Singer-songwriter Mougleta releases club ballad “Emotion”

Berlin-based Moroccan singer Mougleta made her first appearance on the scene in 2019 with the trap banger ‘Hold My Cup’. The track has amassed over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. That’s already impressive, but compare it to his current success with over 7 million streams, and you’ll see that “Hold My Cup” was really just a humble beginning for the burgeoning artist.

With over a million listeners on Spotify, Mougleta’s growth can be attributed to her incredible ability to make a hit in whatever genre she tackles. We’ve seen Mougleta at his best on trap (“Hold My Cup”), 80s disco (“Heartbreak”, “Late in July”), acoustic indie (“Sweet Lullaby”), soft rock ( “Kings and Queens”), pop (“Bubblegum”) – and the list goes on.

Now she is blessing ears with her latest genre venture – electropop. Think of all the uplifting club ballads you’ve heard, the ones that make you feel alive in moments of pure ecstasy. What first comes to mind may be something like Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Don’t You Worry Child’, or ‘Wake Me Up’ by the late, great Avicci. Mougleta’s ‘Emotion’ is a track worth adding to this list.

Created in collaboration with Danish producer Dillistone, the track showcases Mougleta’s powerful voice and songwriting ability. The song is spacious at first, with a steady kick and punch of synth chords that create a growing tension that makes the drop all the more delectable. One can imagine listening to this song loudly at a beach festival. Mougleta’s lyrics are brilliant – simple yet uplifting: “When I’m with you, my heart is open / Feel my emotion.”

In the second verse, we take a closer look at Mougleta’s vocal range, getting some great leads like on “Heaven is your touch/When I’m with you it’s never enough/Hold on”. Not one to keep fans waiting, the second verse is a short four bars before bringing it back to the hook everyone’s been waiting for.

<br>Under the description of the YouTube video, Dillistone himself explained how the song came about and what it meant to the two artists: “Mougleta and I wrote this on a dark winter night in Berlin, where we’ve talked too much about what love is We’re both single in our twenties so there were so many ways to interpret it but it didn’t matter how we looked [love]the feeling was universal – your heart being open and giving.”

This collaboration between the two hit-makers based in Europe is certainly one for the books. After a string of strong singles from Mougleta, we’re expecting a full project from the (hopefully) talented artist soon.

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