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Singers Ott Lepland and Laura Põldvere, who have both represented Estonia at Eurovision Song Contest in recent years (Põldvere on two occasions) present the Heat, which begins on Saturday at 9:35 pm.

As with the other quarter-finals, there are 10 competitors, five of whom will advance to the semi-finals.

Saturday entries are, in alphabetical order, with songwriters in parentheses:

  • Alabama “Move On” watchdog (Ken Einberg, Taaniel Pogga and Sven Seinpere).
  • Anna Sahlene “Champion” (Anna Sahlene, Nicklas Eklund, Dagmar Oja and Kaire Vilgats).
  • DeLulu “Music saved my soul”: (Written by Taavi Paomets, Mairo Marjamaa, Inga Tislar.
  • Elina Nechayeva “Remedy” (Sven Lõhmus and Elina Nechayeva).
  • Goodreason “Three days ago” (Hele-Mai Mängel).
  • Lauri Pihlap “Take me home” (Lauri Pihlap).
  • Levvis “Let’s Talk” (Aleksei Baruzdin).
  • Merilin Mälk “Little Girl” (Karl-Ander Reismann).
  • Shira “Underwater” (Marika Rodionova, Kristi Raias and Johannes Laas).
  • Stefan “Hope” (Stefan Airapetjan and Karl-Ander Reismann).

Two on the list have represented Estonia in the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest in the past. Elina Nechayeva placed eighth with her song “La Forza” in 2018, while Anna Sahlene, a Swedish national, finished third for Estonia in 2002 with the song “Runaway”.

The fourth and final quarter-final will take place on the following Saturday, December 11, and the participants will be announced next Monday.

The two semi-finals, followed by Eesti Laul’s grand final at Saku Suurhall, take place in February.

Coverage of the third quarter-final begins at 9:35 p.m. on Saturday EST and can be viewed on ETV (in Estonian) and ETV + (in Russian), as well as on ERR’s Jupiter streaming channel – which also broadcasts shows. television in English and other foreign languages. shows, films and documentaries, etc. – and the Eesti Laul website.

The two quarter-finals that have already taken place can be watched on the Jupiter channel here.

Viewers wishing to vote for the song of their choice can find the corresponding phone number here (link in Estonian).

This article has been updated to include the link to the Menu article with details of the voting phone number.

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