice that we may not hear too often, but when we do it will be fun. Category B

Jeff Skinner – I want to dance with someone by Whitney Houston: Ben Mathewson gets his wish and the whole town of Buffalo is happier for it. After Party in the USA last year, I really didn’t think it could get any better, but it did. Way to give people what they want. Rating: A+

Tagus Thompson- Fish in the dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: As previously mentioned, last year Thompson elected for Trophies by Drake, which was a typical C-grade song. There follows another, as it’s a cult classic, but not exactly post-goal material. For a song you want to hear often this season, this is a bold choice to say the least. Grade: C+

Alex Tuch – To party by DMX: This is one that also really fits the bill of a good unorthodox post-goal song. Tuch does a great job of keeping that energy high and getting people moving. Rating: A-

What do you think of the player’s choices? Leave a comment below and enjoy a fun year of Sabers hockey!

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