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Looking for some motivation to get you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with stellar new pop tracks, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like Stephen Sanchez and Ashe, Billy Porter, Girl Scout, First Aid Kit and more will give you energy to tackle the week. Add any of these gems to your personal playlists – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of all 10.


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See the latest videos, graphics and news

“Love”, PEGGY

Boston-based singer-songwriter PEGGY’s latest track is an incredibly bare-bones track that showcases his vocals and harmonies. The slow-burning track — which at times seems to be inspired by “Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee” — sounds tailor-made for a romantic comedy soundtrack. “I’ve never been in love”, sings PEGGY, before affirming: “No, I don’t need love.” — Lyndsey Paradise

“I miss you”, Stephen Sanchez and Ashe

Hot on the heels of the hit “Until I Found You,” up-and-coming pop-rock artist Stephen Sanchez tapped pop singer-songwriter Ashe for the sweet duet “Missing You.” A true collaboration, the pair swap verses and challenge each other to push their hardest on the chorus, allowing the song’s story to soar both sonically and emotionally. — HL

“Lifetime”, S. G. Lewis

As English artist SG Lewis prepares for his next album AudioLust & HigherLove, he continues to drop a steady stream of tantalizing singles. The latest, “Lifetime,” is a late-night groove with purest intentions: “I’ve waited a lifetime to tell you I love you,” he sings. He said in a recent interview that it might be “my favorite record I’ve ever made”, sharing it channels the music he grew up listening to. — HL

Billy Porter, “Stranger Things”

On “Stranger Things,” the multi-hyphenate Billy Porter harkens back even further than the decade a certain Netflix series made synonymous with the phrase, tapping into the slow-burning soul of the ’60s. many progressives are beginning to tire of the uphill battle for change (sound familiar?) and turn that exhaustion into powerful statements of resilience, which is exactly what Porter does in this knockout musical missive from a man who refuses to throw in the towel. — Joe Lynch

Jordana, “You are on the way”

Before his next EP I’m fine, Bedroom pop purveyor Jordana delivers another low-key treat in the form of “You’re In the Way.” While the previous teaser “SYT” evoked the indie boom of the 2000s, this one – a nice acoustic number with a chaotic rhythm – is worth its weight in gold at Beck’s soft gold. – J. Lynch

Q, “Today”

Q, the young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Broward County, Florida, radiates offhand talent, as if constructing rhythmic pop songs with one eye on vintage R&B and another on futuristic production techniques. came naturally. New single “Today” hangs in the air for its first half as Q showcases the warmth of its tone, and when the instrumentation kicks in, it invites you on the ride. — Jason Lipshütz

First aid kit, “Palomino”

“Where you go, my love goes, darling / I hear the unknown call of the road”, Johanna and Klara Söderberg of First Aid Kit sing on the windswept new single “Palomino”, which also serves as the title of their new album. Sonically, “Palomino” expands outward with a desire for open space, electric and acoustic guitars finding folk-pop harmony as the Swedish duo deliver a universal take on romance and sophistication. adventure. — J. LIPSHUTZ

Girl Scout, “Anytime and Everywhere”

New Swedish band Girl Scout have just released their second single, but ‘All the Time and Everywhere’ sounds so accomplished – its pop-rock jangle instantly brings smiles, its melodies clear and effervescent – that it’ll have you thinking the collective is rolling. for a decade. For a song about the crushing weight of everyday existence, “All the Time and Everywhere” floats positively and serves as a three-minute panacea. — J. LIPSHUTZ

Hunny, “JFK”

On HUNNY’s July EP Homesick, the quartet immersed themselves in harrowing rock inspired by the 2000s while dealing with themes of loneliness, youth and boredom. The new extended version of the EP features “JFK,” a raw track that’s about “losing your partner for the love of another town and becoming selfishly bitter about it,” according to bassist and keyboardist Kevin Grimmett. Crisp guitar work and upbeat drumming contrast vocalist Jason Yager’s pain as he sings of heartbreak. – Starr Bowenbank

Coco & Clair Clair, “Lamb” (feat. Porches)

On new album Sexy, pop-rap duo Coco & Clair Clair develop their infectious sound while experimenting with new genres. Deep cut “Lamb” – which features Porches, the brainchild of Aaron Maine – sees the girls slow their usually upbeat flow to something wistful and alternatively bent, as Coco languidly sings the chorus chorus (” Dancing in the club with my friends, my friends/ Nothing’s really changed, I’m just like always/ But I’d give anything to go back to the good old days”) Maine rushes in for assistance on the second verse, offering harmonies fascinating. SB

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